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Survivor: Redemption Island — Alliance Outsiders

March 16, 2011 06:55 PM by Ryan Haidet

Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island brought one awesome moment at the duel as Matt battled Kristina involving Boston Rob.  We also got to see how much Krista and Stephanie were viewed as outsiders at Zapatera now that Russell is officially out of the game.  But that’s not all, Boston Rob continued to dominate the Ometepe tribe as he schemed up another great idea — this time involving a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.

Matt’s Third Duel

Prior to the third duel on Redemption Island, Krista and Stephanie were selected to be witnesses for Zapatera while Boston Rob and Grant represented Ometepe.  One thing I noticed tonight is that Matt appeared to be physically worn out for the first time.  He just looked absolutely exhausted as he walked into the Redemption Island arena.

As far as the challenge in the duel is concerned, it was one we’ve seen many times throughout many seasons of Survivor.  The two were face-to-face in a puzzle-building competition involving a large cube.  As the duel began, Kristina struggled to push the heavy pieces around as Matt looked up at Boston Rob and directly asked for an explanation as to why he was voted off.  Boston Rob responded by simply saying it takes more than one person to vote somebody out of the game.  Moments later, Matt prevailed once again and survived to live another day on Redemption Island.

After he won, Matt looked back up at Boston Rob and declared that he wanted to get back in the game still loyal to Ometepe.  That’s when Stephanie voiced her opinion on the situation.  She said she would be more than willing to be loyal to Ometepe come a merge.  Both she and Krista admitted they were ready to flip from the Zapatera tribe.  Boston Rob gave a thumbs up, as Stephanie promised they are telling the truth.  After that, Kristina stepped forward, placed her orange buff in the fire and left the game for good.

Ometepe’s Outsider

Back at Ometepe, Phillip felt frustrated he couldn’t make a positive impression on the ladies while Boston Rob and Grant were gone at Redemption Island.  He compared the women to crabs in the way that they scamper away when they see him coming.

But when Phillip and Andrea found a moment alone, he told her that she is the hardest female worker on the tribe.  She expressed her appreciation and then asked Phillip if he ever once tried to throw her under the bus.  He looked her straight in the eyes and said he never betrayed her.  But it got very interesting when he proposed the idea of a three-way alliance including himself, Andrea and Matt if he happens to return to the game from Redemption Island.  Phillip thought it was a powerful possibility as he set his aim at Boston Rob.  “The king is a dictator, and I’m a lord.  I’m waiting for my opportunity to replace the king.”

Puzzle Problems

At the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, one member of each tribe was selected as a caller — Boston Rob for Ometepe and Stephanie for Zapatera.  They had to shout out commands to their blindfolded tribemates who were navigating a maze collecting puzzle pieces.  The caller was then responsible for completing the puzzle once all of the pieces were gathered.  As the challenge was underway, Ralph kept yelling at Stephanie asking for directions, but she consistently shushed him because he was asking too many questions.

It was a close battle as both Boston Rob and Stephanie worked to complete the puzzle.  Although Boston Rob dropped one of his pieces on the ground, he realized the mishap quickly and solved the puzzle first, which read “The sweet taste of victory.”  In addition to the Immunity Idol, the Ometepe tribe also walked away with a Reward of coffee and pastries.  As the challenge came to a close, Steve was whining on the sidelines that David should have been the person doing the puzzle.  Not Stephanie.

Digging In & Digging Down

Back at camp, the Ometepe tribe was digging in and enjoying their Reward.  Phillip even did a little dance before yelling, “Yummy to victory!”  Phillip then said he would trade half of one of his donuts for a massage — but nobody apparently accepted his request.  Ashley even said in confessional that she wouldn’t give him a massage for a dozen donuts.

As they started sifting through their coffee, Grant noticed a clue for the hidden Immunity Idol inside the jar.  Boston Rob spotted it as well before they both escaped into the woods.  Boston Rob told Grant he would hide the clue for them so nobody else would find it.  As Grant returned to camp to distract the rest of the tribe from Boston Rob, he was being duped himself.  That’s because Boston Rob decided he would bury the first Idol clue he found several days before and keep the new clue, which has more information, to himself.  But it doesn’t really matter anyway because Boston Rob already has possession of the Idol.  Rob said it was all for his own entertainment.

Two Obvious Targets

When Zapatera returned to camp, Steve vocalized his concern that Stephanie was nominated for the puzzle portion of the competition and not David.  As Sarita tried to explain the strategy behind the Stephanie decision, David angrily opened up saying he is going to be the puzzle solver for the tribe from now on because he is the best suited person for the job.

Later that day, as Julie and Sarita were talking about who should be voted off they decided Stephanie and Krista were dead ducks in the water.  Both Krista and Stephanie were aware of their situation as Krista even said in a confessional that there isn’t much scrambling for them to do.  Moments before Tribal Council, Krista predicted Zapatera’s foolish decisions as a tribe has put their potential success after the merge very low.

At Tribal Council, the future of the game was heavily discussed as Krista said she isn’t there to make friends, but is there to play.  Mike chimed in and said despite her claims, she hasn’t worked to establish any bonds or trust with the tribe outside of Russell and Stephanie.  After everybody voted and host Jeff Probst returned to read the ballots, Stephanie and Krista held hands.  Although the first two votes fell against Steve, the rest were for Krista.  Her torch was snuffed and she left for Redemption Island.

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