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The Amazing Race: The Double U-Turn Sets Back Two Teams In China

March 20, 2011 06:24 PM by Allyson Wells

Previously on The Amazing Race, nine teams raced from Tokyo, Japan to China.  Kent and Vyxsin got lost and missed the required flight.  They managed to catch up with Zev and Justin, but then realized they lost their backpack.  Meanwhile, Margie and Luke finished first, but learned they were still racing.  Can the Goths recover and get back in the race and avoid being eliminated?

Kent and Vyxsin ask their bus driver if they can turn around and go back to gondola and look for their bag.  They are relieved to find it at the lost and found.  They quickly finish the other tasks that the racers have already long completed.  When they reach Phil, they are relieved to learn they are still racing.  However, they learn they have a 30 minute penalty for taking a different flight from Japan.  Kent declares they are keeping it a secret from the other teams.

Margie and Luke go to the train station and learn that they have to wait until 7 pm to catch the earliest train.  While waiting, the teams engage in a basketball game.  Jet and Cord and pumped to play a game with Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy.  Everyone is surprised to see Kent and Vyxsin arrive.  Jaime asks what happened and Kent lies that their car broke down.  When Mallory asks if they have a penalty, Vyxsin lies that they don’t know what will happen. 

All of the racers take off running at the same time.  Zev and Justin follow Ron and Christina because they speak Chinese.  In the Dounan Flower Market, Kisha and Jen find the clue first.  The teams must travel to the Golden Arches for their next clue.  Jet and Cord end up taking Flight Time and Big Easy’s cab.  Flight Time and Big Easy walk around frantically looking for another cab.  They manage to find one and play catch up.

At the Golden Arches, the teams get their detour:  teams must decide to honor the past or embrace the future.  Honor the past involves watching Tibetan performances and then placing a set of 15 dolls in the same order as they were on stage.  In embrace the future, the teams must unload a solar system and take it to a roof and install it. 

Ron and Christina and Zev and Justin arrive first to Honor the Past.  Ron thinks it will be hard because he doesn’t play with dolls.  Kisha and Jen arrive shortly after.  Zev and Justin finish first, followed by Kisha and Jen.  Ron and Christina finish to find the other teams waiting to follow them.  Gary and Mallory arrive last, but quickly complete their challenge.

Margie and Luke arrive first to install a solar system.  Margie remarks how heavy it is.  Jaime and Cara and Kent and Vyxsin arrive to see Margie and Luke finish.  Flight Time and Big Easy get lost on their way to do the install.  Jet and Cord arrive to see Kent and Vyxsin fighting with one another.  Kent complains how heavy it is.  They all finish it within minutes of one another.

The first team to reach the Double U-Turn is Margie and Luke, who decide not to U-Turn anyone since they are in first place.  They proceed to Stone Forest for their next clue.  The cowboys arrive next, who also decide not to U-Turn anyone.  Kent and Vyxsin arrive right before Jaime and Cara.  Jaime and Cara want to U-Turn the Globetrotters, but Kent says they can’t be sure that the Globetrotters have not already been through and end up U-Turning Jaime and Cara!  Kent apologizes but says it is the only way they can stay alive.  An exhausted Jaime and Cara are shocked, but end up U-Turning the Globetrotters.  Flight Time and Big Easy arrive to find out they are not only last, but U-Turned.  They stay positive and say, “It ain’t over baby!”  The two teams have no problem finishing their tasks.

Jaime and Cara are trying to catch up with the other teams, when their cab driver stops to get gas, just like on their previous race in Hawaii.  Gary and Mallory and Zev and Justin’s cab drivers get lost on the way.  Kisha and Jen arrive at the Stone Forest first where some of the oldest dinosaur remains are.  For the challenge, they must choose a site, and build a 24 foot replica of a dinosaur.  Kisha and Jen, Margie and Luke and Ron and Christina arrive first.  Kent and Vyxsin arrive shortly after.  Vyxsin admits to the other racers that they lied about their penalty and U-turned Jaime and Cara.  Ron thinks they are the phoniest people he has ever met.  The cowboys and Globetrotters arrive.  Flight Time jokes that they passed the dirty redheads along the way.  Jaime and Cara, Zev and Justin and Gary and Mallory arrive.  In last place, Gary and Mallory choose to use their express pass.  Jet is the only one who looks at the diagram and finishes it first.  Flight Time confronts the cheerleaders and thinks they were mean to U-Turn them.  Jaime and Cara are the last ones left. Jaime realizes that she will have to take the entire thing apart and can’t physically do it, but she finally finishes it.

Gary and Mallory and Jet and Cord depart at the same time for Green Lake park.  Phil informs the Cowboys that they are first to arrive and win $5,000 cash each.  Gary and Mallory arrive second.  Margie and Luke are happy to arrive in third place.  Kent and Vyxsin arrive fourth, but have to wait out their thirty minute penalty.  Kisha and Jen arrive and bumped from fifth to fourth place.  No one else arrives and Kent and Vyxsin are fifth.  Flight Time and Big Easy arrive in sixth place and hug and say, “Double U-Turn that, baby!”  Ron and Christina and Zev and Justin arrive seconds apart in seventh and eighth place.  Jaime and Cara arrive knowing that they are last.  Phil tells them they are eliminated.  Jaime remarks that it never goes their way.  Cara is happy they didn’t give up and quit.

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