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Million Dollar Listing: Secrets Exposed

March 22, 2011 08:48 PM by Lisa Princ

Million Dollar Listing on Bravo is back tonight and with Heather still thinking about expanding to West Hollywood will she leave Madison? We also find out who Colton is in Josh Flagg’s life as all the secrets are exposed tonight. Keep reading for all the details!

Million Dollar Listing on Bravo kicks off tonight as Madison and Heather have a nice chat about what happened last week. Heather decides that it is no one’s fault and Madison admits that he got a little annoyed too quickly at something Josh said and regrets getting much mingling time in due to his argument with Josh. Heather may have Madison fooled, but her secrets are exposed as we are shown she and Josh having a conversation about him setting her up with some possible new employers. Heather goes to multiple interviews, and in her finale one she actually runs into Josh Flagg who starts questioning why she is there but Heather cleverly avoids answering him. Meanwhile, Madison is trying to find a home for his buyer and his wife, but the wife could not make it so Madison must make a video to send the wife before they can submit any offers. When he finally meets with his client, the client gives him bad news that they will need to stop looking for the next 6-8 months as he is heading overseas leaving Madison with no sales tonight.

Josh Altman’s luck does not seem to be any better in the listing department as he arrives at the home of a client only to discover another there. While Josh explains that clients will sometimes do this before deciding which agent they would like, but this client has his own agenda – a co-listing with Josh and the other agent. Upon agreeing on a selling price for the home, Josh and the other agent agree to sell the home together. But at their very first showing it looks as though they are in for a tough time as they keep stepping on one another’s toes in terms of attempting to sell the home leaving the client looking confused. Luckily for them it was a fellow agent, and they vow that their next showing will go smoother. Their next showing does go smoother once they learned to work together and it was even enough to get an offer. But that didn’t come with some added work as the buyer shows up for the negotiations. Josh quickly separates the buyer and seller so they can negotiate between them and they end up selling the home for $12.8 million giving Josh a nice commission, even though it will be split.

Josh Flagg is up next on Million Dollar Listing and he goes to check out an unfinished home on a beautiful piece of land that he decides to do as a pocket listing. A pocket listing, he explains is one that he does not advertise or list but instead brings in all his clients to look at, leaving them with the thought that they are getting something special. So as he sits in his pajamas and drinks coffee Josh calls everyone he knows and assures each person that they are the first person he has spoken to. Then it’s time for the good stuff – Josh finally reveals his secret as to who Colton is. In walks this man with Josh, who Josh tells is Colton, his boyfriend of 3 years and his rock. Josh asks Colton if the fact that his sexuality being published would bother Colton, and Colton tells him absolutely not. When questioning whether or not it’s a smart business move, Colton assured Josh to do what he needs for his career but admits that it would be nice to accompany Josh to his business affairs as his boyfriend and not just a friend. The pair then agree that he will go forth with his sexuality being published and it’s off for a photo shoot for the book.

That wraps up this episode, but be sure to tune in next week for the season finale of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo as it looks as though Josh Flagg and Josh Altman get into an altercation this time!

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