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The Amazing Race: Playing In The Mud In Their Underwear

March 06, 2011 07:37 PM by Allyson Wells

Previously on The Amazing Race, Ron and Christina narrowly escaped elimination.  Ron admitted that old habits die hard and he felt his temper flaring up again.  As the teams head to Japan, can he get his act together for his daughter?  Jaime and Cara add a roadblock when they get into a car wreck in Japan and fall to last place.  Can they make up for lost time?  Meanwhile, the teams race in their underwear in frigid temperatures.  Which of the ten teams will avoid elimination as they bare all?

In the Australian Outback, the teams depart from the mill.  Zev and Justin depart first and learn the must take a flight to Tokyo, Japan.  Zev and Justin are happy to return there.  Flight Time and Big Easy laugh about returning and being compared to Godzilla.  Jet and Cord depart next, followed by Kisha and Jen, who miss the train.  Margie and Luke are next, followed by Mike and Mel.  Mike is happy for any hour they get to stay in the race.  Kent and Vyxsin depart next, and Kent is rocking his cowboy hat for this leg.  Jaime and Cara are next, followed by Gary and Mallory.  Ron and Christina are last to depart.  Christina notes that she is engaged and won’t have as much time with her dad once she is married.

At the travel agency, Margie and Luke and Mel and Mike debate taking a flight with a connection through Hong Kong.  Margie is nervous about doing it.  Jet and Cord decide to do the direct flight, as do Kisha and Jen and Ron and Christina, and Gary and Mallory.  Kent and Vyxsin, Mike and Mel, Margie and Luke and Jaime and Cara decide to take a risk and do the flight with the connection to try and get an extra fifteen minutes.  Flight Time and Big Easy let Zev and Justin take the connecting flight, since they owed them a favor.  As the planes depart, the teams with the connecting flight learn they might have a delay. 

In Tokyo, Japan, the teams with the direct flight land and learn they must drive to a dojo for their next clue.  Gary and Mallory get into their car first.  Flight Time and Big Easy can barely fit into their tiny car.  Christina asks Ron to drive faster and he snaps at her that he is focused.  The other teams land 1 1/2 hours later.  Kent and Vyxsin think Jaime and Cara are being super pushy. 

The first roadblock is a rigorous training exercise in dressing as a samurai and shooting an arrow atop a wooden horse performing the proper ritual.  Ron and Christina arrive at the dojo first and Ron takes the challenge, but worries about his eyesight.  Gary jokes he’ll do it since he is as old as the custom.  Flight Time takes it for his team, as Jen does it for hers.  Jen loves the garments they get to wear.  Ron gets frustrated with how strict the judges are.  Jen remarks how detail-oriented the challenge is.  Jen finishes the challenge first and heads to the Kintard Statue with Kisha for the next clue.  Justin finishes next, followed by Gary.  Flight Time finishes not far behind.  Ron finally finishes.

Margie and Luke and Mike and Mel ditch Jaime and Cara and Kent and Vyxsin, who are lost.  They all end up arriving at the dojo at the same time, except for Jaime and Cara.  As Jaime and Cara are racing, they end up hitting a car.  They want to give him some money, but the driver wants to call the police.  They realize they are going to lose a lot of time.  They end up getting to the dojo and are excited to see other teams still there.  However, they are still the last to depart.

The detour is Purity:  a cleansing ritual involving a traditional wardrobe and standing under a waterfall after a vigorous ritual.  In frog of life, they must enter a mud pit in their underwear and find a frog.  Gary and Mallory and Zev and Justin arrive at the stature first and do the frog of life.  Zev and Justin start it first, running out in what looks like diapers.  As they look for the frog, the onlookers throw mud at them in thirty-five degree weather.  Mallory laughs it is like Miss America all over again, only she’s ten pounds heavier.  Zev and Justin find the frog first and learn that Commodore’s Perry Landing is the pit stop for the race.  They laugh that they took off without their underwear to maintain their first place lead.  The cowboys laugh about being in Japanese loincloths, while Kent is disgusted by the mud.  Mel and Mike and Margie and Luke crawl through the mud, looking for a frog.  Mike worries for Mel’s health.  They get in the car to warm up, as Jaime and Cara finally arrive.  Jaime and Cara quickly find a frog.  Mike realizes that the race is over for him and his dad.

Ron and Christina, Flight Time and Big Easy do Purity. The teams change into their Japanese garb.  Flight Time and Big Easy do an awesome job singing the song, and then doing the physical challenge.  They can’t believe how cold the water is, and Flight Time yells that he wants his mama.  Ron remarks that the water is so cold that it feels like rocks are being thrown at them.  Christina looks for her fanny pack, and thinks that it has been stolen.  They wonder if the Globetrotters took it by accident.  Ron is angry at them for making such a screwed up mistake.  They learn that the Globetrotters took it back to the changing area and didn’t bring it back up to them. 

At the Pit Stop, Phil tells Zev and Justin they are in first place.  They are thrilled to be first again and learn they win a trip to Costa Rica, complete with rain forest zip-lining.  Gar and Mallory are pumped to be second, and Flight Time and Big Easy are third.  Ron and Christina are fourth and complain about the Globetrotters.  Phil says they will get a thirty minute penalty, putting Ron and Christina in third place.  Kisha and Jen are fifth, and Jet and Cord are sixth.  Kent and Vysxin are team seven.  Margie and Luke are in eighth place.  Jaime and Cara arrive thinking they are last to arrive, but are stunned to learn they are team number nine.  Mike and Mel arrive and Phil tells them after a valiant effort, they are unfortunately in last place.  Mel is still grateful for the experience and time with his dad.  Mel notes that his son cares more about him than the race and jokes he’ll be back The Amazing Race again at age eighty on his walker.

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