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The Bachelor: Season Finale

March 14, 2011 07:41 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on The Bachelor, with The Women Tell All out of the way, viewers will see the final two women, Chantal and Emily, meet Brad’s family in South Africa, and will find out if Brad Womack’s second chance at finding love will end differently than the last time when he walked away alone. Keep reading for the highlights, and to find out what Brad’s final decision will be…

The episode begins with Brad being overcome at the sight of his family arriving in South Africa. He tears up and becomes emotional as he greets them and tries to reconnect. Several times he has to excuse himself to gather his wits. His twin brother asks what is different this time. Brad says he’s been more open and has been ‘in it’ from day one. He admits to his family that he is considering proposing 100%.

Brad is stoked to introduce both ladies to his family and get their opinions. As the doorbell rings, Brad is practically a basket case. He greets Chantal and ushers her in. Introductions are made and Chantal seems to fit right in. Brad’s brothers take her aside for a conversation. She admits she was worried about Brad being in it for the right reasons, but fell in love, and would be ready to get married right on the spot.

Brad meets with his brothers and they say they believe Chantal is in love and is a great, beautiful girl. Chantal tells Brad’s mother that she came into the situation with an open heart which made it really easy to fall in love – because Brad was the right person. They seem to ‘click’, and his mother tells him she is precious. Brad is moved that his family can actually see him with Chantal.

It’s Emily’s turn to meet Brad’s family and she’s nervous. His brothers immediately note that she is more reserved and not as outgoing as Chantal. When they sit down, the subject of Emily having a daughter is raised. One of the brothers asks if Ricki’s father would be okay with his daughter being moved to Austin. Emily tells the story of her husband dying in the plane crash. They are amazed by her strength. On her talk with the brothers, Emily assures them she is ready to get married to Brad. The brothers then grill Brad on whether or not he is ready to become a father.

Emily tells  Brad’s mother she is grateful to have met her son and is looking forward to the future with him and her daughter. Brad’s mom loves that Emily refers to Brad as her angel. After talking to his family, Brad says it’s very clear that they believe Emily is the one for him.

Brad has his last date with Chantal and they head out on a boat. They are stunned to see Great White Sharks circling the boat. Brad announces that they’re going to go down in a cage – he tells the camera Chantal will meet the challenge with a smile on her face. They don wetsuits and climb in.  Brad is impressed by Chantal not only bearing the sharks getting right up to them, but enjoying it.  He calls in a perfect experience with a perfect girl.

In the evening portion of the date , they talk about how comfortable they are with each other, and Chantal gifts him with a map showing all the places they’ve been together.  There is also a heartfelt letter. Brad is very moved. Chantal tells the camera that she’ll be absolutely crushed if he doesn’t choose her.

Brad meets Emily for their last date together. They go up in a helicopter and land at the Cape of Good Hope.  He talks to her about how much his family loved her. She takes the opportunity to grill him on how serious he is about being a father – she tells him it’s not about being like a cool uncle. She admits she is nervous about things being up in the air.

Brad arrives for the evening part of their date with the intention of talking about being a family. He asks that if this all works out, she give him the opportunity to be a father to her daughter – a real father. She questions if he’s really ready – like to get up in the middle of the night with her when she’s sick. She reiterates that it’s not always fun. Brad takes exception to being questioned to such an extent, and asks if she’s truly ready to let somebody into her life. She says she’s ready to let him in, but it’s scary for her. Brad leaves profoundly hurt, and feeling slapped in the face.

After spending the next morning comtemplating, Brad declares that during this process he has fallen madly in love and found the woman he will spend the rest of his life with. Brad welcomes the jeweler into his suite to choose the engagement ring.

Chantal and Emily spend the morning being scared of what the outcomes will be. Brad, meanwhile, suits up and heads out saying he feels so good because he’s not only in love, but he’s ready to marry her. He loves this woman with all of his heart.  The ladies slip into their gowns and head for the limos.

Chris Harrison meets the limo with Chantal in it and hands her out. She walks to meet Brad, who tells her she looks amazing. He tells her the connection he felt with her the very first time has only grown, and it’s something he was looking for. Brad says their relationship has grown stronger with every date, but that’s where it gets tough. He tells her he has stronger feelings for someone else. Chantal cries softly and shakes her head. He assures her it was all real. Chantal doesn’t have anything to say to him, so he walks her out. At the limo, he asks her to please believe how much he cares about her. On the ride down the road, Chantal talks about how she thought they had something special, she feels stupid, and she is worried she won’t find love.

Emily arrives and Brad tells her she looks stunning – she takes his breath away. Brad tells her how far he has come to get to where he is today. He always believed he would find the woman that is right for him, and he knew it would take a leap of faith, but all it took was coming there to meet her. He asks her to let him be her best friend, protect her and her daughter, and love her for the rest of her life. Shaking, he gets down on one knee and proposes. Emily accepts and they kiss. She tells him she’s really, really happy. 

Emily is definitely more reserved than Chantal, so it’s hard to feel the connection the same way as a viewer. Here’s hoping Brad has made the right decision for him.

After the Final Rose

Chantal confronts Brad first. She asks him at what point he decided that she wasn’ t the one. Brad is forced to admit that he had serious feelings for Emily early on.  Chantal feels a bit like he just kept her around because she was fun. It’s revealed that Chantal met someone at home and is very happy now.

Chris talks to Brad about Emily next, saying they were going to get married on this After The Final Rose segment, but it’s not happening. He says he loves her more than ever, but is forced to confess that they actually broke up at one point when she said she just couldn’t do this. Chris is sorry to hear it’s not a fairytale. Brad says it’s real life.

When Emily comes out, Chris asks her about the troubles they’ve been having. She says she loves him with her whole heart and considers them to be engaged, but she is not ready to move to Austin or marry him right now. The audience gasps. Emily admits that they have to establish their fighting and communication style, and alludes to issues that have arisen as she’s watched each episode of  the show on Monday nights. Emily tells Chris that they both have a bit of a temper and they’ve had some knock down drag out fights. When Chris presses, Emily says she was disturbed that Brad claims to have fell for her early on, but did not save certain things just for her – watching the show she felt like a dime a dozen.

Chris asks if in her heart of hearts, Emily thinks she’ll marry Brad. She says she can’t imagine her everyday life without him, so she does see them getting married.

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2 Responses to “The Bachelor: Season Finale”

  1. Linda Says:
    March 14th, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    I have watched all these shows and by far, this season was the most emotional and the feeling of Love was so much circling the couple. It is so sad that the pressures of the public cause this couple such question. I saw love between the two (Brad and Em) early on and knew they would be together…YESTERDAY! TODAY! AND…TOMORROW!. Love is truly a strong bond. Best to the Loving Couple.

  2. erika Says:
    March 14th, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    I hope they make it but judging their body language, even though he says he loves her, he leans far away from her. She does not seem to really want to marry him either. It looks like she is waiting for her dead boyfriend to come back. Hard as it may be, life goes on and if she does not want to miss the boat, she better get with it – either Brad or someone else if she really wants to get married. Chantel would have been a much better choice for Brad – they clicked.
    I wish everybody a very happy life.


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