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Million Dollar Listing: The Truth Emerges

March 15, 2011 09:08 PM by Lisa Princ

Million Dollar Listing on Bravo is back tonight and after Heather approached Madison last week about expanding to West Hollywood, Madison confronts Josh Altman about it tonight. Josh Flagg deals with his own dilemmas as well and we’ll find out some secrets as the truth emerges on this episode. Keep reading for all the details!

Million Dollar Listing kicks off tonight with sales believe it or not – instead of drama! First, Josh Altman is able to tie up his deal from last week, coming in at 16.5 million instead of 20 million earning a $400k+ profit. Madison is also in luck as he helps his client rent out her property, but that doesn’t come easy at first. The client has a renter who is also the owner of six dogs and despite the fact that she assures Madison that she will home at any time for showings to help with the dogs, she gets stuck running out at the last minute before a showing. Madison is able to get 3 of the dogs locked up, but the three small dogs prove to be a bigger problem – and one Madison is not willing to tackle. When he calls his client’s tenant she tells him she is not sure if the dogs will bite anyone, but she doesn’t think so which has him terrified. Luckily the dogs did not bite his first prospects which ended up making a deal with him on the rental.

Josh Flagg has his hands full tonight as well as his client’s home has been on the market for months with no bites. Josh shows the home to numerous people, including one couple who tells him if the dog likes it they will take it – well they didn’t take it so it’s safe to assume the dog did not like it. After thinking it over Josh decides to call his client with some new ideas, one of which is leasing. His client wants no part of leasing and when Josh decides to ask if he would be okay with taking the home off the market for a month or so and re-listing it at a new price, his client gets angry and tells Josh that he needs to advertise in a magazine. When Josh assures him that no one will buy his home from a magazine his client gets even more irate and he lets Josh have it.

Then on Million Dollar Listing it looks as though some speculations are put to rest as the truth come out when we later we see Josh meeting with what I assume is a publisher for the book he has written about his life. When the publisher asks Josh if he is okay with all the important people in his life reading this, and Josh assures him it’s okay, there is reference back and forth about someone named “Colton” but it is not revealed who “Colton” aside from the “most important” person in Josh’s life. That is until the preview for next week when it looks like we may find out that “Colton” is in fact Josh’s boyfriend as Josh goes on about how this person is his “rock”.

Josh Altman then jumps straight into another listing as he heads to Venice Beach this time to sell some condos. The builders have set prices and numerous units for him to sell. It was quite comical but being that it was such a hard drive to get there, we saw Josh and Mikey riding a motorcycle through Venice Beach. Josh then set up multiple listings on the same day so he would not have to keep going back and forth. Because there were different units, Josh advises Mikey to stay put in the main unit if he needs to take a prospect to another one, which is stuck doing with the very first woman who comes to view the place. While Josh is showing the woman the larger unit, he takes her out to the deck and winds up locking them out there. He calls up Mikey, who happens to be with another prospect and it takes them forever to even find Josh as Mikey gets lost in the large building. All in all it was a successful start for Josh as he manages to get 3 offers, 2 for full asking price.

But then it is time for more drama and truth on Million Dollar Listing as Madison, who meets up with Heather and another friend decides to agree to going to a party as a way of meeting new potential love interests. At the party Madison seems to be having a good time and hitting it off with a few guys but we don’t see much of his mingling. Instead Madison is chatting with Heather and he tells us that is not happy about her wanting expand – it seems the whole thing makes him uncomfortable. Then Josh Altman arrives at the party for Heather and instead the second that Heather walks away, Madison confronts Josh. Josh assures Madison that he is not trying to break up Madison’s business, but that Heather is a grown woman and can do as she pleases. When Madison asks Josh to stay out, Josh replies with “Or I can do whatever I want” and they exchange a few more nasty words before Josh decides he needs to leave the party and tells a disappointed Heather.

Be sure to tune in next week for a brand new episode of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo!

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