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Celebrity Apprentice: A Camping We Will Go

March 20, 2011 08:41 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, the contestants must set up an RV camping experience in Manhattan. But with all of the drama between team members (ahem– Star Jones!) will there be any “kumbaya moments” for these campers?

After last week’s elimination of soap star Lisa Rinna, the remaining contestants are ready to take on their next challenge, and Gary Busey wants to let Meat Loaf and the rest of Backbone know that he’s serious about the game.

Star Jones, on the other hand says that after being left out to dry by her team members, she’s taking more of a backseat in the challenges. NeNe Leakes tells Star that she needs to stop taking over for other Project Managers. When Star says that she will, NeNe doesn’t buy it at all (and neither do we).

Meat Loaf happily presents his winnings from last week to The Painted Turtle, and then it’s off to meet with Donald Trump and the rest of the contestants to learn about their next task.

The contestants will be given two RV’s to set up camping experiences in the middle of Manhattan. They will be judged on brand messaging, originality, and the overall camping experience that they create, with the winning team’s Project Manager winning $20,000 for their charity.

After a lot of talk, Backbone decides on Gary Busey as their Project Manager, and Niki Taylor, the only woman with camping experience, takes charge for team A.S.A.P.

The two teams scout out the campers, and knowing that the men will want the top of the line RVs, A.S.A.P. chooses the two, more modest ones, trying to appeal to the middle class family.

Once again, Jose Canseco does not agree with his team’s choice, and once again, he’s outnumbered.

Hope Dworaczyk and the rest of A.S.A.P. meet with the Camping World consultant, but with Star Jones taking over, no one else really has the opportunity to ask their own questions.

Tensions start to rise with Backbone when Lil Jon and Gary don’t seem to see eye to eye, which Gary feels is Lil Jon’s problem, not his.

When they meet with the Camping World rep, the men are also told that the challenge is more about promoting the company rather than the RV lifestyle.

Busey’s first decision as Project Manager: to head to Camping World to see what the company has to offer its customers (sounds like a good idea), so they can pack backpacks with compasses, first aid kits, and other things for the campers’ experience away from the RV (okay Gary, you’re starting to lose them!).

Niki Taylor and her team arrive at Camping World before the men, which they feel is an advantage, and begin picking out supplies.

Moving at a much slower pace than her teammates, is Dionne Warwick.

On their way to Camping World, the men start singing and toying with the idea of creating a song for their camping experience, but Jose Canseco quickly stops them because he says that the song is too “Country,”  “hickish,” and “backward,” to which John Rich takes offense.

Not left with much after the ladies have cleaned out the store, the men arrive, gather what they can, and leave — with the women still there trying to sort through everything they have.

Now ahead of A.S.A.P., team Backbone starts setting up their experience, but things start to fall apart when Mark McGrath tells Busey that he’s having trees delivered the next day and needs $400 set aside for delivery. Gary okays it, then tells Richard Hatch that he can have $800 to have trees delivered too.

When Mark asks Gary about the money, Busey doesn’t recall telling him that he’d be able to have the cash he needed for his trees.

Mark manages to get his items delivered for free, so, problem solved.

As Niki Taylor and Hope Dworaczyk head to meet with the graphic designer for their brand messaging, guess who takes charge at the camping site? Yup, Star Jones!

Ivanka Trump stops by the Backbone RV and chats with Jose Canseco and Gary Busey, and she’s not happy that Jose doesn’t appear to be doing much of anything.

At Trump Towers, John Rich, Meat Loaf, and Richard Hatch struggle to develop a theme for their camping experience, while Gary and Jose are back at the camping site, kicking back and enjoying each other’s company.

After setting up their areas, the rest of A.S.A.P. calls Niki to ask her what she wants done with the outside space, with Star making it clear that she feels Niki needs to give more direction.

Mark McGrath is in full meltdown mode, having no idea what he and Lil Jon should be doing. And where’s their Project Manager? Playing catch with Jose Canseco!

So, Mark and Lil Jon decide to capture it all on video to have on hand in the boardroom if and when they lose the challenge.

Dionne Warwick and LaToya Jackson aren’t happy with their rooms in the RV, so they ask Niki if they can go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get more things. Niki also asks them stop by Home Depot to get some greenery. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to get any greenery, but Star manages to place a last minute order for balloons to help with the outdoor decor.

The rest of team Backbone finally arrives and they are baffled when they see that nothing was done. The men think they’re definitely going to lose– until their plants start to arrive, which makes a HUGE difference.

Trump, Jr. stops in to see how the women are doing and asks Niki Taylor if there have been any problems with her team members, and she says that they’ve all been working well together. Marlee Matlin does mention that Dionne has been a weak link on the team.

Dionne confronts Niki about the fact that Hope is taking people touring through “her section,” in front of the people gathered around the RV (nice).

The men are doing great, until the Camping World consultant comes by and asks Meat Loaf about a compartment on the outside of the RV, hidden by one of the team’s banners. When they open it, they discover a HUGE TV that can be watched outdoors. The men are now concerned that not knowing this may have cost them the challenge.

Donald Trump talks to the Camping World rep to discuss the teams. He points out that LaToya knew the product better than some of his own sales people, but while the ladies did a great job decorating the inside of the RV, the men did a better job selling the camping experience outdoors.

Trump asks the ladies for their opinion about Niki as a PM, and they all have nothing but positive comments. Then, he asks Niki about Dionne, and she tells him about what happened outside of the camper. Niki explains that it was not the right time to talk about the situation and that Dionne talked down to her, which Trump finds hard to believe. Trump, Jr. then says that he’s heard from others on the team about problems with Dionne, and Marlee begins to tell them about their issues.

Now, it’s time for the guys!

Trump asks the men about their leader, Gary Busey, and they all agree that he lacked focus. Busey revealed that during the challenge, Marlee Matlin came to him and realized that he had hearing problems. She ended up having a doctor make him hearing aides that helped him hear clearly for the first time in over 20 years!

Gary says that he sometimes feels that there’s an alliance against him on the team, and when pressed by Donald Trump to name the weakest player on his team, he names Lil Jon.

Lil Jon says that he doesn’t feel that he was listened to, but Gary disagrees.

Ivanka then asks Jose what he did during the challenge, and Jose says that she actually caught him during his one 5 minute break (Ha!).

The winner of the challenge, however, is team Backbone. As an added surprise, not only will Gary Busey get $20,000 for winning, but Camping World is also contributing another $20,000 for his charity!

Despite the win, Lil Jon and Gary Busey start to bicker back and forth, but stop to listen to what happens with the ladies in the boardroom.

In the boardroom, Niki takes the blame for the team loss, and says that each and every one of her team mates did what they were supposed to, and that as the leader, it only makes sense for her to be fired. Trump respects her for honesty, but fires her anyway.

What do you think… Should Niki Taylor have been fired this week, or should Dionne Warwick have been sent home instead?

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3 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice: A Camping We Will Go”

  1. Katherine Says:
    March 21st, 2011 at 9:04 am

    How would have thought that Dionne Warwick was such a trifling bitch? I mean, come on, please, who does she think she is?? Star and NeNe are no better. I’m all about competition, but this season may be more than I can see through to the end.

  2. Laurie Says:
    March 21st, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    I totally agree katherine. Now i am seeing what Dionne is really like. Wow, after all these years.

    Personally cant wait until Marlee is a PM. She will stand her ground with Star and NeNE.

    Jose better pick up his game.

  3. Shayla Perry Says:
    March 21st, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    I thought the same thing…Marlee does not mess around. Can’t wait to see her take charge. I’m hoping she’s the last lady standing, but who knows the way things have been going so far!


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