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Survivor: Fans Unite On Facebook

March 22, 2011 12:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

“Previously on…  Survivor!”  We’ve heard that phrase hundreds of times as host Jeff Probst’s voice kicks off the latest episode of Survivor with a short recap of what happened the week prior.  Now a solid group of Survivor fans have used the phrase as the title for their own Facebook fan page.  Since its inception, Previously on…  Survivor! has grown rapidly throughout the few weeks it has been alive.  Now with more than 1,000 members — including more than 100 Survivor castaways — the group connects fans all over the world passionate about the concept of outwit, outplay and outlast.  Michael “Big Mike” Allbright, who is one of the people behind the creation of Previously on…  Survivor!, says the Facebook page is the perfect forum for fans around the globe who can’t get enough island strategy.  Read on for more!

Question: What can Survivor fans find on the page by joining the group? What makes it different/unique from other reality television Facebook groups?

Michael “Big Mike” AllbrightPreviously on… Survivor! is a great place for Survivor fans and Survivors to come together and chat about all things Survivor. You never know who may be posting or lurking in PoS. We have had 50-75 cast formally post, but according to cast member accounts that is only a one-third of the cast members who are aware of PoS and check it regularly. I think that would separate PoS from its peers is the volume of actual cast members who just stop by and the volume of Survivor super fans from around the globe. We really do have an international fan base here with people from all over.

Question: Where did the idea for this page originate? Who created it?

Big Mike: David Healy, Mario Lanza and I were members of another FB group, but that group was having some major issues with their admins acting like tyrants, and fake profiles were rampant. We decided we wanted a similar place with a lot less drama. The group was created about eight weeks ago and has grown in numbers. David Healy created the group and set it up, I named the group after the catchphrase at the beginning of each episode.

Question: What is your role?

Big Mike: I serve as one of the site administrators and my basic function is to monitor the activity on the site and watch out for people posting spoilers or being excessively mean to group members. We also monitor for postings from other Survivor fan pages. We have a zero tolerance for people posting private chats from other groups on PoS.

Question: What has the interest been so far? How fast has the group grown?

Big Mike: I think the interest has been great. …  Within one day we had several hundred members, and we had 500 within a week. We have been slowly building since the start-up. The group is currently closed so the admins can try to monitor fake accounts trying to join up.

Question: What changes will be coming to the group in the near future?

Big Mike: We hope to just continue to grow, and maybe to schedule some times for cast to come in and do chats. We have tried to offer a site where the cast feel free to come and go and not be stuck at certain times and dates for visits. I have expressed that I would hope PoS is like your favorite bar, restaurant or nightspot — you never know who could drop by, or what all they may have to say.

Question: What else do you think Survivor fans should know about the group?

Big Mike: We have a very large group that is a lot of fun.  Our group features many of the biggest and most well-known fans, we have the largest group of past contestants on any FB group, and we have many great discussions on all things Survivor. You will not find a more diverse group of Survivor fans Anywhere on Facebook, plus Yau-Man Chan is on here all the time.

Question: What else would you like to add?

Big Mike: If you are interested in joining PoS please let one of our admins know.  Feel free to shout about how much you love Survivor.  You don’t have to whisper anymore.

Reporter’s note: Prior to this publishing I was selected to be one of the administrators for PoS.

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Images courtesy of Michael “Big Mike” Allbright.

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