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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Impressing The Public

March 13, 2011 07:03 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on NBC the top ten contestants of America’s Next Great Restaurant were back to showcase their cooking skills! This time, they would not only have to impress the investors but also a public crowd of thousands at Universal City Walk – but who impressed and who disappointed? Keep reading to find out which concept was put to rest tonight!

America’s Next Great Restaurant kicked off tonight as Bobby Flay announced to the contestants that they would be cooking for a crowd of thousands at Universal City Walk. Each contestant would also have a container in which the public would insert coins for the dishes they liked the best. The contestant with the most coins would end up winning the challenge, while the others would be up for elimination, based on the judges’ thoughts as well. Before they started cooking and prepping for the event, the contestants were given the opportunity to choose a chef from 17 of them that the investors had chosen to help them out.

As the contestants began to interview the chefs and choose who they wanted to work with, several of them chose the same chefs causing conflict already. Alex spotted a chef that he knew had worked for Gordon Ramsay and decided he wanted to scoop her up, but Fran was already trying to get her, although Fran did not know that she worked with Gordon Ramsay, apparently Alex was the only one who knew that. Joseph wanted the same chef that Krystal and Greg wanted and when chaos broke out over the choices, someone decided that they would just bring the chefs in and ask them who they wanted to work with.

First up was the chef who had worked with Gordon Ramsay, and given then the choice she decided to go with Alex and his tacos as she felt that would work better for her. Fran was obviously disappointed but had no choice but chose another chef to aide her. Joseph was not willing to give up the chef he had picked out, but was extremely disappointed when his choice actually chose to work with Krystal and Greg leaving Joseph to choose another chef much to his dismay. Then the contestants headed off to choose their ingredients for their menu with only one hour and five hundred dollars and they were also sent to create a logo for their restaurant.

When it was time to create their dishes for the crowd, some made odd choices that the judges were left questioning such as Jamawn, whose focus was one chicken and waffles yet he chose to make a gumbo instead. Krystal and Gregg’s southern redneck food did not look that appetizing either with a potato mess and their “pigs on a blanket” and the judges were very disappointed in this dish. Fran seemed to be a crowd pleaser, but the judges were not pleased with the taste of her wraps, while they seemed to love Alex’s tacos and Eric’s soup and sandwiches. Marisa’s wok did not go over well with Curtis, who thought her original concept was good but this lacked flavor or originality.

Sudhir was informed that his chicken was dry and his logo was confusing to those who did not know Indian cuisine well. The judges seemed pleased with both Stephanie and Sandra’s and Bobby Flay was extremely pleased with how well Jamawn’s gumbo turned out. When all was said and done however, the public was the most impressed by Eric’s sandwiches and soup earning him the win and another week in the competition. The judges then had to decided who they were going to cut and they brought in Fran, Greg and Krystal and Marisa. Despite the fact that both Marisa as well as Greg and Krystal had poor tasting dishes, it was Fran who seemed unable to handle the critique, leading the judges to cut her from the competition.

Best of luck to Fran and be sure to tune in next week for a brand new episode of America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC!

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