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The Amazing Race: Jaime And Cara Discuss Shocking U-Turn

March 23, 2011 06:00 PM by Allyson Wells

The red-haired cheerleaders, Jaime and Cara, were the most recent team to be eliminated from the Amazing Race, due to a shocking u-turn by Kent and Vyxsin.  The two ran into all sorts of logistical problems during this race, from a car wreck, to a cab driver getting lost and then stopping to get gas.  The “mean girls” talk about their second run on The Amazing Race, what they really think of Kent and Vyxsin, and their future reality television ambitions.

Question: Were you surprised Kent U-Turned you with you right next to them?

Jaime: I said that Kent would do it if we didn’t get there first. At that point, none of us thought we were the first teams there. We all thought we were the last teams there, so the only team Kent and Vyxsin, and Cara and I saw behind us for a fact at our Detour was the Globetrotters, so that’s why we kept saying to U-Turn them and that’s why we used the second U-Turn on them. We wouldn’t have chosen them had we known we had so many teams to choose from.


Question: Fans had a big reaction to Kent and Vyxsin U-Turning you right in front of your face last night. What was your reaction to it?

Jaime: Cara and I have always said… we’re brutally honest… we have never been secretive about how we would run a race and we’ve always said that the race is designed to be given certain tools to force you to advance yourself. We would never hold it against anyone to use it. We always said we would use the U-Turn. The only thing that was frustrating was how long it took for him to decide to U-Turn us. That was what we got upset about. To actually use it… we never hold that against anyone.

Cara: We felt they shouldn’t have even been there and we all felt that way. All the teams were united in Lijiang, China in believing that it was unfair that they were still running this race. It was made very clear to be on a mandatory flight that was offered once a day every day. I felt, and I know Jaime and many others felt, that the only way they should be running this race is if they took the same flight 24 hours later.

Jaime: To be given only a 30 minute penalty was a slap in the face.

Cara: Above and beyond which they had 11 hours to make the mandatory flight. They had more time than Jaime and I had. What peeved me, seeing how everything unfolded, was they told all of the teams that they got in this car accident… I was confused and I was conflicted. I was thinking, “Maybe we shouldn’t be so mean to them.” Certainly, Jaime and I can understand that something external can come into your race and takes control of the race as I felt was the case. Come to find out that was a boldfaced lie to make us feel more compassionate.


Question: Did you understand Kent and Vyxsin’s reasoning for U-Turning you?

Cara: Well, not really at the time because we didn’t know about their penalty since they chose to lie to us, so we thought they could ultimately get to the Pit Stop and get disqualified for not taking the mandatory flight that the rest of us made.


Question: How much time did you lose when the cabbie stopped for gas?

Jaime: Um, we didn’t just only stop for gas. We were lost for a long time and then stopped for gas, so it was like Hawaii all over again because our cabbie there got lost and then stopped for gas the first time we were in the Race. It was quite awhile.


Question: The dino task seemed really hard. Did you flip the crux of it like a few other teams did?

Jaime: The hips were backwards. The problem was it still fit either direction. So when you built the whole thing — a 20-foot dinosaur from scratch — and locked those pieces in, it took a tremendous amount of effort to pull them out. And you’re on a stepstool and so when you realize the one piece you slipped on backwards is the part that anchors the whole thing together, that means the whole thing has to come apart.


Question: What was your reaction when you found out you were returning to The Amazing Race as all stars?

Jaime: We were super pumped! We dreamed of it, for sure. Even when we were flying on the final leg in Hawaii, we were already asking Bertram on the plane ride about an all star season. We heard they would never do it again. We definitely dreamed of it happening! When casting called, I was like, “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” I couldn’t get a hold of Cara because she’s in law school and I was like, “Check your phone!”


Question: Did you feel that this race was more difficult that season 14?

Jaime: Yes! I feel like it’s something that, in order to do it, they felt like they had to go above and beyond. Bertram van Munster succeeded in making it a very different race than anyone had ever run or seen before.


Question: Are you satisfied with your experience running the race for a second time?

Jaime: Cara and I would do it again! Even though by the time I got to the dinosaur task, I was the most miserable I felt in my life, I still wouldn’t pass it up. We’re competitive, we’re aggressive, we don’t like to pass up opportunities, and who knows? Maybe the third time’s a charm!

Cara: Hopefully!


Question: Would you come back for a third Race?

Jaime: Sure or Survivor. I’d like to do Survivor! I always try to tell the casting lady, “Wouldn’t it be fun if you did a version where you took different people from different reality shows and put them together because everyone would think they would already know them having watched them in their respective shows? But you never know how people behave in certain situations.” I thought that would be a fun one. They haven’t fallen for it yet. I would totally embrace that villain role on Survivor though!

What did you think of Jaime and Cara’s comments?  I completely agree with them that Kent and Vyxsin should have had more than a thirty minute penalty.  Flight Time and Big Easy got a thirty minute penalty for simply moving a backpack!  I also thought Jaime and Cara handled the situation well and I’m glad they revealed why they targeted the beloved Globetrotters for the u-turn.

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3 Responses to “The Amazing Race: Jaime And Cara Discuss Shocking U-Turn”

  1. shana miller Says:
    March 26th, 2011 at 1:31 am

    Actually, Kent and Vyxsin’s 30 minute time penalty WAS fair. Firstly, they lost HOURS AND HOURS by taking the alternate flight, which was a penalty in and of itself. and if 30 minutes has always been the time penalty for a team “taking incorrect transportation”. Sorry Miss Allyson, but apparently you don’t know your Race rules do you?

  2. Christine McDow Says:
    March 26th, 2011 at 10:10 am

    It is really a matter of personal opinion Shana. To some they would think losing HOURS AND HOURS would be penalty enough. Others would think that 30 minutes wasn’t enough. Allyson has a right to her opinion and she stated it very respectfully. Thanks!

  3. Iulya Says:
    June 29th, 2011 at 4:58 am

    But in season 14 if u remember the stunt mens inquierd 2 penaltys of 2 hours for breaking race rules … so 30 min was a very very easy penalty – it should had been way longer


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