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The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

March 07, 2011 07:56 PM by Candace Young

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor will see the women Brad Womack rejected return to have their say, including outspoken Michelle, and Melissa and Raichel, who continue to be at each other’s throats! Final two, Emily and Chantal will not appear. Keep reading for all of the highlights…

Chris Harrison first sat down with Brad to get his comments. He touched on the carnival date with Ashley H, which he called the best first date of his life. He also spoke about Madison (with the fangs). Brad says it wasn’t a gimmick, and commends her for leaving when she didn’t see a future with him.  Chris asks about Shawntel N and her dubious career. Brad chuckles over their awkward dinner conversation, and refers to himself as a ‘trooper’ for getting up on the table in the embalming room.

When Michelle’s name is raised as the most controversial woman this season, Brad comments that he doesn’t understand how she got a black eye without knowing how it happened. He tells Chris that Michelle had a lot of game.

Footage is shown of some of the recent Bachelor reunion parties, at which producers were scoping for candidates to appear on Bachelor Pad 2 set to air this summer.

Chris first asks the ladies what they thought when they learned their ‘bachelor’ was Brad Womack. Ashley H and Jackie both speak out, saying they were fine with it.

House drama is addressed next. Madison laughingly tells Chris that they were sure they would be the first season with no drama – but that didn’t last long!  Footage rolls of the escalating series of confrontations between Melissa and Raichel, comments about Madison’s fangs, and the other girls talking to the camera about how evil Michelle seems.

One of the girls says Michelle was very sarcastic, but she got her. Another lady argues that upon watching the show and hearing the things Michelle said about the others, she decided she was very two-faced. When Jackie likens Michelle to a spider – she’s creeping and everyone is afraid of her – Michelle begins to cry.  Ashley H jumps in and defends Michelle, saying she became a good friend and is a good mother. Madison adds that she respected Michelle being honest about not being there to make friends with any of them.  Michelle claims she was really aggressive because she missed her daughter.

Chris invites Melissa down to join him. They look at the conflicts she had in the house. Melissa tells him she genuinely doesn’t feel like she instigated any conflict. Raichel goes crazy, so Chris asks her to chime in. She says Melissa was toxic, freaked everyone out, and ruined her chances on The Bachelor.  Arguing ensues over why Brad ultimately sent the pair of them home. Ashley S says the moral is not to act like that in front of a guy. Melissa takes the opportunity to apologize to Raichel, but the sentiment isn’t totally returned in kind.

Michelle is invited to join Chris in the hot seat next. She is still emotional, and explains that she is easily misunderstood. As Chris tries to relate to her being a smart aleck as a defense mechanism, and says she actually has a very vulnerable side,  some of the girls roll their eyes.  Michelle admits to making things personal and to ruffling feathers, but insists she went there for the right reasons.  She once again launches into tears as she says she put a lot of pressure on herself because she had left her daughter – she felt guilty.

A couple of the other girls, including Stacey, speak up to say that they’re not buying her sob story.  They say she put herself first, not her daughter. Michelle weeps. Chris asks the others to cease and desist, asking, “Really?” He gives Michelle a chance to respond. She tells the other woman she has no right to question her parenting.  Jackie says she still finds Michelle shady. Michelle thinks they all said things they regret, but Jackie argues that Michelle said a lot more than anyone else.

Chris asks Michelle if she thinks her intensity was what led to Brad sending her home. She says she believes Brad loved her confidence.  Britt comes to Michelle’s defence. Chris asks Michelle if she still thinks she was the right woman for Brad. Michelle says she doesn’t – she thinks he needs someone soft like Emily. She also says that watching the episodes made her realize that the connection she had with Brad wasn’t as unique as she thought.

Ashley S, who got sent home on the two-on-one date in Vegas, is next in the hot seat.  Everyone is moved by the footage of Ashley crying and saying she doesn’t have any fight left in her. She explains to Chris that she sees a pattern in her relationships where they think she’s great in the beginning, but everything goes completely downhill.  She talks about how much it hurt for Brad to use the words that he didn’t feel she’d make a good wife for him, and how difficult it was for him to choose her best friend, Ashley H, over her.

Chris ask Ashley H to come and join him to discuss how her relationship with Brad came apart in South Africa.  Ashley says she was never one hundred percent sure about Brad and her doubts may have been a defense mechanism due to the situation. She says she has regret that she may have missed out on a great guy, and takes the blame.

Finally, it’s time for Brad to come out and join Chris and see the women. He admits to being nervous, saying he promised his significant other that he would only act marginally happy, but he can’t – he’s really happy to see all of them.  Brad remarks on Ashley H’s new brunette look, before addressing Ashely S’s concerns. He apologizes for telling her she wouldn’t make a good wife because she’s an amazing woman.  As for Michelle, Brad explains that he was worried they were too much alike and might have argued a lot. He adds that he loved her confidence.  Ashley H takes an opportunity to apologize for wasting all the special time they shared together.  Brad tells her not to feel that way.  She asks for a hug and gets one.

Chris and Brad discuss South Africa, and some footage is shown of them with some kids in a poor community where they donated a solar panel to heat the water for the school. Brad and Chris are seen playing with the kids.

Brad tells Chris that he is currently happier than he’s ever been. The woman he chose has changed his life and he is very much in love. Chris jokes that he’s glad to hear that because ‘we’re not doing this again’!

Bloopers and out takes are shown next, including elephants going at it behind Emily and Brad’s picnic, and a naked guy walking around on location!

Montages are shown of Brad’s relationships with both Emily and Chantal to end the episode.

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One Response to “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All”

  1. lori Says:
    March 7th, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    Jackie was just one of the spiteful,nasty mean girls who seemed to think the show was about THEM. My God, the way they zeroed in on Michelle was childish and right out of junior high school. Michelle was RIGHT…most all the other women on that show WERE “little girls” as opposed to women !
    Michelle, they just hated that you are beautiful. Nothing you did or said needed to be taken SO SERIOUSLY as they did. Well they showed their real natures and made fools of themselves. Nasty little vinegar-faces.


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