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Shedding For The Wedding: Meet Trainer Nicky Holender

March 10, 2011 10:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

Shedding For The Wedding: is a reality competition on The CW. Seven couples are on a weight-loss journey, where the winning couple will receive the wedding of their dreams! Meet fitness trainer Nicky Holender. Keep reading to find out some of Nicky’s weight-loss tips from his blog.Welcome everyone to my blog, I shall be updating this as much as possible over the coming weeks and months, in between training my various array of clients!

If you have landed here I am assuming that you are interested in working out, getting in shape, losing weight and becoming athletic!

Becoming athletic? That’s right, my whole philosophy on training is about RELEASING YOUR INNER ATHLETE!
What does that mean? I hear you say! Well quite simply I am sick and tired of seeing people under training themselves or seeing trainers under training their clients. When you go to the gym most times, unless you are working on something specific, you should really go for it! If you walk out of the gym having not pushed yourself or your fitness boundaries what have you really done!

The body is a machine of adaptation, this means it will adapt to the stimulus that you give it.

Give it an easy (read a magazine on a stationary bike) workout and it has no need to adapt to anything! But eat low calorie, high protein, high nutrition diet and work your butt off in the gym and it is a physiological certainty that your body will adapt to this by losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass!

Throughout these weeks and months I will be posting workouts, lifestyle tips and answering general fitness questions about how to get into the shape you want to.

This journey that you undertake won’t take too long but will be extremely tough and challenging, the good news is that when you arrive on the other side you will be a stronger healthier person ready to enjoy the rest of your life in health and vitality!

So come along with me you lovely people, it is time to RELEASE YOUR INNER ATHLETE!

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Photo Credit: The CW

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