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Top Chef: “Last Supper”

March 23, 2011 08:14 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight, on an all new episode of Top Chef: All-Stars on Bravo, the final three cheftestants must create a “last supper” for some pretty big names– Wolfgang Puck, Morimoto, and Michelle Bernstein! How will they stand up to the pressure? Keep reading for everything you missed!

After Tiffany Derry’s elimination, there are only three chefs remaining in the competition, with Mike Isabella on a very hot streak and confident that he’s getting into Richard Blais’ head.

For their final Quickfire Challenge, Padma Lakshmi and Wolfgang Puck greet the chefs in the kitchen with classic cook cards.Each chef will have the opportunity to choose the dish that one of their competitors will be making for the challenge.

Mike Isabella chooses canned foods for Antonia Lofaso. Antonia chooses hot dogs for Blais. And Blais, thinking that he’s being strategic, gives Mike one pot. But as Antonia points out…all Richard’s done is allowed Mike to use ANY ingredients he wants.

As time begins to wind down, Padma Lakshmi comes back into the kitchen, and the chefs know that it’s not going to be good news. Padma allows each chef to choose a “Top Chef Twist” for their competitors.

Richard gives Mike “no utensils or hand tools.” Richard can only cook with one hand. And Antonia is literally tied to Carla Hall while finishing her dish, which proves to be more of an advantage, since she’s able to have Carla give her tips on what she should do with her dish.

When time is up, Antonia Lofaso is first to present her dish– a curry soup, which has great flavor. Next is Richard’s hot dogs, which Puck feels is a good meal for his kids, but a little too “ketchupy.”

The winner of the challenge is Mike Isabella–again!

Later, the chefs meet with some very special guests for the details on their Elimination Challenge– Wolfgang Puck, Morimoto, and Michelle Bernstein.Padma Lakshmi informs the contestants that for the challenge, they’ll be tasked with preparing a “last supper” for each chef.

As the winner of the Quickfire, Mike gets the first pick, and he chooses Michelle Bernstein. BUT, Mike also has the advantage of choosing who he wants the others to cook for. He selects Morimoto for Antonia, thinking that it will be more of a challenge for her, and wanting to go up against Richard Blais in the finale to prove that he’s earned the title of Top Chef.

That leaves Richard Blais with Wolfgang Puck, who wants a childhood favorite…goulash.

Michelle Bernstein opts for fried chicken and biscuits and gravy, and Morimoto wants miso soup and a few other favorites, including rice that his mother took the time to pre-sort before it was cooked.

Back at the hotel, Antonia confronts Mike Isabella about his decision to give her Morimoto. Mike says that he feels his dish will be the hardest, especially since he’s never made a biscuit in his life. But Mike also says that he won’t attempt the biscuit, and that he’s going to do his own interpretation of the meal, which is also Richard Blais’ strategy.

In the kitchen, the chefs get busy prepping their dishes. Antonia is worried that her fish doesn’t smell too fresh and has to use some tuna that she finds in the fridge, while Richard struggles to open his pressure cooker.

Antonia’s dish is first to be presented to the judges. Morimoto feels that the miso soup is too salty, and Tom Colicchio finds it all too flashy for Japanese food.

Next is Mike’s fried chicken, and the judges seem to be impressed with his interpretation of the dish.

Last, is Richard’s goulash, which Wolfgang says his mother would have approved of.

When the judges are finished eating, the chefs are brought back in and told that Judges’ Table is beginning immediately! Richard is quickly told that he’ll be cooking in the finale. But who will make it between Antonia Lofaso and Mike Isabella?

Padma Lakshmi pulls out an envelope and hands the contents to Antonia. The card says that Antonia and Mike will have a limited amount of time to head back into the kitchen and make 1 bite for each of the 7 judges to determine who will go on to the finale.

Mike Isabella decides to go upscale with lobster, while Antonia wants to make something “aggressive.”

Antonia’s seared grouper and Mike’s tempura lobster tail are presented to the judges at the same time. The judges agree that both dishes are so different that the decision isn’t very easy, and they seem to be tied.

The judges are split 3-4, with the winner, who will compete with Richard Blais for the title of Top Chef, being Mike Isabella!

Are you surprised by the judges’ decision? Do you think that Antonia Lofaso should have been sent home?

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