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Top Chef’s Carla Hall: “My Frame of Mind Wasn’t There”

March 11, 2011 12:00 PM by Shayla Perry

Hootie-booooo! It looks like we won’t be seeing Carla Hall’s smiling face in the Top Chef: All-Stars finale on Bravo. After a rough day in the Bahamas, the cheftestant that most had favored to go all the way was sent packing. But in an interview with TV Guide, Hall admits that she wasn’t as focused while in the Bahamas; and it showed in every dish she prepared – from the uncooked rice in the Quickfire, to the sweet apple chips and undercooked pork that led to her elimination.

“My frame of mind wasn’t there,” Carla Hall tells TV Guide. “It’s also hard stopping the competition [in September], coming back to your regular life and then going back in [for the finals in January]. I didn’t have the same focus.”

And after performing poorly in both of the challenges in this week’s episode, the Alchemy chef says that she knew it was her time to go.

“Antonia thought she was going. I said, ‘No, I’m going.’ It wasn’t until Judges’ Table that I realized how underdone the pork was. As soon as I heard that, I knew,” says Carla. “I would’ve sent myself home too.”

Though Hall agrees with the judges’ decision, she tells TV Guide that she would have preferred to be sent home for a better dish.

“I would’ve rather gone home knowing I did a really great dish, even in New York at Ellis Island. I loved that dish. I would’ve preferred to go home then because I would’ve been out-cooked. I didn’t want to go home with a dish that had technical flaws and one where I didn’t push the envelope,” she explains.

But, despite not earning the title of Top Chef once again, Carla Hall is still keeping busy with a few other projects, including a possible deal with Match.com, thanks to her husband’s plug in the Ellis Island episode.

She’s also making a few changes to her business, Alchemy Caterers, which will soon be offering up a line of “sweet and savory petite cookies.”

“I changed the name from Alchemy Caterers to Alchemy by Carla Hall,” says the chef. “It’ll be a line of seasonal products until I eventually hopefully open up a caf. The cookies are about the size of a dime. It’s been fun. The nice thing about it is to focus on one thing. After working in catering, you change for the client. This way, I can do one thing and feel like I’m doing it really well.”

Now that Carla Hall is out of the competition, who do you think will take home the title in the Top Chef: All-Stars finale?

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