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The Biggest Loser: Marci Crozier Elimination Interview

March 17, 2011 07:30 AM by Lisa Princ

The Biggest Loser on NBC said a tearful goodbye to the black team mother and captain Marci Crozier this week. Marci is not sad however as she continues her healthy lifestyle at home and in a post elimination interview shares her thoughts on the show and how it changed her life. Keep reading for more details!

The Biggest Loser wished Marci Crozier well this week as she sacrificed herself once again for the sake of her ranch “children”. In a post elimination interview, the 49 year old fitness club manager talks about the show, her “girls” and life back home. Here is what Marci wanted to share with her fans and viewers.

Question: Since you are in the fitness business, what did you learn from the show that you didn’t know?

Marci Crozier: I already knew that diet and exercise were part of the equation, but I learned that motivation is also part of the equation. You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t apply it, it will not do you any good.

Question: You were such a strong leader to the girls there, but where do you get your strength?

Marci Crozier: I draw my strength from God honestly – it’s a mind, body, spirit connection. I lost my balance before I got to the ranch in all aspects of wellness and I had to pull it all back together for myself.

Question: As a mother, what have you learned that you would pass on to other mothers?

Marci Crozier: It’s so hard and you often get off base always wanting to please them and be their friends. In the end when you’re not their friend in their childhood you can be their best friend as an adult. Parenting is tough love and you need to make sure they are held accountable and you hold authority. So many parents are over protective of their kids and they need to fight their own fight. I would give the girls my advice but I made sure those girls made their own decisions.

Question: What is the smartest thing you learned about food while on The Biggest Loser?

Marci Crozier: That you have to eat more than you think you need to eat to lose weight. If you eat the right foods you can eat more. I was eating less quality and more quantity. If you eat what you like and it’s cooked properly food can be your friend and you can eat more of it.

Question: How has your job at the health club changed since the show?

Marci Crozier: I am much more conscious of time management and I prioritize. Also, to be able to pay it forward where I can and I train my people. For those coming in, we now have the approach of looking at the person and taking care of people and not a disease. We look at them as a whole person and get to the bottom of their problems so we can get the right exercise and diet plan and what works for them.

Question: When did you notice Courtney blossom in her journey as you stated on the show?

Marci Crozier: I noticed it in her eyes. It was a physical transformation. When she was heavy, the heavier she was, the more squinty her eyes were, and you couldn’t really see all the way inside of them. And one day, she came up to me she was just so bright eyed and her eyes were just wide open, and I could just see right through her whole being. I could see the beauty on the inside of her more than ever. It was just that clarity and brightness in her eyes.

Question: What’s been your biggest challenge in maintaining your weight now?

Marci Crozier: My biggest challenge is time management, being on the show people are pulling us in every direction but it’s our privilege to have that and a blessing. It was tough for me before I left and tougher for me now. I try to be careful not to feel guilty or that I am being rude, but I have to take time for me – I set aside 1.5 hrs a day 6 days a week. I appreciate my trainers more than anything for giving me that focus time for me.

Question: What is your next fitness goal?

Marci Crozier: What I need to do is continue to tone my body. On the ranch it’s a contest and you end up with rapid weight loss but not much conditioning. I’ve been toning and doing a lot of core work. I am 49 years old, I have been working on tightening my skin at this point.

Question: How has your relationship changed with Courtney since the show?

Marci Crozier: Courtney and I always have had a great relationship, but I would be lying if I told you there wasn’t a strain because of my pressure on her about her weight. It wasn’t about social aspect, as she always had lots of friends and has always been a pretty girl, but being in this business I felt like a hypocrite. She never got in trouble and was a better kid than I was, it was always about her weight. On the show I knew she was gonna get it done and watching her do that I have so much respect for her. She came from a dark hole that she finally admitted and I didn’t even know about.

Question: What would you advise other parents if they see their children gaining weight?

Marci Crozier: That’s a good question, since I had a hard time. I even tried to step out of the equation and took her to a dietitian and then took her to doctor thinking she had a thyroid problem. I would say that until they are probably 12, they don’t need it. Set a foundation for them so they know you are there and that you love them. Parents need to keep it in perspective that it’s about the kids health and give them the resources and step back. If you give them confidence, that is all they need.

Question: What was the hardest elimination vote that you were part of?

Marci Crozier: It was definitely Sarah’s vote. When Sarah had to go home, that was a week I was planning on going home if we fell below. I was good with going home and I promised Jay and Deni that I would go home for their kids, I know those girls have a huge future and I felt established and well on my way. When I got immunity I was shocked and I didn’t even know what to say, as I couldn’t believe I lost 5 lbs. That was the worst weigh in for me, I felt like I couldn’t talk to Deni and let her know what happened and it hurt to see the pain in Sarah’s eyes. It broke my heart.

Question: You worked with Bob and Jillian from the start so in the final week, what was it like to work with Cara and Brett?

Marci Crozier: Bob and Jillian have not only the knowledge but the experience and I have a strong relationship with them. Brett has all the knowledge in the world and he really impresses me, but I didn’t get to know him, as I only got to work with him one time. I really enjoyed working with him, and the same for Cara, but the thing with Cara is I am not thrilled with a boxing workout but Cara is such a great person. She has more of a coddling approach and such a different style, very different than Jillian.

Question: How did it feel knowing you had such an impact on these kids?

Marci Crozier: It felt great honestly. One thing, you know, when you let your kids go, it’s hard but for me to know they were going be better off without me was great. Some people needed me as a crutch, and I wanted them
to be empowered to grow themselves. It felt great leaving, and when I did I called my husband and said told him that i didn’t want to make him feel bad, but today is the best day of my life – the beginning of my life. I know I made a difference there and set the tone for those kids. When I am gone I just want them to get the job done.

Question: Were you surprised at how quickly you reached your goal weight?

Marci Crozier: I was totally amazed by it. I feel like I felt when I was in college. Even Dr. H was a little amazed but being fit at one point in your life will make it easier for anyone.

Question: When Dr. H said you had to go on a different plan, what did you have to do?

Marci Crozier: I was burning 4k calories a day, now my goal is 2800 and I had to double my calorie intake. It scared me at first, but I have and they have been watching me and I have been able to maintain my weight although I have gained muscle without gaining any weight.

Best of luck to Marci Crozier, we look forward to seeing you at the finale! Be sure to tune in Tuesday for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC!

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