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America’s Next Top Model Producer Tyra Banks Discusses Future Of Show

March 24, 2011 04:00 PM by Allyson Wells

America’s Next Top Model judge and producer Tyra Banks is constantly trying out new business ventures.  Most recently, she is attending Harvard Business School and launched her own beauty fashion site, TypeF.  Tyra revealed what the future holds for her and America’s Next Top Model, the famous face that inspired her, and what she thinks of Lady Gaga copying her meat dress idea.

Tyra revealed to New York Magazine that she wanted to do her beauty site as an online magazine because, “We have to really face that tha’s where the world is going.  The day Mark Zuckerberg was born was th eday that the earth changed forever.  And I think it is really important for the earth to wake up and understand that.”  Tyra also explained why she wanted to become a businesswoman and credits another famous face for it.  “I remember one day being backstage at a fashion show in Paris and in walks this woman, and she was tall like I was tall, and she had thick brown hair and I had thick brown weave hair, and she had all these people around her and she looked so in control.  And then the crowd parted and it was Cindy Crawford.  She was hosting MTV’s House of Style, and I was just like, ‘Wooooaaaahhhh.  She’s not waiting for a phone to ring and for a designer to hire her, and I know she has a Revlon contract, and I hear that she has an office at Revlon.’  Like to me her having an office in the Revlon building was like, ‘I want an office in a building like that.’”

When discussing America’s Next Top Model, Tyra was not offended that Lady Gaga copied the meat dress that first appeared on her show.  “You know I never saw it, I just read about it.  That doesn’t make me upset-other things make me upset.  Lady Gaga is such an artist that I doubt that she was looking at Top Model or her stylist was looking at Top Model and saying we should do it.  I think they just did it and we happened to do it first.”  while she has no plans to revive her talk show due to her busy schedule, Tyra sees Top Model sticking around.  “As long as y’all want to watch it.  You know, every great thing must come to its end, and it will come to its end.  It’s just not there yet.”

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