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The Amazing Race: The Racers Head To China To Saddle Yaks

March 13, 2011 06:09 PM by Allyson Wells

Nine teams remain and head to China on The Amazing Race.  Jaime and Cara try to bounce back after a car wreck in Tokyo put them in last place.  Zev finally does a detour for his team, but it goes awry.  Vyxsin makes a costly error in directions, which puts her and Kent far behind the other racers.  Will they catch up and avoid elimination?

From Tokyo Bay at Commodore Perry’s Landing, Zev and Justin depart first.  The teams must travel to Jade Dragon Mountain in China.  Zev knows he is going to have to step up and do a challenge.  Gary and Mallory depart next, followed by Ron and Christina.  They are excited because they speak Chinese.  Kisha and Jen are not excited to return to China.  Margie and Luke leave next, followed by Flight Time and Big Easy and the cowboys.  Kent and Vyxsin are pumped for the next leg and call the theme for the day, “PMA” or positive mental attitude.  They have car trouble and then get lost on the way to the airport.  Vyxsin freaks out and calls it the most stupid day ever.  Jaime and Cara are last to depart and recall their time in China was not so great on the last race. 

At the airport, the racers arrive slowly arrive, except for Kent and Vyxsin.  Vyxsin looks at her compass and realizes that they have been going the wrong way for an hour.  She waves and says, “Bye-bye Amazing Race.”  She curls up in the back and cries, but Kent urges her not to give up and says the race is also about miracles.  The other racers are stunned that the pair missed their flight.  When Kent and Vyxsin finally arrive, they have to wait until 3:30 in the afternoon to depart, when the other teams left at 9:30 in the morning.

The teams arrive in China and can choose a flight or a train.  Ron and Christina figure out that there is a train that leaves that night.  They don’t tell anyone else and hope they can maintain a lead.  The rest of the teams take the next train.  Kent and Vyxsin arrive at the airport later to discover it has shut down and they must wait.  They book a flight instead of a train and try to catch up.

Ron and Christina arrive at the mountain first.  The discover the shuttle doesn’t leave for awhile, so they wait.  All of the other racers arrive and end up departing at the same time as them.  At Jade Dragon, the racers get their roadblock.  They must properly saddle a yak and ride it across a dangerous section of the river.  Jet waves his cowboy hat in the air as he rides his yak.  Mallory remarks she has a bucking yak.  The racers are amazed with the breathtaking view as they ride to get their next clue, which tells them to head to Spruce Meadow atop the mountain for their next clue.  All of the racers are nearly neck and neck.  Several of the racers get dizzy from the high altitude. 

The roadblock involves the Chinese Zodiac Chart.  Atop the mountain, the racers must find the 12 animals amongst thousands of charms and put them in order.  Christina feels like she has an edge because her mom made her memorize it as a child.  Mallory finishes first.  She helps Luke before leaving to Old Town Liagiang for the next clue.  Christina finishes next, followed by Cord.  Big Easy is next and dances as he runs away.  Cara and Jen finish next, to leave Zev still looking for charms.  Justin yells at him to move his feet and not give up.  Justin starts to panic when Kent and Vyxsin arrive.  Kent lies to Justin that their car broke down and that is why they were late.  Zev finally finishes and the two gladly depart.  Vyxsin remarks that she is dizzy and confused and cries that she is so stupid.  Kent knows his little pink kitten is trying her best.  She finally gets it together and finishes.  After they leave and are on the bus, they realize they have to go back because Kent left their fanny pack, which contains all of their money and passports.  Vyxsin declares that everything is lost.

Ron and Christina get on the wrong bus.  Ron wants to see where it goes, but Christina knows it is wrong.  Ron yells that they are going to get screwed because the driver won’t turn around.  They beg him to stop and Christina falls off the transport trying to catch the other bus.  Flight Time and Big Easy make their bus stop for them.

In Old Town Lijiang, Gary and Mallory arrive first for their next clue.  They must locate their zodiac sign and place a wish in a box for their next clue.  Mallory wishes for her and Gary to have an amazing time on the race.  Flight Time wishes he knew what his zodiac sign was.  Jaime wishes to win the race.  They then receive the detour:  hammer or horn.  In Hammer, the teams must make malt candy.  In horn, the teams must carry a ceremonial horn and lead a processional of dancers.  Gary and Mallory and Margie and Luke both choose to work together on hammer.  All of the teams end up doing the hammer, except for Flight Time and Big Easy, who choose to “lead the people.”  They have a great time leading the dancers in front of the townspeople.  Ron wants to stop and get food, but Christina orders him to keep moving.  Mallory jokes it is good for her to make candy for others, after all the candy she has been eating.  Ron tries to eat the candy as they make it.  Margie and Luke finish it first, just as Zev and Justin arrive and decide to do the horn.

After the detour, the teams must go to the Eternal Tower that rises above the town, which is the Pit Stop.  The first team to arrive is Margie and Luke.  Phil signs to them that they have won a trip to Aruba.  They are bummed to learn that the race is not over and that they are still racing.  Jet and Cord are second, and Gary and Mallory are third.  Ron and Christina are fourth, followed by Kisha and Jen.  Flight Time and Big Easy are sixth and Jaime and Cara are seventh.  As the other racers continue to race, Kent and Vyxsin are trying to return and retrieve their bag, while Zev and Justin are trying to complete the detour.  Will the teams finish and catch up to the other racers to avoid elimination?

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