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Million Dollar Listing: Accusations And Tough Clients

March 03, 2011 09:57 PM by Lisa Princ

Million Dollar Listing on Bravo is back tonight and we will see more of Josh Altman and Heather as well as some accusations being tossed around. But when the guys are dealt with some tough clients, who will be able to make the sales? Keep reading for all the details!

Million Dollar Listing returns tonight with some tough clients and accusations. Josh Flagg kicks us off tonight as he has a new client that is looking for a commercial space for he and his business partners. Josh learns that one of the business partners is actually a trans-gender performer who would like a performance space in the new place. Josh hunts around and finds two properties, one a former Mexican restaurant and one a former coffee house both owned by the same person. First they check out the Mexican one and though it’s awkward in color, it’s within the client’s $20k per month budget. The coffee shop looks to be in good shape from the outside, but when they enter it is a nightmare and completed trashed but also falls within budget if they chose not to renovate it. The clients notice the gay pride banner hanging on the wall and jokingly question Josh’s sexual orientation.

When it is time to put an offer in on the properties, the owner refuses a $10k per month lease on the coffee shop, despite Josh’s best efforts to enlighten him that it needs a lot of work and has never had anyone steady in there – which he says his clients are. The owner will not budge, and tell Josh he will not take a penny under $20k for that property. Frustrated, Josh makes an offer on the other property for $12k per month because it also needs renovations but the owner is looking for $15k. Josh tells him that his clients are looking for a 5 year lease, stable business and he can do no more than $13.5k per month. Finally, the stubborn owner agrees and Josh celebrates with his clients.

Madison, fresh off his sale last week is invited to lunch by another real estate agent and friend of his, who would like his help in co-listing a property with a strict owner in which she is having trouble selling. The property is teh only one of four units that she has left and her client is pushing her to sell, even reducing the price to $1 million dollars. Madison agrees and after taking a look at the the property he meets the owner who is not all that thrilled to be taking adding Madison to his listing, but Madison promises magic, even in the reduced time frame this stubborn and tough client has given them. Madison learns that the property is located in a Russian section of the neighborhood, so he decided to advertise it in the Russian paper which pays off big time as he ended up bringing more Russian folks in at the open house. We’ll have to see if he can pull off the sale next week though.

Josh Altman is busy this week as well on Million Dollar Listing with both sales and Heather. First, Josh takes Heather on date to a restaurant and during their conversation, Josh received a call from his mother, who he awkwardly puts on speaker phone and then she asks to speak to Heather. His mom cut it short though and then Josh told Heather he had a surprise for her and they left the restaurant. Josh borrowed a friend’s empty home for the evening to romance Heather with the spectacular view. The pair talked and drank and their evening ended up with a kiss. Heather must have told Madison about the date as Madison confronted Josh about the phone call when Josh stopped in at Madison’s open house. Josh denied being a player or having his mom purposely call him, but Madison did not believe it. Madison did say that he does like Josh but he will hurt him if he hurts Heather.

Then it was back to the Topanga Canyon house for Josh who drove around with Mikey passing out fliers. Actually Mikey did all the passing out while Josh was busy in the car on the phone. They ended up with a showing for a non profit company that teaches kids and adults with disabilities how to ride horses. Josh was skeptical that the ladies were serious or had the money for the home, but they came back with an offer for Josh so they were indeed serious. After going back and forth a few times with offers, the ladies finally told Josh that they could do $1.75 million cash and absolutely no more. When Josh brought it back to the owner, he was hesitant but Josh pushed as he felt these ladies should get the home. The homeowner finally agreed giving Josh another sale and leaving him rid of that dreadful property.

Next week Million Dollar Listing on Bravo moves to Tuesday evening at 9 pm EST so be sure to set your DVR accordingly!

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