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The Amazing Race: Kris And Amanda Discuss Being Eliminated First

March 02, 2011 11:30 AM by Allyson Wells

Kris and Amanda had the unfortunate honor of being the first team eliminated on The Amazing Race.  The engaged duo were eliminated as a result of a U-Turn in their first season.  History repeated itself again in the Unfinished Business season, and the pair could not catch up after having to complete a double U-Turn.  The positive pair recently discussed what they think of the U-Turn, what it was like to run into Margie and Luke again, who they hope to win, and their wedding plans

Question:  How did the experience of racing a second time, with all returning teams, compare to your first time on The Amazing Race?

Kris: It was incredible yet a completely different experience this time around. This was everyone’s second shot so we were all there to put up a fight to win. Also, many of the teams were our past cast-mates so it was really cool to experience this all over again with some people you consider friends.

Amanda: Well all the teams of Unfinished Business are experienced and very competitive racers. Van Munster even said in previous interviews that one of the number one things he was looking for when casting this season was the most competitive teams. No teams were weak links this season!
Question: The show made it look like it was a pretty close finish between Ron Hsu and Christina Hsu and yourselves at the second Pit Stop. Was that actually the case — do you have any idea about how far behind them you got to the Pit Stop?

Amanda: I was just going to say we were three minutes or we were five minutes, something like that.
Question: What was your reaction when you saw that Margie Adams and Luke Adams, the team that ended your first season when they U-Turn’d you, were one of the other teams that were brought back?

Amanda: It’s not like we haven’t talked to them since they U-Turn’d us two years ago. We had seen them around at different functions and parties and watching episodes and things, so we definitely are friends with them. But seeing them at the starting line, as well as the other teams from our season, it was surprising how many people they took from our season. We were just lucky and happy that we were one of them, and if anything, it helped us out a little more in a sense that we knew them really well rather than just watching them. So, we really felt like we were going up against people we knew a little bit better than some of the other teams that weren’t on our season.

Kris: We were thinking, ‘Hey, maybe we can U-Turn them this time.’

Amanda: Oh we were definitely thinking that. I’ll admit that.

Question: Out of the 10 other teams that were there, were there any that you were surprised to see?

Kris: We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a surprise to see so many people from our cast, definitely. But it wasn’t a shocker like, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t think they’d be on it,’ or anything like that. I mean, it was all people that, most of them we’ve met before too, yeah.
Question: You guys got off to a rough start in Palm Springs and were shown getting pretty stressed out and acknowledging you were clueless about the answer until Kris seemed to have an epiphany that Qantas was the answer. How did you finally get the answer and about how long do you think it took you guys to finish that task?

Kris: You know what, that time frame, it was so muddled that it went by in a flash. You got everybody running around and you’re trying to focus on what you need to find, and so I really have no idea how long that took. But I did kind of have an “A-Ha!” moment after everybody had kind of gone away and then I really thought about the clue. I then put the letters together and went, ‘Oh my God. It’s Qantas.’ So, little bit too late though.
Question: What did you think about the fact that the first Pit Stop didn’t have a rest period or elimination? Were you frustrated that you ended up being the first team eliminated instead of Jet and Cord, who managed to survive despite getting to the first Pit Stop way behind everyone else?

Kris: It was a bummer. That would have changed the whole game right there if they got sent home then and who knows what would happen. But, we were tired and we’d been traveling for — I mean, literally over a day — running miles and miles and we were hot and sweaty, so to hear Phil say, ‘Okay, you guys are still going!’ Was like , ‘Oh, really?’

Amanda: I actually almost threw up in a bush like five minutes before we checked into Phil, so hearing him tell me that we had to turn around and go all the way back, I wasn’t too excited.
Question: Can you discuss the “Natural World” task because a little of it was shown and you were the only team who attempted to do it. Did it take you very long to complete and what did that paint taste like — I’m assuming that must have been some kind of natural, non-toxic paint, right?

Kris: It felt like you were in kindergarten again — eating mud you know?

Amanda: It tasted like dirt. It was actually clay powder and then you added water to make it clay-water, I guess.

Kris: Yeah, you had to get the clay and the water mixed together at the right consistency, so it wasn’t like you were just spewing water. It was more like a misty dirt.
Question:  About the kangaroo suits, how would you describe that part of the challenge. It was a lot of fun to watch!

Kris: Let’s just say I think your spot on the couch was probably more fun than being in that thing! You get so hot! Also, having red clay in your teeth and hopping around a town in a kangaroo suit was just a little embarrassing. All I can say is wow!

Amanda: Oh gosh the suits! That’s Amazing Race for you though- they always have at least one challenge every season where they just make the contestants look ridiculous! It was also strenuous though- it was pretty hot out that day and we had to go a ways to get to the next clue, everything always looks so much easier and FASTER on TV!  I was actually hoping that there would have to be more tasks after the detour though. There wasn’t enough activity after the detour for Kris and I to catch up! We just got in our suits, ran a few blocks to the clue box and then went straight to the pit stop.  It was funny to watch! I didn’t know until watching it that Margie dropped part of her costume. The clue actually specifically read that you had to check in with all the pieces of your costume. I knew we were in last place but I was hoping that someone dropped or lost part of their costume. Watching Mel hand Margie her costume just made me do more of the “what -if” thinking. I think Kris and I just must be meant to have Unfinished Business!
Question: You guys are in a unique position given the U-Turn has booted you out of the game twice essentially. So what is your general opinion about the U-Turn feature at this point, do you think it’s a fair part of the game or do you think it’s something that should be done away with?

Amanda: Well you know, it’s part of the game and they want to make a TV show out of it. If by throwing in the U-Turn it helps make people change places, as far as the placement they come in and the order, it makes for good TV when someone goes from first to last. So, I don’t think it’s anything that they’re going to get rid of. It is part of the game, so it’s fair play. We can’t complain.

Kris: We wish it didn’t happen of course. If that didn’t happen it would have changed the whole thing for us, but it is what it is.
Question: Do you think this season’s use of it — where it was something the last team to finish the first task got stuck with — is a fairer approach than your first season, where another team got to decide?

Kris: I liked it better when you had another team decide rather than just right off the bat. Especially for us going into it, that was the one thing that we were looking forward to — was to be able to really play the game — come out and not have to do a U-Turn. But sure enough, right off the bat, we screw ourselves and we start off with a U-Turn. So, it was just a big bummer.
Question:  Have you set a date for the wedding yet?

Kris: I proposed to her this July and we got the call asking us to be on this season literally two weeks later. At first, we were starting to make wedding plans but we decided that with having to prepare for the race and working full time we should push it off until 2012.

Amanda: Initially we attempted to plan our wedding and prepare for the race, while both working full time. Let’s just say we realized quickly that it would be impossible! Prioritizing, we chose to put the wedding plans on the back burner so that we could focus on the race. We decided to
get married sometime in 2012; this way we can take our time planning and enjoy the ride!
Question:  Any other teams you’re rooting for? Anyone you’re rooting against?

Kris: There is no one I am rooting against but if I were to pick a team that I would like to win I would have to say Gary and Mallory. They are just so down to earth and fun to be around.

Amanda: Kris and I really got to know Gary and Mallory well since we were on the same flight to Sydney with just them and Kisha and Jen. We were also with them on the Ferry to Ocean World and then met up with them again while searching for “To Sail To Stop”. We were also rooting for them on Season 17! They’re really sweet and honest people with big hearts! We were rooting for them as well as Mike and Mel, our friends from Season 14.
Question:  Do you still feel like you have “unfinished business”?

Kris: Well yeah! Lol. Of course I will always wonder what would happen if things played out differently but what an amazing and fun ride both these experiences have been! I just feel so fortunate and lucky to have done this again.

What did you think of Kris and Amanda’s comments?  I was bummed to see them go first, as they seem to be a fun and positive pair that plays fair.  I love that they are rooting for two of my favorite teams:  Gary and Mallory and Mike and Mel.  We’ll have to keep watching The Amazing Race to see if they keep racing.

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