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The Biggest Loser: One United Team

March 15, 2011 07:28 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC there is no more black versus red as the teams must work together to create one united team for the sake of immunity. But will they be able to come together as one team and have enough weight loss so that no one gets sent home? Keep reading to find out what happened and see which contestant hit their goal weight this week!

The Biggest Loser kicks off tonight as Ali Sweeney announces to the teams that this week there will be no more red and black teams, instead the teams will become one united team and to give them extra motivation for teamwork, she also announces that if the team as a whole loses more weight than they did the week before of 59 lbs, no one on the entire team will be sent home, as they will all gain immunity. Despite all the drama and game playing that has surrounded these two teams, they came together and seemed to form an instant connection and a new blue team which says a lot about all of the contestants.

Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels’ were shocked to hear the news, but thrilled that they finally had a chance to work out with the guys as they took on the men this week while Brett and Cara worked with the ladies. Bob couldn’t express enough how exciting it was for him to tackle Rulon, who coincidentally broke down to Bob also about how he wants to get healthier for his wife and to start a family. Meanwhile, we watched as Jillian worked Austin like a dog and pushed him further than he had ever been pushed before.

Then it was time for a pop challenge on The Biggest Loser in which the contestants would have pair up in teams and cook a healthy and delicious meal in just 30 minutes. Judging their meals would be two of the investors from America’s Next Great Restaurant, chef Curtis Stone and chef Lorena Garcia. The winner of the challenge would receive The Biggest Loser meal plan from the time they left the ranch until the finale. All of the teams pulled together and came out with delicious looking meals, with the exception of Irene and Justin who had a messy plate that Curtis was not crazy about, nor did they like the flavors of their green beans with ginger and almonds. The team that pulled together and made the best dish with a fabulous looking Cod fillet plate which was under 200 calories was Moses and Olivia who wound up winning the challenge and the prize.

We also got to see some of the contestants get a visit from Dr. Huizenga tonight who pleased to announce that Marci had reached her goal weight as he informed her that were going to change things up a bit for her now so that she could build muscle while losing only a small amount of fat. He also gave Courtney the great news that her body fat percentage had dropped from over 50% to 35% which is what the average American woman has. Then it was time for Moses and Kaylee to see the doctor who more than thrilled to tell Moses he could scratch that “date of death” from his memory because it no longer existed. Brett Hoebel was busy tonight not only working the ladies out but also checking to make sure they were eating properly and he was thrilled when he saw how healthy both Marci and Courtney were eating.

Next up it was time for an endurance challenge and again it was all about teamwork. The team would break into pairs again and each pair would have to pull a rope from under the ground to reveal a question box. They would have to answer the question and move to the next box which would allow two more players to join the game but if they got it wrong they would have to pull in the other direction to reveal the correct box. At the end and after all the players had joined, they would have to pull the rope to the finish line. If they could complete it in under 1.5 hours they would get a 5 lb advantage as a team at the weigh in, but if they could not they would get a 5 lb disadvantage. Luckily for them despite some struggles early on with Marci and Rulon getting the incorrect answer and Hannah injuring her hand, both causing time loss, the team was able to complete the challenge about 6 seconds shy of 1.5 hrs giving them a 5 lb advantage at the weigh in.

After their last chance workouts, here is how the team fared at this week’s weigh in:

283 to 275 for a total loss of 8 lbs

277 to 270 for a total loss of 7 lbs

342 to 335 for a total loss of 7 lbs

254 to 249 for a total loss of 5 lbs

174 to 176 for a total gain of 2 lbs

309 to 303 for a total loss of 6 lbs

196 to 191 for a total loss of 5 lbs

241 to 237 for a total loss of 4 lbs

162 to 162 for a total loss of 0 lbs

188 to 185 lbs for a total loss of 3 lbs

180 to 176 for a total loss of 4 lbs

180 to 178 for a total loss of 2 lbs

Total team loss of 49 lbs

Since the team did not reach their goal of 59 lbs or more loss, there would be an elimination tonight and both Marci and Kaylee fell below the yellow line. While you may have thought we’d see this destroy and divide the team, it did not as Marci pleaded with the entire team to let her go and keep Kaylee claiming she was done. Only two of the original black team members did not vote for Marci and they were Courtney and Jen. Everyone else respected Marci’s wishes and after a very tearful elimination, Marci was sent home. Today, Marci is maintaining her healthy lifestyle at home and paying forward to others. We’ll see you again at the finale Marci!

Tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC as it looks as though drama is back as one player returns!

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