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Survivor: Redemption Island — Phillip’s Fiery Fury

March 23, 2011 07:02 PM by Ryan Haidet

Oh, Phillip.  You never cease to entertain me!  On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, everybody’s favorite former federal agent (?) was busy battling with his lazy Ometepe tribemates about their lack of help around camp.  We also learned the hilarious nickname — Stealth R Us — for his three-way alliance with Grant and Boston Rob.  Outside of Phillip’s ongoing crazy story, Matt and Krista found time to bond in their religious faith.

Sharing Faith Bond

At Redemption Island, Krista was given her luxury item — a Bible.  Matt was excited to share some time with somebody else who has strong faith.  The pair even said a prayer together before facing off in the duel at Redemption Island Arena.

The challenge consisted of two parts.  In the first portion, Matt and Krista had to use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags a short distance away.  Once those bags were all collected, they had to remove one ball from inside for the second part of the competition.  They then had to get that ball to the end of a table maze filled with holes.

Although Krista had an early lead in the challenge, Matt pulled ahead and won his fourth consecutive Redemption Island duel.  As Krista was ready to say goodbye she gave her Bible to Matt with tears in her eyes.  She took her buff off, dropped it into a fiery urn and walked away from the game for good.  In her final words, Krista said she thinks Matt’s faith might be one of the reasons he has been so successful on Redemption Island.

Another Spa Day

At Ometepe, Ashley and Natalie were busy relaxing once again on another of their so-called “spa days.”  As the rest of the tribe worked hard around camp, Natalie plucked some of Ashley’s armpit hair.  Lovely.  Phillip noticed and finally had enough.  Expressing his issues with their lack of gumption, Phillip later walked over to the girls as Natalie was braiding Andrea’s hair and asked them to start checking the fire once every 30 minutes.

But this was just the beginning.

As a storm was brewing, Phillip was busy gathering wood as Ashley and Natalie continued to lay around camp.  He addressed their laziness again saying he was no longer going to sugar coat it.  Ashley fired back and asked why Phillip only orders the women around and not the men of the tribe.  “Tomorrow I’m fire free day,” Phillip said to the group.  “Get off your butts and help out around here.”  As Ashley tried to walk away from him, but Phillip followed and continued ranting about the lack of help.  He said in confessional that he felt like their red-headed stepchild.

A Pain In The Mouth

On day 15 at Zapatera, Sarita was battling a strong pain in her mouth.  She told Julie she thought some bacteria had formed in her mouth while cleaning her teeth.  Julie thought it was just Sarita being a drama queen.

Other tribemates were starting to vocalize their frustrations with Sarita, which ignited a new fire in Stephanie’s belly.  After David told her it was time for Sarita to go home, Stephanie started campaigning hard to stay alive.  She first went to Steve and apologized for voting against him at the last Tribal Council.  He thanked her and said it really did mean a lot to him.  She then took the opportunity to let him know she wants to vote Sarita out next for being the weakest link at Zapatera.

Physical Battle

At the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, the tribes faced off in a full-contact challenge.  There was nothing new with this battle since it’s a challenge we’ve seen several times in previous seasons.  Each tribe used two players to launch balls out to everybody else on the beach.  The first tribe to catch five balls in their nets on a stick would not only win Immunity, but also a picnic lunch.

Zapatera had to sit one member of their tribe out, and Sarita volunteered without any discussion from the rest of the group.  As the challenge began, it wasn’t even close.  This was an absolute blowout as Ometepe dominated and easily won it by a score of 5-0.

Grant was definitely the MVP catching four of the five balls as he struggled against Mike each round.  At one point, Mike grabbed Grant’s shirt and actually ripped it apart while trying to stop him from catching one of the balls.  Without much thought, Grant tore the remnants of the tattered clothing off and tossed it aside on the beach.

Stealth R Us

As the Ometepe tribe was enjoying their Reward, Boston Rob spotted a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol underneath a bowl of lobster tails.  Rob realized it wasn’t an easy one to grab without everybody else noticing so he let it go.  Grant saw it next and slid it off the table and into his pocket.  Boston Rob saw the whole thing and suggested they go enjoy the view.  As Boston Rob and Grant read the clue together, Phillip saw them and came over to find out what the note said.  This moment seemed to really irritate Phillip, because he felt like he had been in a strong three-way alliance with those two guys who were clearly keeping things secret from him.  He even had a nickname for their alliance — Stealth R Us.  In a confessional Phillip said, “Hell hath no fury like a lion or a gorilla,” referencing the tattoos on each of his arms.  He then said he spent four years, 11 months and 13 days serving this country.  “When you try to trash on that, me and the United States got something for you.”

How can fans not appreciate Phillip?  He truly is Survivor gold.  He’s never been afraid to speak his mind.  Although he has no shot at winning this season, I hope Phillip goes a long way.  I’m just not ready for him to be booted yet.  The only postive aspect of Phillip getting eliminated is that his nasty underwear will leave with him.

The Next To Go

Back at Zapatera, David was campaigning to sway his tribemates to keep Stephanie over Sarita.  He said Sarita is just like the mom around camp, but argued it wasn’t a personality they needed.  He wanted a competitive tribemate instead who could contribute to challenges.  David told his allies that he cared so much about winning, which Stephanie was more likely to help them do in challenges.

Once they arrived at Tribal Council, the first thing host Jeff Probst addressed was the momentum Zapatera lost since throwing the challenge earlier this season.  David admitted that decision did give Ometepe a breath of fresh air.  Probst then asked why Sarita was so quick to sit out at the challenge.  While Sarita tried to respond, Stephanie opened up and offered her thoughts.  She said Sarita was afraid she wouldn’t be able to perform well in the challenge once she realized it was something extremely physical.  When Sarita tried to defend herself, she just kept digging her grave deeper and deeper basically admitting she is a weak player without directly saying it.  David kept his campaign against Sarita strong by saying the tribe is way too worried about who they can trust instead of winning.  He also argued that trust is something that will form later in the game.

But his statements didn’t hold much of an impact because when the votes were revealed, the tribe voted Stephanie off with only two ballots falling against Sarita.  Ralph graced us once again with his inability to spell anybody’s name correctly as he wrote “Stifinie” on the parchment.  Really?!?!  Stifinie?!?!

As Stephanie heads to Redemption Island, I think this is the first time Matt truly has his work cut out for him.  Stephanie is a tough cookie and won’t go down without a tough fight.

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