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The Bachelor: Chris Harrison Blogs About Episode Nine

March 01, 2011 12:30 PM by Candace Young

On episode nine last night, Brad Womack took the final three ladies to South Africa on The Bachelor. He had three separate dates with them, and the fantasy suite cards were on offer. Keep reading to see what host Chris Harrison had to say about the events on this episode…

In the latest installment of his Entertainment Weekly blog, Chris Harrison begins by addressing the question of whether or not people know ahead of time what is in the envelope when the fantasy card arrives. He says, “Yes, for the most part, people know what’s in the envelope and are not surprised about the fantasy suite, but that doesn’t take away from the nerves, excitement, and anticipation of finally being able to be alone with someone after weeks of dating.”

Chris next talked about Brad’s date with Chantal where they saw plenty of wildlife and even picnicked near hippos. Chris shared that Brad actually tricked Chantal into eating worms, which are a local delicacy, at lunch. He noted it didn’t go over well with Chantal.  As for the treehouse fantasy ‘suite’ portion of the date, Chris reflected, “The tree house is unbelievable. It’s literally out in the middle of nowhere and has a complete 360 degree view of the African bush. Needless to say, there were huge flying beetles dive-bombing the canopy and as we drove away for the night, we could hear the loud growling of lions. We just hoped Brad and Chantal would make it through to the morning. I talked to Brad the next day and he told me it was one of the most amazing and scariest experiences of his life.”

Of Emily’s date with Brad, Chris said the elephant ride was a dream come true for Emily, adding, “Things were going really smoothly all day, but to be honest, no one knew if Emily was going to accept the fantasy suite card. After all, she has a daughter at home, and she always put her daughter first. That said, she made it clear that she just wanted time to spend with Brad, especially if she was going to move forward in the relationship. Just to make things awkward, when Emily opened the envelope, the key fell to the ground, slipped through the cracks of the floorboards, and disappeared into the water below. Luckily, we had a spare.”

Of course, Brad’s date with Ashley didn’t go so well. Chris noted, “I think their up-and-down relationship was starting to wear on Brad. It’s a little close to the end to keep “retracting,” to use Ashley’s words. ”

Brad ultimately decided that it was time to say goodbye to Ashley, and of this decision, Chris blogged, “I really respect Brad for pulling Ashley aside and trying to make sure he was doing the right thing by letting her go — it was a tough and surprising moment for everyone.”

Of next week’s Women Tell All, Chris teased, “This turned out to be one of the most surprisingly aggressive and emotional Tell All specials I’ve ever hosted. I can’t begin to tell you how blown away you’ll be by Michelle. It’s a special you won’t want to miss!”

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