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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Are Shot Covered In Bees And One Model Quits

March 02, 2011 07:10 PM by Allyson Wells


On America’s Next Top Model, the models do a cathartic acting session with Eugene Buica, lead Hollywood acting coach.  The session brings up a lot of emotions and forces one model to consider dropping out of the competition.  The models also do a photo shoot covered in bees, causing some to panic and others to tackle the challenge head on.  Which models will be able to tackle their inner critic and shine through in their photos for Tyra Banks and guest judge Alek Wek?

The models return home from the first panel and Molly is elated to see her best photo displayed.  Alexandria dispels advice to Nicole and tells her to be more confident.  Nicole thinks she needs to be more youthful.  While getting to know one another, Ondrei reveals that both of her brothers are dead, and one was murdered just months ago.  Dalya wonders how she is able to handle it. 

Tyra arrives the next morning with Heather Bauer, her nutritionist.  In a bad French accent, Tyra informs them she is going to teach them how to eat better.  She reveals that they will be taught “cheaties,” which are things that seem bad, but really aren’t.  Tyra thinks a little indulgence is good.  Spaghetti and meatballs and peanut butter on a bagel are a few of the choices that the models can have.  Monique thinks Tyra is so great for empowering them.

Monique finds some raw chicken in the fridge and thinks it is nasty.  Alexandria is angry that her chicken was left out on the counter.  Dalya tells Alexandria she needs to properly store her food.  The discussion escalates and they call one another crazy and annoying.  Jaclyn observes she would be scared to get into a fight with Alexandria because she could whip her.  Alexandria says in a video feed, “I pity you now Dalya because it’s going to be miserable for you now.”

Tyra mail arrives and says, “Tomorrow you will face your worst critic.  Love, Tyra.”  The models get ready and arrive at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, where Nigel awaits them.  Nigel tells them models have to perform and emote in order to convince they are inspired.  He introduces them to Eugene Buica, a lead Hollywood acting coach.  Eugene tells them to listen to their inner critic and deal with it.  Eugene sizes up each of the models.  He tells Nicole to allow herself to be conflicted.  Molly tearfully talks about her love of her adoptive parents.  Eugene asks them to draw pictures of their inner critic.  The models turn to the easels and get started.  They then must “expose themselves” as Eugene acts out their critic.  Molly realizes she has to stop thinking she isn’t good enough because her mom gave her up.  Jaclyn cries that she can model even though she has a baby face.  Ondrei breaks down about her brothers dying, which reduces all the other models to tears.  Nigel tells the models their humanity makes them special and stand out.  J. Estina Jewelers gifts each of the models with a pair of earrings for doing so well with the exercise.  They all have a group hug with Nigel.

Ondrei wakes up feeling overwhelmed and calls her boyfriend.  She wonders if she is able to be there.  She doesn’t think she can mentally handle it all.  Her boyfriend promises to stand with her no matter what. 

The models head to Smashbox Studios, where Jay is waiting on them.  Jay tells them they will be working with some of the busiest bees in the business to create something dramatic.  He reveals they are working with bees.  Jay introduces them to Mike Rosenthal, and urges them to stay calm through the shoot.  Dalya worries she is going to get stung.  Jaclyn is nervous because she is allergic to bees, but is more nervous about the picture.  They put cotton in their ears and nose so the bees won’t go in them.

Monique goes first.  Jay thinks she is stunning.  Kasia admits she was a bit freaked out.  Jay thinks Sara is not comfortable in her own skin.  Nicole feels more confident after the exercise with Nigel, but Jay thinks she is boring and lackluster.  Hannah feels pressured and cries.  Monique thinks Hannah is pathetic, but Jay loves it.  Alexandria boasts she is not afraid of anything.  Alexandria thinks Dalya looked timid and hopes that she goes home.  Jay thinks Brittani knows how to work the camera.  Ondrei can’t get into things and Jay is disappointed by how flat her performance is.

Back at the house, the models get a note that panel is the next night.  Ondrei admits she isn’t sure she is mentally ready to be in the competition.  Monique thinks she should have known that before she came to the competition.

The models arrive at panel to be judged.  Alek Wek is the guest judge, famous model for Dior and other fashion houses.  Ondrei is judged first.  The judges think she looks lovely.  Ondrei admits that she doesn’t feel right being in the competition when going through such a hard time in life.  Nigel tells her she is in a unique situation and wishes her well.  Tyra announces if Ondrei’s photo is the worst, no one else goes home, but if not, someone else will still be eliminated.  Ondrei says good-bye.  Kasia goes next and Andre orders her to lose her belt.  Nigel thinks Kasia looks stunning.  Tyra thinks Mikayla looks fantastic.  They also love her photo and think she is stunning and powerful.  The judges think Dominique’s photo is elegant, but the rest of her film was bad.  The judges think Brittani look different, but focused.  The judges love Jaclyn’s profile.  The judges think Dalya’s eyes look crazy.  Alexandria is next and the judges love her use of her full body but want more intensity in her eyes.  The judges are disappointed in Sara’s lack of confidence.  The judges think Molly’s photo is bland.  The judges think Nicole looks beautiful but still looks old.  Hannah admits that she cried in her picture because of her wall, but Nigel thinks it worked out in this instance.  Monique is last, and Andrei thinks she looks fabulous.

The judges evaluate the models.  They love Mikayla’s bone structure.  Alek loves Brittani.  Andrew thinks Jaclyn has a great profile.  Nigel thinks Kasia isn’t a classic beauty, but she still works.  Nigel worries Dalya is a flash in the pan.  Andre doesn’t like Alexandria, but Nigel does.  They all worry Nicole is photographing old.  They think Monique is powerful.  When looking at Ondrei’s picture, all they see is fear. 

The models return to find out who is going home.  Tyra reveals that the best photo of the week goes to Hannah.  Tyra tells her not to cry next time.  The runner-up is Brittani.  Monique, Mikayla, Kasia, Dominique, Sara, Alexandria, Jaclyn, and Molly are all called next.  Nicole and Dalya step forward.  Tyra tells Nicole she looks too old in her photos.  She tells Dalya that despite her beautiful bone structure, her eyes are dead.  Tyra announces that Ondrei’s photo was not the worst of the week.  She reveals Dalya gets to stay, but Nicole is going home.  Tyra hugs Nicole and asks her to not try so hard.  Nicole appreciates Tyra’s advice and believes she learned from the experience.   

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