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Survivor: Redemption Island — Krista Explains Bond With Matt

March 24, 2011 02:14 PM by Ryan Haidet

Moments after starting Survivor: Redemption Island, Krista Klumpp says she was worried about the wrath Russell Hantz could unleash.  As we all know she eventually found herself aligned him.  In a conference call with reporters today, Krista talked about her alliance with Russell while also chatting about the close bond she formed with Matt on Redemption Island.  She explained what was going through her mind at the time she decided to give Matt her Bible, but also revealed the players on her tribe she absolutely does not want to see win the game.  Read on for all of that and much more as Krista tells all about her experience on Survivor: Redemption Island!

Question: How do you feel about aligning with Russell so early?

Krista Klumpp: I really feel like that was my only choice.  None of the others were really there to play the game like I wanted to.  I knew I had to be aggressive from the beginning.  I had to come in right.  The only people that were ready to do that were Stephanie and Russell.  When you’re approached by Russell to get in an alliance, I don’t think there’s many choices that you’d have (laughs).  There’s not too many options, but what’s funny is I thought that Russell was going to be against me from the beginning.  I thought he was going to look at me as another Natalie, who is someone he took to the end, and she beat him.  I thought he was gonna be ready to get me out in the beginning.  I was kind of trying to stand off from him a little bit, and getting a synopsis from the rest of the tribe whether they liked him or not.  In the beginning, they were perfectly fine with him. …  I thought I was gone for sure at the first vote, and it just so happened that Russell looked at me as an asset by being a lot like Natalie, because he did get to the end with her. …

Question: What was your ultimate plan with Russell?  Did you see the two of you going to the end together?

Krista Klumpp: I was keeping an open mind to be honest with you.  I had so many thoughts of, “Would this be the year that they vote for Russell to win?  If I’m sitting in the final three with Russell, would this be the year that they vote for him to win?”  That’s something that I was planning to evaluate once it got closer to that. …  Russell has always been so loyal to his final three that it would have been really hard for me to turn against him because that’s just the type of person I am.  It would have been a really tough decision.  I don’t know what I would have done when it came down to it.

Question: What type of strategy did you talk about with Matt on Redemption Island?

Krista Klumpp: I was ready to give him any information that I could to help him if he gets back in the game.  He was doing the same for me, too.  Laying it all out there about what the makeup of Ometepe was like.  I was letting him know about my tribe.  So at that point, it’s kind of strategy to have one help the other. …

Question: You certainly bonded with Matt on Redemption Island, but was there any romance between the two of you?

Krista Klumpp: Oh, I’m letting all of you down so much (laughs).  It was such a deep bond that Matt and I had in such a short amount of time, but it wasn’t romantic.  I can’t give it that. …  To meet him, and to hear his insight, and to hear his strengths and how he was viewing his experience and his life, and being able to read from a Bible during this time in our lives, created a really strong connection.  But unfortunately, it didn’t mean that I wanted to throw him in the water and make out with him or anything (laughs).  At that point, you’re more worried about food.

Question: Were you surprised watching last night’s episode to see how Andrea reacted to you giving Matt your Bible?

Krista Klumpp: Yes!  I had no idea that it came off like that to her or that she would read into it like she did.  After watching it, now I get it.  I understand why she felt the way that she did.  I didn’t get a chance to know Andrea or talk to her before getting out of the game.  All I knew was what Matt had said about his tribe, and about their alliance. …  After watching it last night, I felt bad because I didn’t want her being upset with Matt because of her feeling like we had a bond that maybe she felt like she had with him.  My thought process was that I hope that doesn’t hurt Matt if he ever has a chance to get back in the game.

Question: How would you react if Matt gets eliminated and decides to hand your Bible over to Andrea?

Krista Klumpp: I would love it.  I gave that to Matt because his reaction when he saw it was like he had just won the million dollars.  I’m serious.  Some people don’t understand it or grasp that.  What Matt was hanging on to out there before I even got there, was his strength and belief in a higher power. …  I knew as I was about to leave, and I thought about having that in my bag,  I was like, “I don’t need this.  I’m sure I can find something somewhere else when I leave.”  I wanted Matt to have that for strength, but also to give him something to do. …  To hear him say last night that I will never understand what that meant to him, means so much to me at this point.  I’m not sure exactly what Andrea’s beliefs are, but if that’s something that would mean just as much to her, I would be so happy to see that.

Question: Looking at your own tribe, who is the one person you would not want to see win this game?

Krista Klumpp: I’ve got a few.  Does it have to be one?  (Laughs)  As long as Julie, Mike or Steve do not win the game, I will come out victorious in the end (laughs).  I’m just extremely disappointed that Julie didn’t have the guts in the beginning to come with us, and align with us.  To make that big, bold move that she could have made to completely change the game. …  If she makes it to the end and she wins, I will stand corrected and I will apologize and say, “Maybe it was a smart move.”  Mike, I would not like to see go to the end because I don’t believe he deserves it.  I don’t think he really has the respect for the game.  I don’t think he has the social part of it.  I think he thinks he is above the game.  I think he believes he’s above everyone he plays with by the way he talks to them.  For Steve, he physically is not matching up to what he thinks he can or what he looks like he can do.  It’s obvious.  The last challenge you just saw, he did absolutely nothing.  The challenge before that, he sat out.  And the challenge before that, he wanted to sit out, but I refused and that’s why I sat out because I wanted everyone on the tribe to see how weak he was.  I don’t care if he played in the NFL four years ago.  That was four years ago.  Unfortunately I don’t think he’s beneficial at all.  Out of those three, as long as they don’t make it to the end, I will be happy for whoever wins it.

Question: In the Zapatera tribe, did you find yourselves talking about Phillip?  Did he seem nutty to you guys?

Krista Klumpp: When we saw him in the first challenge in his red/pink panties, whatever those were, we were all like, “Was that necessary?”  We didn’t get to hear him much.  Then the next challenge is where he says he’ll take on any man.  That was really the first time we heard him talk.  I think we’re all like, “Is this guy just trying to pump himself up or pump his tribe up for the challenge?”  We didn’t know him at that point, so we’re not getting a glimpse of how crazy he is.

Question: How did you get on the show?

Krista Klumpp: I was doing an internship down in my Florida, and my best friend was doing an internship at a CBS affiliate down there as well.  She happened to come home one day with the news that they were going to be doing an open casting call at one of these really cool restaurants. …  She’s like, “This is something you could totally do.  You don’t care about being dirty or competing.  You love that.  Why don’t you go do it?”  I was like, “Yeah, I don’t have anything to do.  Let’s print out the application.  I’ll go.”  That’s really where it started (laughs).

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