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Shedding For The Wedding: “The Devil’s in the Details”

March 23, 2011 07:22 PM by Veronica Dudo

Shedding For The Wedding: is a reality competition currently airing on The CW. The series follows the weight-loss journey of nine couples all competing to win the wedding of their dreams! This week the couples take on pole dancing!

The remaining five couples are: Laura and Austin, Dawn and Adam, Allison and David, Valerie and David and Samantha and Brooks.

In tonight’s episode “The Devil’s in the Details” trainers Jennifer Cohen and Nicky Holender think that the five remaining couples have been working hard and decide to mix things up by taking the couples to a pole dancing class. Some are more apprehensive than others when it comes to this type of exercising. Crunch trainer Alecia Perin is the instructor for the pole dancing class and has the contestants individually practice some moves on their poles.

Back in the house, the couples struggle as they are still learning portion control and what foods work best for their bodies.

Next, the couples are taken to choose their invitations and table settings for their big day with the help of wedding coordinator Brian Worley. Brian incorporates the ideas and colors as the couples decide what table settings they want. At Bovary & Butterfly the couples get to look through beautiful invitations and chose the right ones for their wedding.

This week’s challenge, the couples have to cut a log with a saw together. The task is much harder then it looks and it the couples need to stay connected, communicate and work hard. Samantha and Brooks won the challenge and are elated that they finally won something! In addition to their invitations and table settings, they receive immunity and have a one pound penalty to give to one of the other couples. Samantha and Brooks give the one pound penalty to Lauren and Austin.

During the weigh-in Lauren and Austin along with Valerie and David are in the bottom two and will face-off in the “Til Death Do Us Part” elimination challenge. The challenge is an 11 mile relay race and the first couple to hit 11 miles wins. Lauren and Austin reach 11 miles first therefore sending Valerie and David home.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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