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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Get Catty In Clothes By Rachel Zoe

March 23, 2011 06:12 PM by Allyson Wells

On the last episode of America’s Next Top Model, Alexandria was ordered by Tyra Banks to lose her attitude or go home.  This week, Alexandria pushes all of the models’ buttons and they all band together to gang up on her.  Will the pressure be too much for her?  Stylist Rachel Zoe guest judges the girls as they model her fashions, and some of the models have a difficult time checking their personal issues at the door.  Who will ultimately succumb to their own insecurities?

The models return home to see Kasia’s picture displayed.  Kasia feels like she deserved it, but Dalya thinks she has the upper hand because she has prior modeling experience.  Brittani is bummed because she thought she was doing good and got ripped at panel.  Alexandria denies that she was trying to direct others and feels like she is positive and artistic.  Tyra mail arrives and says, “Every good lesson starts with a good foundation.” 

Molly is still annoyed by her awful weave that is making her neck break out in a rash.  While getting ready for bed, Alexandria flips out because someone stole her towel.  The other models convene and think Alexandria has severe psychological issues.

The girls learn their next challenge is a Cover Girl “Get the Look” video.  They are split into three teams of three and have one hour to come up with a one-hour presentation selling Cover Girl products.  Jay warns them it is a huge deal because the video will be posted online for all the world to see.  Alexandria, Molly and Monique are on a team.  Molly writes, Alexandria is the talent and Monique is the director.  Monique gets really annoyed by Alexandria’s over-analyzing everything and Molly gets annoyed by Alexandria trying to do her job.  Molly and Monique tell Alexandria she isn’t being a good team-player.  Kasia writes for her team, while Brittani directs and Mikaela is the talent.  Brittani thinks they all work well together.  In the last group, Dalya is the talent, Hannah is the director and Jaclyn is the writer.  Hannah is worried about Dalya being able to emote.

Brittani, Mikaela, and Kasia go first.  Jay thinks Mikaela looks beautiful, but uses too much profanity because she is so frustrated about forgetting her lines.  Dalya, Hannah and Jaclyn are next.  Dalya doesn’t seem very natural and forgets to mention the name of the product.  Their group seems a bit disorganized and Jay thinks Dalya looks uncomfortable.  Last up is Monique, Alexandria and Molly.  Alexandria really struggles and calls action herself, and tries to be the director.  Jay likes how calm and collected Monique is when dealing with difficult Alexandria.  She finally pulls it together to a relieved Molly and Monique.  Jay reveals that it was tough to choose a winner, but Brittani, Kasia and Mikaela are the winners.  Monique feels like their team would have won had it not been for Alexandria. 

Back at home, Tyra mail arrives that says, “Get ready to take a walk on the wild side.”  Dalya wants to stay calm, even though she blames herself for her team’s loss.  Alexandria calls her boyfriend and cries that she is being looked at differently.  She states that she has had to grow up fast because she came from a broken home.  While Alexandria is on the phone, the girls laugh that she needs to be on medication.  Monique thinks they should read Alexandria’s diary and goes into the room to retrieve it.  Jaclyn has a bad feeling about it all. 

The models head to the Los Angeles Zoo here Jay greets them and urges them to let their inner wild side come out as they are transformed into fashion versions of animals.  The models will wear clothes by Rachel Zoe, who will be a judge at panel.  Jay introduces them to the baby jaguar they get to pose with.  The trainer instructs them on how to hold and properly interact with the jaguar.  Hannah is shot first, and Jay thinks she looks amazing.  Jay thinks Brittani is in the zone, but Mikaela is not working through it.  Kasia has a difficult time handling the jaguar and her photos go downhill fast.  Jaclyn transforms herself into a lioness, but Jay thinks Dalya looks like a remedial model.  Monique starts off stiff, but ends up doing well.  Molly gets nervous and is annoyed that she is being shot almost last again because the jaguar is super-fussy.  Alexandria barks and hisses at the jaguar.

Back at home, Dalya remarks that she needs to take Jay’s feedback and do better.  Alexandria won’t share her feedback with the others.  Molly is feeling beaten down from her hairstyle and bad luck with photo shooting order.  She thinks if Alexandria goes home, things will be better for everyone.

The models arrive at panel and Tyra greets them and introduces them to Rachel Zoe, the guest judge.  She explains that stylists are integral to the modeling industry.  Jaclyn’s pictures are shown first.  The judges think she looks stunning and strong.  Mikaela is next, and the judges think she look very flat.  Tyra wants her to add more tension and be more fierce.  Molly is next and Tyra wants to yank the weave out.  The judges felt like she was asleep in her photos.  Monique is next and the judges think she pulled it off.  Kasia is next and the judges think that it actually worked, but wonder why Jay gave her poor feedback.  Kasia explains she is allergic to cats.  The judges don’t like Dalya’s pictures and she cries she wants to give them her best.  The judges are blown away by Brittani’s photo.  Alexandria is next and the judges are mixed on her photo.  Hannah is next and the judges think she looks lush and stunning.

The judges love Jaclyn’s picture, but think Alexandria would have looked bad if the jaguar was not there.  They actually like Mikaela better this week because of her eyes.  The judges despise Molly’s picture.  They do love Monique’s confidence.  They worry that Dalya is not doing well.  The judges think Hannah’s picture is iconic.  Rachel Zoe admits that she thinks Kasia could cross-over well into high fashion. 

When the models return, Tyra announces that Hannah wins the best picture of the week.  The runner-up is Brittani.  The remaining girls are Jaclyn, Monique, Alexandria, Kasia, and Mikaela.  Molly and Dalya are in the bottom two.  Tyra tells Molly she has had hair trouble, but it shouldn’t stop her from modeling and she seems to be checking out of the competition.  Tyra thinks Dalya has amazing bone structure, but she is standing in her own way.  Tyra announces that Molly gets to stay.  She urges her not to fall apart and her pictures must show what is inside.  Tyra embraces Dalya and tells her she has so much experience, but her strength must come from inside.  Dalya is depressed that she over thought everything and doubted herself.  However, she knows she let herself get in the way of becoming America’s Next Top Model.

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