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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Design Time

March 27, 2011 06:58 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC the contestants went to work at Steve Ells’ restaurant and this week they must design their own “mini” restaurant as well as feed a hungry crowd but who will impress and who will be sent packing? Keep reading for all the details!

America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC kicks off tonight as Bobby Flay informs the remaining eight contestants they must work with architects to design a mini version of their restaurant as well as feed a hungry crowd from dine LA – and these folks know their food! We watch some drama unfold tonight as well as Joey seems to think he has the best concept and the other contestants feel like he doesn’t and are sick of his attitude.

As the contestants are creating their designs and menu looks, Stephanie has decided to take the judges advice from last week and ditch the name “Compleat” to go with “Harvest Soul” as she also revamps her concept to make it more Mediterranean flavors. Eric went in the opposite direction and decided to completely ignore Bobby’s advice from last week about dipping sauces to give his concept a more unique idea. Alex was desperate to impress the judges with his tacos this week, but he seemed much more interested in making sure he had a bar design than anything.

Next up on America’s Next Great Restaurant was show time – time to show off their new designs and food to the dine LA crowd. Some were crowd pleasers and others were not. Joey’s sausage meatballs did not go over well with Curtis or Lorena, but Bobby and Steve enjoyed them, although none of the judges were impressed with his design and his menu was completely confusing in a ball design. Alex once again did not impress with flavor, nor did he impress the judges with his bar like concept. Sandy, who had been struggling to impress the judges was thrilled when Curtis complimented both her cooking and her design.

Stephanie, who changed her entire concept was thrilled to hear that the judges not only loved her new concept, but they all thought her Mediterranean food was delicious and a lot more flavorful than what she had done in the past. Greg and Krystal also impressed and the judges loved that these two were also taking their advice and moving forward. Jamawn did a good job, but Bobby and Steve thought his food was lacking seasoning, but were impressed that he was attempting to add items on his Soul food menu that would also be heart healthy.

Bobby was in complete disbelief when he and Steve went over to Eric’s station and noticed there were absolutely no dipping sauces, nor did the sandwiches have much cheese on them and Steve was slightly annoyed when Eric showed him a picture of his full design that looked strikingly similar to Chipotle. Sudhir seemed to be the most impressive yet controversial of the evening as all the judges loved his design and his food, but Curtis and Steve were in complete disagreement about how to serve it. Sudhir proved to be the best of the evening amongst the diners as well, as he wound up winning the challenge.

The bottom three tonight were Eric, Alex and Joey. The investors spoke with all three of them and told Alex that he had numerous chances to impress them with his food and he hadn’t done so. Eric was told that he needed to show improvement and although he said he was trying, Curtis asked him where it was because they hadn’t seen it. The judges then told Joey that were not sure his meatballs were going to keep folks coming back for more week after week but they loved his fire. In the end, it was Alex and his taco bar that were sent packing as the judges didn’t feel the fire from him and did not think his concept would work out.
Be sure to tune in next week for a brand new episode of America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC!

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