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The Bachelor: Dave Good Blogs About The Women Tell All Reunion

March 11, 2011 10:30 AM by Candace Young

Monday night’s The Women Tell All reunion episode of The Bachelor saw dramas rehashed and emotions running high. Bachelor Pad winner, and author of The Man Code, Dave Good, tuned in and blogged his thoughts afterward. Read on for highlights…

In Dave Good’s The Man Code weekly blog about The Bachelor, he begins by remarking on one of Brad Womack’s comments, saying, “Brad says Michelle has game – but he has no game! That’s a complete lie, but not a big deal. His game is saying he has no game, and playing innocent, but this is about the women…”

He also comments briefly on Madison’s fangs, noting. “I have to agree with the fact that the fangs thing is ridiculous. Any adult has to find that funny, so she can’t get upset when the other girls mention it and make fun of it.”

Dave next turns his attention to Michelle getting ‘roasted’, writing, “These girls are ruthless, but it might be a little deserving.”¬† As for Michelle’s tears, Dave says, “Michelle is gooooooood…she almost had ME going.”

The most outspoken of the girls with regard to Michelle was Jackie. Dave notes, “Jackie is a stone cold killer, by the way. She was not having it! I personally liked seeing that side of Jackie.”

Of the Raichel and Melissa feud, Good weighed in with this, “Turns out they are both bat shit crazy. Melissa has nobody to blame but herself for getting sent home and the same goes for Raichel. Melissa gets my vote as the craziest on this season though.”

Dave mentioned he felt bad for Ashley S, but took exception to her looking to Brad for closure, saying, “He does not owe her anymore closure. She probably knew him for 2.5 weeks and spent 6 or 7 hours with him total. No closure needed. Move on.”

As for Ashley H, while trying to decide if he likes her new hair color, Dave notes that what happened between her and Brad wasn’t her fault, it was both of them.

When Brad took the hot seat at the end, he impressed Dave by having Michelle’s back and apologizing to Ashley. Dave ends his blog¬† saying he’s really excited to see who Brad picks and how it will all pan out.

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One Response to “The Bachelor: Dave Good Blogs About The Women Tell All Reunion”

  1. Ed Says:
    March 14th, 2011 at 6:53 am

    I think it was unreal how Chris defended Michelle. Michelle was manipulating and conniving. Made me wonder what they might have going on behind the scenes with eachother.


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