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Survivor: Redemption Island — Kristina Calls Phillip A ‘Clown’ & Discusses Duel

March 17, 2011 03:19 PM by Ryan Haidet

Although she was the first person to find a hidden Immunity Idol on Survivor: Redemption Island, Kristina Kell didn’t last long in the competition becoming the third official elimination.  In a conference call with reporters today, Kristina unleashed her sharp tongue against Phillip as she labeled him a “clown” and a “buffoon.”  She also explained how Boston Rob is controlling the Ometepe tribe while discussing the duel on Redemption Island.

Question: What’s your belief that Phillip is actually a former federal agent?

Kristina Kell: That’s laughable.  I think we all need to sit down and write our congressmen immediately if that happens to be the case.  Phillip is a buffoon.  He’s paranoid.  He’s a delusional human being.  He’s really unstable.  So if that’s the kind of person that has anything remotely to do with our government in any capacity whatsoever, I would be so scared.  It would just be an awful thing.  Phillip was a self-proclaimed expert on every single matter, whether it came to digging a hole, or using a hammer, or discerning whether someone was lying or not.  It was an absolute joke.  Phillip is a joke.  That’s why he’s so much fun to watch on TV because he’s just fodder for all of us to make fun of him.  As far as being a federal agent in any kind of capacity, it’s so highly unlikely it’s just laughable. …  I lied to Phillip’s face a bunch of times, and he’s just an idiot.  A clown. …

Question: Why do you think Boston Rob saw you as such a threat?

Kristina: If you watched last night’s episode, you can really see how he’s playing the members of his alliance.  I mean, they’re really not great thinkers at all.  He made Grant look like an absolute clown with that clue last night.  You’ve got Ashley and Natalie picking at each others’ face.  I really don’t think he had much competition in his alliance, and I think a lot of his focus was on me because he knew I was there to play.  He’s a smart, tactical player.  Rob’s no dummy, he’s a great player.  That’s why he keeps getting asked back season after season after season.  He had more problems with me because he knew I would give him a harder time than everyone else.  For example, Rob would walk down the beach and he’d have the three girls bounding after him.  Then Grant bounding after him, and I’d be sitting there watching it all.  The girls were all holding hands and singing, and I really wasn’t part of that as much.  I think Rob was cautious about my gameplay.  I was really the only person there that was any kind of decent competition for him at all.  He’s just a smart player.  As I would have done in his position, he wanted me out.  He’s a smart player.

Question: Was there anything that surprised you when watching the show back?

Kristina Kell: When Rob said that he didn’t like Matt giving the other team a high five, and that was such a big deal as far as Matt’s demise goes.  That was a bunch of bullshit right there.  I think he was threatened by Matt.  And I think he was threatened by Matt because Matt had made a really good and strong connection to Andrea — just like Rob had made with Amber.  Matt was really handsome.  Really nice.  And he had made a good connection with Andrea.  The fact that he said, “We want Matt out because he high-fives the other team,” that was just a load of crap in my mind. …

Question: Looking back, do you think finding the hidden Immunity Idol was your best play?

Kristina Kell: Finding the Idol was great.  Of course I didn’t want to tell anyone.  Of course I didn’t want to use it.  Who would anyone that knows anything about the game?  As far as targeting Rob so early, it wasn’t just Rob who we were looking at — it was Rob and Natalie.  Natalie because she actually brought nothing to the tribe whatsoever.  She was weak physically, and weak mentally.  She was also a giant consideration.  The thing with Rob is, he’s the leader and he’s got the band of merry men around him.  He was kind of an obvious person to get rid of, and the one that would have made the most impact for me personally.  I told people about the Idol because I knew that it was probably going to be me they were going to target to go home.  I had absolutely no choice, but to mix it up and to throw a wrench in it.  Kick that hornets’ nest.  I just wasn’t going to lay back and let them steamroll over me.  You heard Rob in the first episode that it would be Francesca or myself.  I had a strong feeling that it was probably going to be me.  What was I gonna do?  I could go to Rob and say, “Hey Rob.  I have an Idol.  Let’s work together.”  Rob did not leave the door open even a crack for me to get in like that.  He didn’t want to have anything really to do with playing with me.  He made a decision, and he pretty much shut the door.  Everyone that was with him, shut that door, too. …  It was really tough.  I didn’t have much to work with.  I scrambled like no one’s business out there.  It was a tough play.

Question: What was your experience like on Redemption Island?

Kristina Kell: Redemption was really tough.  When I got there I hadn’t eaten in a day and a half.  That night I got there, there was torrential rain as usual.  Everything I had was soaking wet.  I couldn’t get any sleep.  There was a very shoddy and small, little shelter.  It’s windy, and it’s freezing cold.  There was like eight bamboo poles to lay on. …  The whole process of getting voted out and having to deal with the mental capacity of it, going to Redemption was brutal.  I knew that I had a duel coming up, and I knew that I had to pull together. …  Having to lift those blocks in 100 degree temperatures and 100 percent humidity.  I was going against a young man who was 24.  I think I definitely went in as the underdog. …  I really did try my very very hardest. …  Because of dehydration, prior to the duel, I started losing all feeling in my hands and my arms.  I was pretty dizzy and getting tunnel vision, and having some auditory problems. …

Question: Heading into next week’s episode, we see Phillip upset that Ashley and Natalie are being lazy.  Did you think they were lazy?

Kristina Kell: I don’t think they were lazy.  I know they were lazy.  As far as camp goes, they are two women who contributed absolutely nothing.  It was very frustrating to have to play with them because they were just useless. …

Question: How were you selected to be on the show?

Kristina Kell: Actually I tried out for the show about eight years ago, nine years ago.  I went through the interview process, but was cut.  In June, my cell phone rang and it was casting.  They said, “Hey we may have a spot.  Would you be interested in coming back and interviewing?”  I said, “Yeah sure.” …

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