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America’s Next Top Model: Francesco Carrozzini Puts Alexandria On The Hot Seat

March 16, 2011 06:21 PM by Allyson Wells

On America’s Next Top Model, Alexandria wants to change her bad attitude, but has a hard time toning down her ego in front of the other models.  Sara has a hard time building her own ego up.  After the models model Geoffrey Mack clothes on a fiery runway, whose modeling dreams will go up in smoke after falling flat?

The ten remaining models return to the house to see Alexandria’s photo displayed.  Alexandria loves seeing her face displayed and hopes to change her bad attitude.  Kasia, Brittani and Dalya are upset that Alexandria got top photo after being so unprofessional on set.  Sara is depressed about being in the bottom two and knows she can’t doubt herself to remain in the competition.  Sara talks about college plans, but Alexandria boasts that she is going to model for IMG whether she wins the competition or not. 

Tyra mail arrives and says, “If you don’t watch your step, your career will go up in flames.”  The models go to their location and Miss J tells them their runway challenge will be modeling clothes by Geoffrey Mack, who has designed for Lady Gaga.  He then reveals the runway is a fiery walk.  He urges them to outshine their flames because the models will also be lit on fire, and they will be walking with flames in their hands.  Some of the models admit they are still working on composing their walk and are scared to throw fire into the mix.  As Hannah gets into wardrobe, she wonders if the hairspray will catch on fire.  Sara jokes she can always be a hand model if her face catches on fire.

As the flames ignite, the jittery models look on in awe.  Alexandria takes the runway first.  She walks with total confidence.  Brittani goes next and feels like the Queen of Fire.  The other models realize think Brittani is rocking the competition.  Most of the models end up enjoying themselves, except for Sara, who has trouble getting her flames to light on fire.  Kasia notes that Sara is a hot mess.  Miss J thinks Kasia has issues with her mouth, but that Dalya looked elegant and focused.  Backstage, Miss J tells Sara to practice her walk, Hannah she needs more presence and Kasia needs to change her mouth.  He thinks the three standouts are Alexandria, Brittani and Dalya.  He reveals the winner is Dalya, who gets to keep two dresses from the Geoffrey Mack collection.  He then tells Sara, Hannah and Kasia they have to walk home since they need so much work on their walk. 

On their walk home, Hannah is annoyed because they have to walk through such rough areas.  Kasia thinks they should take the time to practice their walks.  When they get home, they see the next Tyra mail.  It reads, “Tomorrow it is okay for you to cause a scene.”  The doorbell rings and it is a script that orders all the models to memorize lines for a coffee commercial.  Sara worries that she can’t be sexy enough.

The models go to Smashbox studios where Jay introduces them to fashion photographer, Francesco Carrozzini.  Molly reveals she has a little crush on him.  Jay wants them to show emotion.  Alexandria is happy to be paired with Brittani, who is such a strong competitor.  Mikaela isn’t thrilled to be working with Sara again and worries about being in the bottom two.  Jaclyn shakes her fake booty she has to model.  Kasia laughs that hers is real. 

Brittani and Alexandria shoot first.  Francesco thinks Brittani is using her lips too fake.  Jay tells her she looks like she thinks she’s better than the job.  She tearfully apologizes.  Alexandria tries to act motherly with Brittani, which makes Brittani feel like she is being bossed around.  Francesco gets annoyed with Alexandria for butting in and trying to direct everything.  Kasia and Jaclyn work together.  Francesco loved Kasia.  Molly and Dalya work together, and both do an excellent job.  Monique and Hannah are next, and Hannah does great.  Mikaela and Sara are last, and Mikaela can’t stop shaking.  Sara has a tough time following directions.  Jay thinks Sara is as sexy as watching paint dry.  Francesco feels like Sara read the script and didn’t think it was for her and gave up.

The lovely ladies arrive at panel and Tyra jokes she is wearing her “whip it” outfit and for them to watch out!  Francesco is the guest judge.  Monique and Hannah’s commercial airs first.  Nigel thinks they both did a good job and loved Hannah’s body language, but that Monique was too reserved.  Tyra wishes they had pushed it a little bit more.  Jaclyn and Kasia go next.  The judges love it and Tyra thinks they knocked it out of the park.  Jaclyn laughs she loved shaking her fake booty.  Alexandria and Brittani go next.  Nigel doesn’t think they were together in the shot, and Brittani’s voice was not very sexy.  Tyra assumed Brittani would have been great but was really weak, and Alexandria was overly sexy.  Sara and Mikaela are up next.  The judges think they both fell flat and were not there at all.  Last up is Dalya and Molly.  Nigel thinks Dalya lacked good movement and Molly was was lost at times. 

The judges begin their deliberation.  Nigel thinks Monique is improving, but Francesco thinks she is contrived.  They love Hannah.  They think Kasia was the best.  Nigel loves Jaclyn’s voice.  They think Alexandria was awful and Nigel is turned off by her attitude not just on set, but in panel.  They think Brittani did bad, but think she will be fine.  Andre thinks Sara has given up.  Tyra loves Dalya’s face.  Andre believes Molly pulled it off and Francesco thinks she has presence and pulled it off without trying.

The models return for the results.  Tyra reveals the winner of the best commercial is Kasia.  The runner-up is Hannah.  Jaclyn, Dalya, Monique, Molly, Mikaela, and Brittani are all called next.  Alexandria and Sara are in the bottom two.  Tyra tells Sara she has such an interesting face, but her performance was not original and lacking in confidence yet again.  Tyra thinks Alexandria has a pattern of disrespect developing.  Tyra announces that Alexandria gets to stay, but that it will be the last time she gets to stay if she does not adjust her attitude.  Sara hugs Sara and tells her she is one of her favorites and once she believes in herself, she will be a model.  Sara knows that she did it to herself and didn’t do her job properly. 

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