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Kitchen Nightmares: Cafe Tavolini

March 25, 2011 07:32 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares returns tonight as Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to a quaint Connecticut town to help salvage a small, Italian restaurant. But when Gordon gets hit with more than he bargained for, will he be able to help save Cafe Tavolini? Keep reading for more details!

Kitchen Nightmares’ host Gordon Ramsay heads to Connecticut tonight to try and help Cafe Tavolini, an eatery that boasts of fine Italian dining. Almost immediately upon pulling up at the restaurant, Gordon is bombarded by a young man before he can even get out of his car. The young man, introduces himself as Van, the owner’s son and also a server at the restaurant before asking Gordon if he can talk to him before they go inside. Gordon agrees and asks Van to get in his car and they pull away for a chat where Van informs Gordon that his mother and stepfather are never at the restaurant. In fact, Van informs him that the only reason his stepfather, Keith is even there today is because he knew Gordon would be there.

Upon entering the restaurant, Gordon Ramsay meets the owners, Keith and Lisa and asks them how much time they spend at the restaurant. They both claim to be there a lot and when Van overhears this, he calls them out on it which makes Keith angry and he accuses Van of lying. Gordon tells them he wants the truth and then sits down to try some of their “fine” Italian food. After he orders, Gordon meets Ricky, the bartender, who backs up everything Van said about Keith never being around. Just as Gordon asks to speak to Keith, Keith is no where to be found…come to find out he took off and Lisa is left to inform Gordon of this.

Gordon has a taste of the menu next on Kitchen Nightmares and he completely disgusted with what he gets. His meatball salad was soggy and as he said “a disgrace to Grandma” and the stuffed clams were missing the clams, but full of mush. Finally his salmon entree arrives and as soon as he cuts into the salmon, you could see how raw it was inside while the rice underneath was stuck together like glue. When he questioned Van about the rice, Van tells him it was made a few days ago. Then just as he is waiting patiently, Gordon hears a chaos break out in the kitchen. Apparently, Keith returned and did not like the news of Gordon hating the food and he decided to start a fight with Van about Van calling him for never being around, but the poor kid pleaded that he was just trying to be honest because Gordon was there to help them.

Next Gordon took Lisa aside and learned that the couple were $350k in debt and that Keith blows up and leaves like this on a regular basis due to the financial situation – then she begs Gordon to help them. The very next morning Keith and Lisa apologize to their team, thank them for their dedication, and promise that they will make Cafe Tavolini work. Gordon decided that these two were going to work tonight instead of hide, but it didn’t work out as well as he would have liked as Lisa, who could have cared less about how packed their dining room was decided to order a meal for herself amidst the chaos. A few moments later when no one could find either Keith or Lisa, they were both in their car, outside, ready to dine on their meal.

After a revamp of Cafe Tavolini, to which Gordon renamed Tavolini “Family style dining”, Gordon also revamped the menu and decided to make it family style meals that could also be ordered individually. On the relaunch night, everyone seemed to be working in harmony, and Michael, the kitchen manager really proved to be the kitchen leader that the team needed. Both Keith and Lisa did a great job and upon Gordon saying goodbye, they all promised to keep the momentum going. Unfortunately though when we got the update, Tavolini had closed it’s doors and Lisa and Keith were separated – guess these two could not handle the pressure.

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  1. gary steed Says:
    September 21st, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Is lisa and keith finally got divorced cause of the restaurant and other problems. to bad the restaurant closed with such good dishes and all


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