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Top Chef: Welcome to The Bahamas!

March 09, 2011 09:10 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on an all new episode of Top Chef: All-Stars on Bravo, the competition gets even hotter (literally) as the five remaining cheftestants take their culinary battle to the beautiful Bahamas and face who else, but the very Top Chefs that kept them from achieving the title the first time around. How did the All-Stars do?

This week on Top Chef: All-Stars, after a brief break, Tiffany Derry, Antonia Lofaso, Carla Hall, Richard Blais, and Mike Isabella all arrive in the Bahamas for the final leg of the competition. But they’re surprised to be greeted by Padma Lakshmi, Eric Ripert, Tom Colicchio, and 4 former Top Chefs – the ones that won the title during their respective seasons.

For the Quickfire Challenge, each chef will be going head-to-head against the Top Chef that won their season and quickly prepare a dish using a mystery ingredient that Tom Colicchio chose himself. The winner of each pair will win $10,000!

Everyone seems to be having trouble with their induction burners, which is causing problems for Antonia and Carla, but will they still be able to pull off their dish without flaws?

Tiffany Derry comes up with the win (a first for her in this All-Star competition), but Carla’s undercooked rice dish doesn’t make the cut.

In the three-way battle, Stephanie’s veal beats Antonia, but loses up against Richard Blais’.

As for Mike I. vs. Michael V.? It’s Mike Isabella’s duck, which the tie-breaking judge, Tom Colicchio feels is prepared better, that wins!

On to the Elimination Challenge…

The judges and chefs have been invited to dinner by Bahamian royalty, and the chefs will be doing the cooking!

At the Atlantis Cove, the chefs get some time to settle in to their new home for the duration of the competition, but before you know it, it’s time to prep!

With only 2 1/2 hours, the cheftestants get to work. Carla, who’s worked in the Bahamas before, is hoping that her experience will give her an advantage, but losing the Quickfire has got her a little on edge.

Mike Isabella feels that the ladies are playing it safe, but he’s in it to win and wants to make an impression with his dish.

The chefs are all impressed when they’re given a police escort to another location, and when they arrive, they’re greeted by dancers!

Suddenly, out of the dancers arrives Tom Colicchio to inform the chefs that the dishes they’ve already starting prepping are for the King of Junkanoo (which is the celebration of life in the Bahamas) and his crew — not actual Kings and Queens.

Tiffany, who didn’t make anything too upscale, thinks that this will work to her advantage, but some of the other chefs immediately go into panic mode and try to think of ways to make some changes to their dishes in the last bit of time that they have to cook.

In the kitchen, Antonia is frying plantains when a deep fryer catches on fire. The chefs, all more worried about their food than their lives, cover their dishes and run out as the fire fighters arrive on the scene.

The fire is put out, but because of the chemicals, all of the food has been contaminated, and Tom Colicchio tells the chefs that they’ll essentially have to start all over again. Antonia, who was planning on changing her dish altogether anyway, is thrilled, but Tiffany, not so much.

Richard also takes the opportunity to create a brand new dish.

Carla, again trying something out of her comfort zone, has decided to fry her apple chips AND her pork, hoping that her gamble will pay off as it did before, but when she cuts the pork to plate it, the center is raw. Time for Plan B.

Her dish is served to the judges first, and unfortunately, one of the pieces of pork is still undercooked. Next is Antonia’s shrimp and grits, and it seems that the judges are in no way impressed.

Mike Isabellas’ chicken and lobster hash is served with mixed reactions, but Richard’s lamb is a definite hit.

Tiffany Derry’s dish is good, but the judges feel that it’s a bit too simple, and wonder if the challenge itself, or the fire had any impact on the chefs’ less than stellar performances.

Before their first Judges’ Table in the Bahamas, none of the contestants are feeling very confident about their dishes.

Padma Lakshmi enters the room and asks to see all of the chefs.

The judges ask Carla about her too sweet apple chips and undercooked pork, and Antonia about her “mystery meat,” and they all agree that Tiffany’s dish needed more of a wow factor.

The winning dish of the evening is Mike Isabella, but Richard is also safe from elimination.

So which of the three ladies will be going home?

Richard thinks that it will be Antonia — did the judges agree?

After their deliberation, it’s Carla Hall that is sent home from the competition.

What do you think of tonight’s elimination? Did the right person get sent home?

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One Response to “Top Chef: Welcome to The Bahamas!”

  1. Lesile Jone Says:
    March 9th, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    I am soo diappointed with this season. Carla was agaming and she didn’t get anywhere near as far as she should have gotten. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Blaze and Antonio. But Carla brought a traditional cooking, and she was able to adat her style to evey challege presented to her. This is a very sad night with Carla leaving. I wish her the very best. I think that all of america knows that Mike Isabell should have be outta there along time ago. He stole Richard’s recipies and gave him no credit. He is a phony. My family raised me that if you follow your heart, work hard,and dedicate yourself to your profession you will be extremely sucessful. These are values that we see weekly in Richrd, Carla, and Antoinia. Maybe if Carla had stole some recipies from the sucessful contestants, she could have wont it all! We love you Carla and it has been a pleasure watching you improve before out eyes. You set great role model to all young females to follow thier dreams and with hard work noting is untainable. It make me sick to see that cheat Mike move on and an honest creative person like yourself gets sent home. WE LOVE YOU CARLA. Jugdes. Open your eyes to the stuts that Mike pulls. stealing recipies and if he wins your show “Top Chef” has lost all credibility. You really need to crown the next dersving top chef based on performace, creativity, hard work, and dedication. Not crowning the low life fraud. Where would he be without Blaize’s recipies. Make theright decision.


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