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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Get Makeovers

March 09, 2011 07:04 PM by Allyson Wells

On America’s Next Top Model, eleven girls remain in the running for the Italian Vogue spread and contract with IMG.  Tyra Banks gives the models a makeover, which causes some of the girls to have a nervous breakdown.  After fighting with Dalya in the last episode, Alexandria continues to push everyone’s buttons.  Will she push the judges buttons and find herself eliminated?

At the house, Hannah chews on her hair while admiring her best photo.  The models notice a sign that says “pull me.”  They scream when they see they are getting makeovers.  They try to figure out who is getting what makeover.  Sara has a sinking feeling she is getting a manly cut.  Dominique thinks a new look will help her with her confidence.  Brittani wants red hair, while Monique doesn’t want short hair.  Molly reflects on being in the bottom three and is bummed.  Dalya tells her she is upset about being in the bottom two, as well.  They look forward to makeovers and another chance to shine.

Jay and Miss J introduce the models to Laurent D, the owner of Prive Salon, who has styled Tina Fey and Jennifer Garner.  Troy Jensen is their photographer.  Brittani gets a short bob with bangs.  She fully trusts him to make her stand out.  Jaclyn gets more curls in her already curly hair.  Jay loves how confident Jaclyn is in her photos.  Monique gets extensions and is thrilled to get what she wants.  Sara gets a manly short brown spiky cut.  She thinks maybe it will make her look more edgy.  Alexandria gets a touch up on her roots and wavy extensions, which annoys her.  She complains to the hair stylists that the extensions look awful, before crying and having a meltdown.  The other models are horrified by the way she treated the stylists.  Dominique gets red put into her hair, which scares her at first, but at the urging of Jay she lets go and is happy.  Molly gets a big weave with massive curly hair.  Everyone is horrified that it looks awful and crazy.  Mikaela gets super long straight hair.  Kasia gets crimped hair, which she thinks suits her personality.  Dalya gets long black and straight extensions.  Hannah gets highlights and her eyebrows lightened. 

On the way home, Molly wants to be left alone and is upset by how bad her hair looks.  She vents how bad her head hurts.  Brittani think she shouldn’t let her hair ruin her, as she is one of the top competitors.  Sara is super stressed and feels ugly compared to everyone else.  Tyra mail arrives which tells them they will be learning about photosynthesis.

The models go to a ranch to do something with plants.  Jay introduces them to Pamela Hanson, who has shot for Vogue and fashion stylist Lori Goldstein.  Jay informs them they will be posing in groups and urges them to be competitive, even in the photos.  The models are dressed in high fashion couture dresses.  They are thrilled to be wearing such beautiful dresses.  While getting ready, the hair stylist asks Alexandria not to be so cranky.

Molly and Kasia shoot together.  Jay thinks it is awkward at first, but likes that Molly overcame her makeover ordeal.  Alexandria and Monique shoot together.  Monique is annoyed at how mean Alexandria is being.  Jay notices that when Monique doesn’t like something, she pouts.  Alexandria likes that she overshadowed Monique.  Sara and Mikaela shoot together, which thrill both of them.  However, they stand like robots in their shot.  Pamela admits it was a huge challenge to shoot the girls.  Brittani and Hannah shoot together, and it is very forced and contrived.  Dominique, Jaclyn and Dalya shoot together.  Jay thinks Dominique should be cropped out because she looks uninspired. 

At the house, Alexandria continues to get on everyone’s nerves.  Alexandria isn’t worried about it, because it is a completion and she likes scaring everyone.

At panel, Tyra is excited to see the models’ makeovers.  Lori Goldstein sits in as the guest judge.  Monique and Alexandria are critiqued first.  Andre thinks they look great and Nigel thinks she has personality.  Lori notes that Alexandria was cranky to work with.  Brittani and Hannah are next.  The judges think they look gorgeous.  Tyra adores Brittani’s new hairdo.  Dalya, Jaclyn and Dominique are next and Nigel thinks it is an interesting photo.  The judges wonder where Dominique’s spirit went and Nigel urges her to not be brought down by every little critique.  Mikaela and Sara are next.  Lori admits it was a huge challenge to shoot them.  Kasia and Molly are last.  Tyra tells Molly her weave looks crazy and they will fix it if she sticks around.  The judges think they look striking and super cool.  Lori boasts it is her favorite photo. 

The judges deliberate.  Nigel is concerned that Alexandria was fussy and thinks she could be a problem.  They think Hannah has come alive and Brittani has become a real beauty after her makeover.  They think Jaclyn looks dreamy and Dalya looks better than the last photo shoot.  Andre thinks Dominique could be a problem and they worry she is overwhelmed.  Lori thinks Mikaela doesn’t have control of her beauty and Sara needs work and doesn’t know her potential.  They love Molly and thinks she is effortless and aware.  Andre thinks Kasia is a swan. 

When the models return, Tyra informs them that the best photo winner is Alexandria.  Tyra tells her she stood out, but her bad attitude also stands out.  Alexandria says she’ll do better.  Molly is the runner-up, with the bad weave and all.  Brittani is next, followed by Kasia, Jaclyn, Hannah, Monique, Dalya, and Mikaela.  Sara and Dominique are in the bottom two.  Tyra tells them they are both beautiful in an odd way.  Tyra tells Sara she lacks confidence and Dominique must shine from the inside.  Tyra reveals that Sara gets to stay.  Tyra hugs Dominique and urges her to bring inspiration to her photos.  Dominique wants to continue pursuing modeling and that she will be a great asset, despite being eliminated from America’s Next Top Model.

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