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The Real Housewives of Miami: ‘No Child Left Behind’

March 01, 2011 09:32 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight, in an all new episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami, the ladies have some pretty strong opinions when Adriana De Moura’s boyfriend forgets to pick her son up from school. Does this mean trouble in paradise? Plus, we get to go inside one of Lea Black’s  star-studded galas. Which A-list celebrities (and another Bravo Housewife) will be in attendance, and which of the Miami Housewives gets snubbed? Keep reading for everything you missed!

This week on The Real Housewives of Miami, Adriana De Moura and her boyfriend Frederic are discussing Miami Fashion week and Adriana’s excitement over the eye candy that was at the show. Frederic is not worried, though. He knows that she only looks and never touches.

Adriana also mentions Larsa Pippen and Cristy Rice’s dare, letting Frederic know that she’s aware of the ladies’ “mean girl” spirits, but despite her better judgment, she still thinks of other women like her sisters (um– sounds like someone’s setting herself up to be greatly disappointed this season).

Lea Black is busy preparing for a charity event. Two of the celeb guests she’s planning on having there? Kim Zolciak with her then “lady-friend” DJ Tracey Young!

Helping Lea with the event is fellow castmate, Marysol Patton, who will be handling the Public Relations, but according to Adriana De Moura, she’s also been an intricate part of the gala planning every year.

Lea and her team are trying to secure luxury items to auction off at the gala, but Lea’s concerned that with the economy in shambles, people might not be willing to shell out a lot of money — especially when the ticket alone is $500.

Also hard at work is Alexia Echevarria. As the executive editor of Venue Magazine (which her family both owns and operates), Alexia’s being confronted with the fact that many people in the public are tired of seeing the same faces in every issue of the magazine, calling it “tacky.” Alexia takes offense to the comments, since it’s mainly her and her friends (who she claims are the socialites of the area) being showcased in the publication. She says that Venue is about giving people of “lower socio-economic status” a taste of the upper class Miami social scene, which she happens to be a part of, and at the end of the day, it’s her magazine, and she’s not going to have other people telling her how to run it.

Cristy Rice is at home getting ready to host the girls’ get together and is having Chef Pepin prepare some Cuban food — and of course, mojitos.

Larsa Pippen is first to arrive, followed by Alexia and Adriana. Marysol and Lea aren’t able to attend because they’re busy working, but according to some of the ladies, they didn’t miss much. The fabulous Chef Pepin only popped some canned ingredients in a crockpot, then pulled a pre-packaged version of the dish out of the fridge. Yes, for some of us that’s beyond acceptable, but it’s not exactly what we’re expecting to see from a chef… on Housewives. We wonder how much Cristy paid to have him do that?

While Chef Pepin finishes cooking– a real dish — the ladies decide to ditch the rest of their “lesson” and head outside by the pool for some drinks and girl talk. As they’re about to start enjoying their meal, Adriana gets a phone call from her son’s school. Apparently, no one has come to pick him up yet! Not willing to leave, Adriana calls Frederic to have him pick up her son, and he’s not too happy about her phone call.

The ladies have some varying opinions about how Adriana should handle her situation. Cristy Rice and Larsa Pippen both feel that Adriana needs to “put this man in check,” but Alexia (the voice of reason) says that she shouldn’t give Frederic such a hard time. He did leave work to go pick up her son while she was having lunch with friends, afterall.

Larsa goes on about Adriana being “the full package” and says that Frederic essentially owes her if he wants to have this beautiful family. Alexia, on the other hand, says that Larsa and Cristy, who both have LOTS of help raising their children, just don’t understand.

The ladies then tell Adriana that she’s got so much going for her, she shouldn’t waste her time with Frederic. Will things work out for these two lovers?

Later, Adriana and Frederic have a talk about the situation. He explains that he was in the middle of a very important meeting when he got her call, but that she can always count on him — especially when it comes to Alex.

Larsa Pippen is out with some friends and dishes about Cristy’s lunch. Larsa points out that Cristy never has to cook because she has a nanny that does that for her. Larsa hasn’t had such luck in the nanny department. She claims that none of them seem to work out and she’s gone through so many of them that she hardly remembers their names.

Adriana and Alexia are doing some dishing themselves. They both take issue with Cristy and Larsa’s lifestyles and how they have nannies to take care of their children, and are so quick to judge Frederic for not picking Alex up on time.

Meanwhile, back at the Pippen home, Larsa and the rest of the fam are packing for a trip to Disney. Larsa’s mom is in town and lends a hand, but tells Larsa that she does way too much work for all the help she has around the house. Larsa complains about the nanny again, referring to her as “the turtle,” and says that she’s ready to fire her. Her mother offers to do the firing herself, and the two share a laugh and a high five.

It’s finally time for the big gala!

Natalie Cole, Rick Ross, Gloria Estefan, Lennox Lewis, the governor, and Kim Zolciak all arrive, but when Adriana gets to the gala, her name is not on the list!

Luckily, Lea’s husband, Roy Black, comes and vouches for her and Frederic.

Alexia is mortified when her husband, Herman, starts bidding on items like crazy, but is happy when he settles on a watch, rather than a car.

Later in the evening, Cristy Rice arrives with a few friends. She says that she had a flat tire on her way there, but still goes to support Lea.

Lea is not happy that Cristy and her friends have decided to come because they haven’t paid the $500 each for their tickets!

Cristy, who says that she’s only planning on being there for a few minutes, is working the room, but Lea says that she plans on invoicing her for the tickets. Will this cause a rift in the relationship between Lea and Cristy?

Tell us… Are you warming up to the Real Housewives of Miami yet?

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