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Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon Ramsay Revisits Three Past Restaurants

March 18, 2011 06:58 PM by Lisa Princ

Gordon Ramsay is back tonight on FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares as he revisits Lido’s, Le Bistro and Anna Vincenzo’s. But will Gordon find these establishments in the order he left them or will he be in for a huge shock? Keep reading for all the details!

Kitchen Nightmares’ Chef Gordon Ramsay first stop on his revisit trip is to Manhattan Beach, CA to visit Lido’s. Last time he was there, the owner Lisa was too busy socializing to have any clue what was going on with her restaurant. After spending an entire evening the rest room the last time he was there, it was funny when he showed up this time she was also in the ladies room once again – but had she changed her ways? Gordon was pleasantly surprised when he walked into Lido’s as he saw a packed house and what looked like delectable food. When Lisa came out, she informed him that the place was doing much better than the last time he was there and that her profits were way up. Lisa even informed Gordon that she would take customers back into the kitchen now and show them how clean it was after the last incident when Gordon found mounds of dirt.

This time Lisa was on top of everything that was going on in her kitchen and seems to have everything under control. She even ditched her boyfriend or bar manager since the last time we saw her. Lisa was thrilled to introduce Gordon to her newest creation, which was Lido’s brand wine, which Gordon was delighted with. Then she asked Gordon Ramsay for one final favor before he left and that was to put on the chef coat with her and cook something. Gordon showed the chef how to make a perfect duck dish and although Lisa, who is a vegetarian, did not try it, her server did and she was in awe at how delicious it was. Needless to say this was one turnaround that was well worth it as this place went from kitchen nightmare to a high end restaurant.

If only all of Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares’ results were that good. Next on the menu Gordon headed to Boca Raton, FL to visit Anna Vincenzo’s. Who could forget Anna Vincenzo’s owner Cece? Cece was one of the most angry and emotional women to date on the show and although Gordon seemed to turn her around, he was afraid of what kind of mood she would be in when he stopped by. Unfortunately, when he got there he noticed that Anna Vincenzo’s was no longer there- it looked as they closed down completely. Gordon contacted one of the old servers from the restaurant and found out that Cece was upping her prices and reducing the amount of food she was dishing out – but was that true or was this just a disgruntled employee?

Determined to get to the bottom of what happened, Gordon decided to pay a visit to Cece’s home. Gordon, along with the viewers were shocked to see Cece who looks to have lost at least 100 lbs. When Gordon asked her what happened to her, she said she lost 1/2 of herself. Next they sat down and Gordon questioned her about Anna Vincenzo’s in which Cece replied that she had to sell it – she had to make a choice between the restaurant and her kids. Gordon was also shocked to learn that Cece got a divorce, but she seemed happy as she also told him her father was doing well and that as soon as the place sold she would be paying him every cent back…let’s hope she holds true to her word.

Finally Gordon made his way to Lighthouse Point, FL on Kitchen Nightmares to check in on Le Bistro. Le Bistro had one of the most arrogant owners to date. Andy, who came across as a snob, did not take Gordon’s criticism very well the last time he was there and spent most of the time shouting vulgarities at Gordon. Gordon was able to turn him around with tough love, but did it help? Gordon was pleasantly surprised to return and see another full house of diners and immediately Andy’s wife Elin greeted him and let him know that things were going very well for the couple and the restaurant. Gordon went back to see Andy cooking away in the kitchen and much happier than the last time we saw him. Andy cooked Gordon a special meal, in which Gordon loved and complimented which made Andy even happier. But before he left, Gordon stood up in front of all the patrons and made a toast to the restaurant on celebrating 10 years in business – another successful transition!

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