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Shedding For The Wedding: Five Weight Loss Tips

March 19, 2011 01:00 PM by Veronica Dudo

Shedding For The Wedding: is the reality competition on The CW which follows the weight-loss journey of nine couples who are trying to win the grand prize–their dream wedding!

The show’s dietitian, Ashley Koff RD, shares five tips for shedding that extra weight.

You too can Shed for your Wedding (or for your Life)! Start with these tips to get you on the right path (this is what the Shedders did from day one and its really paid off)!

1. Drink to Hydrate, Not Gain Weight: Get rid of any beverages that contain added sugar, artificial ingredients (see #2), and stick with water+lemon, herbal teas (no sugar), coffee (moderation, 8 ounces daily), fat-free organic milk, sparkling water and plain coconut water. No juice – eat fruit instead.

2. Clean Out the Pantry: Get rid of any packaged food that contain “partially hydrogenated oil,” “high fructose corn syrup,” “artificial colors” – these chemical lab experiments have no (good) place in your body.

3. Pit Stop vs Fill Up: think of your body like a race car not a street car – only give it the fuel it will use and burn right now, then pit stop again 3 hours later. For most Shedders, that’s one serving of each carb + protein + healthy fat and unlimited vegetables (see the 4 Nutrition Worksheet at www.ashleykoffapproved.com).

4. Nutrient Balance AND Calorie Control: As noted in point #3, we need a balance of nutrients at each pit stop (I call them “Eating Occasions), so while it’s important to count calories and to spread your calories throughout the day – you want to make sure your calories are nutrient-balanced. A 100-calorie pack may be only 100 calories but if it’s more than one serving of carbohydrates it can prevent optimal Shedding. Instead, grab an apple and 1 Tbsp peanut butter for better nutrient balance and about the same calories

5. Sleep it OFF: Our Shedders know that diet and exercise are key, but sleep is the keyhole – it’s what enables your body to recover, to recharge, to get rid of unwanted fat and toxins and to build lean body mass for good. So make time to sleep and if you have trouble, try reducing your caffeine or adding magnesium-rich foods (like whole grains and high fiber cereal; AKA favorite is Optimum Slim by Nature’s Path – I like it so much, I am a spokesperson for them) during the day or even taking a magnesium citrate supplement (AKA favorite is Natural Calm – I take it every night (and I am also a spokesperson for them)).
Start Shedding at Home and let me know how you are doing by tweeting me questions @ashleykoff or send me a message of Facebook at the Ashley Koff Approved fanpage.

Shedding For The Wedding airs on Wednesdays on The CW at 9pm|8c.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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