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The Real Housewives of Miami: “Waterfront & Center”

March 15, 2011 08:34 PM by Shayla Perry

Miss tonight’s all new episode of The Real Housewives of Miami? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for everything you missed!

Tonight, on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami…

Larsa Pippen is at home with her family and their new additions– some pets– which Larsa is hoping the nannies will help them care for.

Alexia Echevarria is next in the group to throw a cooking party, and wants to make a big impression by making “real” Cuban food. So, she and her husband, Herman, are off to pick out a pig! There’s just one thing… Alexia is a tad on the squeamish side.

In the evening, Marysol Patton and her boyfriend, Phillipe are out for a nice quiet dinner, but she realizes something’s up when the restaurant is a little too quiet.

Immediately, Marysol and Phillipe decide that they’re going to get married in Aspen, but because there’s only a few more weeks of snow, they have to make it soon, and plan to elope!

It’s time to do the dirty work with the pig, and although Alexia Echevarria is dead set on serving it, she wants nothing to do with the preparation.

Lea Black is out doing some shopping with one of her friends to help her get out of her blue jeans rut. The other Housewives (or, at least Cristy Rice and Larsa Pippen) have been very vocal about Lea’s sense of style – or lack thereof – but it seems that Black has many different people giving their take on what she should be wearing!

At Alexia Echevarria’s house, the women arrive for their get together and the happy hostess has set up a beautiful dining table right on the waterfront. Herman unveils his roasted pig, but Lea Black is not impressed, since she doesn’t eat meat. Black says that she doesn’t want to be rude, BUT calls the traditional roast “barbaric.”

Larsa Pippen, also not one to eat pork, decides that it’s better not to be offensive to her hosts, and says nothing. (Shocker!)

After all of the pig drama (and many drinks), the group settles down for dinner, and Phillipe announces his engagement to Marysol.

Lea Black asks the couple how long they’ve been together, so she could tell how long they were going to last. THEN, she says that she didn’t know Phillipe needed a green card! Everyone thinks that she’s had a bit too much to drink, but Lea insists that she just says what everyone else is thinking. (Wow!)


Marysol Patton, already getting the jump on her wedding (boy is she fast!) invites her mother, Elsa, and a friend over to help her decide on a wedding gown. When showing off her ring (which Marysol knows that her mother helped Phillipe with), Elsa asks if Marysol has it in writing that if the marriage doesn’t work out, she gets to keep the ring.

As she tries on the gowns, Elsa worries that Marysol will trip and roll off the mountain!

If she does, Elsa won’t see it. Because of the rush, Marysol and Phillipe’s family and friends won’t be able to attend the wedding.

Alexia Echevarria and Cristy Rice have both been invited to walk in a charity fashion show, so the two head out to try on their outfits.

Adriana DeMoura and her son are making a delivery to Lea Black — the portrait that Lea bought from her show, which she says wasn’t as profitable as she had hoped (no surprises there). DeMoura says that the artist’s failure to do as many pieces as he was asked to really hurt her business and lost her a lot of money, but we’re sure that the artist has a very different version of that story.

Lea Black suggests that Adriana’s son, Alex, run off to go play with her son, since the two boys are friends and have gone to school together for several years. She explains that when she met Adriana, she was married to a man with a lot of money, who left her for another woman whom he had gotten pregnant.

When Lea found out that Adriana and her son were sleeping on the floor of her 350 square foot gallery, she did what she could to help her find stability. Which is perhaps why she felt so comfortable sitting her down and asking her what’s going on with her.

Lea doesn’t think that Adriana going out at 2am is a very good idea, and assumes that there must be something going on in her relationship to cause such behavior. Adriana explains that she’s been stressed about work and finances, and the fact that she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to provide her son with the kind of lifestyle that she wants for him.

Black asks if Adriana will have the money she needs to keep her son and school, and Adriana admits that she’s not sure. Her fiancee has offered to pay for half of the $30,000 tuition, but Adriana must come up with the other half herself, and says that this “lifestyle” that she wants for her son has been the cause of a lot of tension in her relationship.

Lea suggests that Adriana not cause any unnecessary trouble by going out and dancing with other men, which brings Adriana to tears.

Not wanting to watch her just sit and mope around, Lea tells Adriana to move forward and think about her future, and how she can make her gallery a success. She also suggests that if Adriana really needs the money for her son’s education, that they hold a fundraiser; an idea that Adriana’s not too keen on. She says that it’s not about her pride, then immediately explains that she doesn’t want to have to tell people about her situation (sounds a little like pride).

Out to lunch with a friend, Cristy Rice says that she received a certified letter from Lea Black’s assistant requesting the money for the gala tickets. The letter also included a photo of Cristy and her friends at the gala as proof that they were there! Cristy says that she gave Lea a check that day, but still insists that Lea should be thanking her for showing up to the event that included people that she’s been friends with for 15 years.

In Aspen, Marysol starts getting cold feet about her upcoming nuptials, and feels bad that Phillipe is so confident. Will she actually make it down the aisle?!

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