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Shedding For The Wedding: “It’s A Piece Of Cake!” Episode Recap

March 02, 2011 08:14 PM by Veronica Dudo

Shedding For The Wedding: had a new episode, which aired tonight on The CW. In this week’s episode, “It’s A Piece of Cake!” the remaining eight couples were told by wedding planner, Brian Worley, their challenge was all about the wedding cake!The remaining eight couples are: Laura and Austin, Lindsay and Chase, Dawn and Adam, Laeresa and Stephen, Allison and David, Valerie and David, Samantha and Brooks and Taylor and Peter. The winning couple will receive the wedding of their dreams!
The couples visited Jamaica’s Cakes in Los Angeles to sample and select wedding cakes. That in itself was an internal challenge. Many needed to decide whether or not they should try the cakes for fear they might pack on the pounds. Jamaica has made cakes for countless celebrities and met with each couple to find out what their theme was and how they wanted their cake to look for their big day.

After the cake tasting, the couples hit the gym hard. However, Jennifer confronts one of the contestants who she thinks is being lazy. While everyone else is working out in the gym, Taylor keeps taking breaks and Jennifer tries to push her to get a good workout.

The challenge this week was for each couple to carry a tiered cake to a finish line without dropping any of the tiers, but if they do they receive a two minute penalty. The winner of this week’s wedding challenge will receive their dream wedding cake, while the losers get a major penalty that could cost them the competition. Alison and David win the challenge, so they get to keep their dream wedding cake. Meanwhile, Peter and Taylor came in last place therefore they will not be able to work with their trainers Nicky and Jennifer for the last twenty-four hours before their weigh-in.

The other couples feel that Taylor is not working out to her full potential and Peter is eating whatever he wants back at the house.

It’s now time for the second weigh-in and the two couples at the bottom of the board will face-off in the “Til Death Do Us Part” elimination challenge. The two couples who have lost the least amount of weight are Taylor and Peter with Laeresa and Stephen. As a couple, they need to kneel on an elevated ramp and hold on without crossing the red line. The bidding process begins and Laeresa and Stephen let Taylor and Peter take part in the challenge. Taylor and Peter need to hold on for one minute and forty-five seconds. The challenge begins and Taylor and Peter were able to hold on and will stay in the competition. Laeresa and Stephen are sent home.

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