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Dancing With The Stars: Season 12 Premiere

March 21, 2011 07:21 PM by Allyson Wells

Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars kicks off with the new cast descending down the staircase before judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.  Host Tom Bergeon remarks white a diverse cast they have this season.  The stars all wave to the crowd before the show quickly gets underway.

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

Chelsea Kane, a Disney star, and Mark Ballas are up first.  In her video she jokes she kissed Joe Jonas.  Mark Ballas is her partner and ready for his third mirror ball trophy.  Chelsea admits she felt an instant connection to Mark.  Mark loves teaching Chelsea and thinks they have the same sense of humor.  Chelsea hopes all their fun shows in their foxtrot.  Their dance starts with the two of them laying next to sunflowers and is youthful, flirty and light.  At the end of the dance, Mark puts his fist triumphantly up in the air.  It seems to be a good start to the season.  Len loved the young and fresh appeal to the dance, and thinks they did a good job.  Bruno thought she was pure afterglow, but needs to expand her messy lines.  Carrie Ann agrees with Len and Bruno and believes she has potential, but to watch her shoulders and lines.  Backstage, Brooke Burke asks if this dance made up for missing prom and Chelsea smiles that her first dance was great.  All three judges give them 7′s, for a total of 21 points.

Wendy Williams & Tony Dovolani

Talk show host Wendy Williams is next.  She says that all of her life she has been told, “Too much, too loud,” and thinks the show is a perfect venue for her.  Tony thinks he is the perfect dance instructor.  In rehearsals, Tony teases her for the way she walks.  Wendy feels timid because she isn’t sure of the steps and gets a little bit emotional.  Wendy thinks crying is a release of stress and Tony is supportive and promises not to let her down.  The two do a cha-cha for their routine.  Wendy seems to be having fun, but still looks timid on the floor.  Bruno tells Wendy he knows she has fire but has to deliver.  Carrie Ann sees real fear in her eyes and needs her to give more because she is a bigger than life spirit.  Len thought it would be special, but she didn’t bring her personality and it was too introverted.  He urges her to come out and sell it.  Backstage, Brooke asks Wendy where all her emotions are and Wendy says they are on her show, but she is having fun learning and it is a process.  Carrie Ann gives Wendy a 5, Len gives her a 4, and Bruno gives her a 5, for a 14 out of 30. 

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson

Super bowl MVP Hines Ward says he doesn’t do touchdown dances because he can’t dance.  After the loss of the Super bowl this year, he wants to win the mirror ball trophy.  Kym says she is known for turning big clumsy men into dancers.  In rehearsals, Kym says she loves Hines’ smile.  Kym thinks the cha-cha will be perfect for Hines because he loves to get his jiggy on.  They laugh after falling over in rehearsals, but Hines boasts he is in it to win it.  The dance definitely showcases Hines’ booty shaking abilities!  He has great energy and smiles throughout the dance.  The crowd gives them a standing ovation.  Carrie Ann thinks it was the sparkliest cha-cha ever and his smile lights up the stage.  Len thinks it was clean, crisp and confident and that he couldn’t stop looking at his bum.  Bruno thinks he has natural performance abilities, but to work on dancing within the box.  The judges give Hines all 7′s, and Hines tells Brooke he’ll take it.

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin

Supermodel Petra Nemcova wanted to do Dancing with the Stars to live life fully and meaningfully.  Dmitry tells Maks and Mark to watch out as he shows off his chest.  In rehearsals, Dmitry asks Petra about her injuries and she reveals her pelvis was broken four times after being in a tsunami.  Rehearsals go great until Petra hears the news about the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan.  She cries about the suffering and wants to dedicate her fox trot to the people of Japan.  Their dance is sweet, airy and romantic.  Petra seems to really be enjoying herself.  Len thinks the dance was charming, but wants Petra to work on her posture.  Bruno thinks there were some moments of beauty, but she has to work on linking it all together.  Carrie Ann thinks Petra is stunning and has natural grace, but it looked like there were some illegal lifts.  Backstage, Petra wishes she did better because she was a bit emotional.  The judges give Petra all 6′s, for 18 total points.

Romeo Miller & Chelsie Hightower

Actor/singer Romeo was supposed to be on Season 2, but his dad Master P had to step in when Romeo injured his ankle.  Romeo boasts the first time he saw Chelsie there were sparks.  Chelsie is impressed with his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air moves, but wants him to break past his shy barrier.  Romeo wants to at least do better than his dad and get higher than 2′s.  They dance the cha cha.  He looks confident and solid in their energetic dance-he should get higher than 2′s!  Tom jokes he got his mother’s dancing skills.  Bruno tells him he was playful, but messy.  Carrie Ann tells him he has sex appeal for days, but needs to work on his posture.  Len tells him he has plenty of energy, but the dance seemed too carefree and to focus on the technique and he’ll go a long way.  Backstage, Brooke asks Romeo if his dad gave him any advice.  Romeo says he told him to have fun and enjoy himself.  Carrie Ann gives him a 7, while Len and Bruno give him 6′s, for 19 points. 

Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunskaya

Sugar Ray asserts he is going toe-to-toe and to bring it on, while Anna jokes she will break him into a dancer.  Sugar Ray gets frustrated in rehearsals and wants to scream.  Anna notes he is used to keeping his shoulders and hands up as a boxer.  Sugar Ray wants to cry because it is so hard, but Anna tells him to not be so hard on himself.  He comes out smiling and has a great time in his fox trot, but his posture looks a little bit messy.  Carrie Ann thinks he lit up the dance floor, but his posture was terrible.  Len thinks his dance was beer and a pizza, when it should have been wine and caviar.  Bruno asks Sugar Ray if he can call him Sugar.  Then he tells him he looked like a ninja turtle with his posture, but thinks he will do better in future dances.  Backstage, Sugar Ray says he has the best partner in Anna.  Carrie Ann gives him a 6, Len a 5, and Bruno a 5 for a total of 16. 

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel

Reality star Kendra describes herself as a sexy tomboy who wants to turn all her years of club dancing into elegant dancing.  Louis wants to win the mirror ball trophy.  Kendra thinks they will be great partners because neither of them are shy.  In rehearsals, Kendra jokes that she looks like a stripper.  Louis says maybe she should be one and she laughs that she used to be.  The two dance the cha-cha.  Kendra tries to be sassy and confident, but her footwork looks a bit messy.  Len tells her she held his interest, but her leg action needs work.  Bruno thinks she can work it, but her dancing was messy.  Carrie Ann loves Kendra’s spunk and her attack, but she needs to work on her spots.  Backstage, Brooke asks Kendra why she was so nervous and she says it was the audience that scared her.  Louis jokes that she is weird.  The judges give them all 6′s, for a total of 18.

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff

Ralph Macchio, the former Karate Kid, thinks his mantle will be complete with a mirror ball.  In rehearsals, Karina is waiting on Ralph standing in his famous Karate Kid crane pose.  She jokes she is way tougher than Mr. Miyagi.  Karina is surprised that Ralph looks exactly the same as he did as a teenager.  She notes that he over-analyzes everything.  The two dance the fox trot.  Ralph looks so youthful on the dance floor.  It’s unbelievable that he is 49 years old!  The two smile and float across the floor and get a standing ovation.  They were terrific!  Bruno tells Ralph that he is a hit with great showmanship.  Carrie Ann is amazed by Ralph and what a wonderful surprise he was with his elegance and technique.  Len thinks he has great potential and it was the best fox trot of the night.  The judges give them all 8′s, for 24 out of 30 points, giving them the highest score.  Ralph tells Brooke that he and Karina complement one another very well, and that’s why their dance came off so well.

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke

Wrestler Chris Jericho is ready to dominate dancing and thinks it is a lot like dancing because they are both performance arts.  Cheryl says dancing is all about a man and woman connecting and no one can do that better than her.  Cheryl wants to bring out Chris’s performer attitude, but points out that he is so muscular that he looks like he doesn’t have a neck.  Chris admits that dancing is way harder than he thought.  The two dance a cha-cha.  The number has tons of sex appeal, but Chris looks a little bit clumsy with his hands.  Carrie Ann jokes the dance was like a Chippendales cha-cha.  Carrie is confused because it was good, but thinks it needs more content.  Len thinks his hips are allergic to music, but he had great energy and did well.  Bruno claims he is the dancing beast, and even though it was messy, it was still entertaining.  Chris tells Brooke he was so nervous but that Cheryl pushed him through.  Carrie Ann gives him a 7, while Bruno and Len give him 6′s, for a total of 19. 

Mike Catherwood & Lacey Schwimmer

Mike Catherwood, aka Psycho Mike from Dr. Drew’s Love Line, thinks it is good he is the least well-known person on the cast.  Lacey is tired of going to the finals and not winning.  Mike shows up at rehearsals wearing a neon headband.  He thinks it is awesome that he gets to dance with a super hot chick.  Lacey tells him dancing is like walking and he retorts, except walking is easy.  They dance the fox trot.  He smile is as bright as his glittery suit, but he’s a little messy with his footwork.  Len tells Mike he was messy, but has a chance to redeem himself.  Bruno notes he should glide through his fox trot.  Carrie Ann points out he has no dance experience, but gave a good effort and to keep working hard.  Backstage, Lacey tells Brooke it is nonstop laughter having Mike for a partner.  Carrie Ann gives Mike a 5, and Len and Bruno give him 4′s.  Mike laughs that the 13 is better than the score his father Master P received.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim  Chmerkovskiy

Actress Kirstie Alley says she is doing the show as a challenge to see how much she can push herself physically.  Kirstie thinks Maks should be full of himself because of how good he looks.  Maks jokes that he got “the broken one.”  Kirstie laughs that she hopes she can stay upright throughout the entire dance and if someone told her to haul butt it would take her two trips.  The two dance a cha-cha.  Kirstie comes out very sassy.  They do a flirty and fun number and Kirstie seems to be enjoying herself-I think she was too hard on herself in rehearsals because she is great!  The crowd loves her and gives her a standing ovation.  Maks’s partner from last season, Brandy, is seen in the audience cheering for the duo.  Last season’s winner, Jennifer Grey is sitting next to Florence Henderson cheering.  Bruno tells Kirstie he likes what he sees and the dance was just a glimpse as to what she can do.  He thinks her footwork was the best of the night.  Carrie Ann thinks she was unbelievable and thanks her.  Len says it was fun and cheeky and it made him feel good.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give Kirstie 8′s, while Len gives them a 7 for 23 points.  The duo are thrilled with their scores.

Ralph and Karina are in first place, while Mike and Lacey are in last.  Tony and Brooke give the numbers for viewers to call and text in their votes.  The dancers will return to dance on Monday of next week, followed by the first elimination show on Tuesday.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite duo.  Who do you think is the frontrunner?  I think Ralph, Kirstie and Hines were the best.  It looks to be an exciting and fun season of Dancing with the Stars.  Please share your thoughts below!

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