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The Amazing Race: Tea Party In India

March 27, 2011 06:33 PM by Allyson Wells

On The Amazing Race, after surviving the dreaded double u-turn, the racers head to India for a rough tea challenge that reduces one of the racers to a near breakdown.  The day gets rougher for one team when they mess up their art statue and have to do their paint job over again.  As the teams check in for the pit stop, two teams are seconds apart from finishing.  Who will Phil Keoghan send packing this week?

In Green Lake Park, China, the nine remaining teams depart.  Jet and Cord are the first to depart.  They learn they must go to a tea shop for a traditional tea tasting.  Jet and Cord are thankful that their wives are holding down the ranch while they run the race.  Gary and Mallory actually arrive first for the tasting and get the next clue.  They learn they will be flying to Kolkata, India.  Zev and Justin depart last, and Zev sports his silver pajamas for the occasion.

All of the teams arrive in India at the same time.  They are shocked by how many people are at the airport for such a late flight.  Flight Time and Big Easy are the first to depart the parking lot.  All of the racers beg their cab drivers to drive as fast as they can.  Ron and Christina are almost hit by a truck on the way.  The racers arrive at Town Hall and learn it does not open until the morning.  Flight Time and Big Easy have fun playing a joke on Mallory and letting her think that the clue box is around the corner. 

The next morning the teams get their clue.  The clue is a roadblock:  the racers will take place in a tea tasting involving a mango and papaya.  They will be forced to pick out the same tea they sampled in China from millions of samples.  Ron picks the right tea sample first.  Justin tells Zev to think of the challenge as tea pong.  Luke really struggles and gets frustrated.  Jet decides to start smelling the teas, and gets it right.  Kisha and Jen depart third, but don’t open the bottle to read their clue and ask around for a Snapple plant instead.  Kent and Vyxsin leave next.  Mallory is relieved when she finally finds the right tea and wishes the other guys luck before she and Gary leave in fifth place.  Zev takes his cup and smashes it in frustration after another incorrect guess.  He finally gets it right and he and Justin depart.  Flight Time finally gets the right tea and they hurry out.  Poor Luke cries in frustration about how hard the challenge is.  Margie hugs him and believes he can finish it.   Luke curls up into a ball and cries.  Margie begs him to finish.  The staff claps for Luke as he continues to try.  They all hug him and lift him up when he gets it right.

On the way to the tea stall for the next clue, Ron gets annoyed with their cab driver when they are lost.  Kisha and Jen wander the streets looking for a Snapple shop.  Kent and Vysxin arrive at the stall first for the detour:  Hindu art or Bengali literature.  In the art challenge, they must adorn a statue.  In the literature challenge, they must take eight stacks of books in a bike taxi and deliver it to a school.  Kent and Vyxsin go the art challenge and Gary and Mallory deliver books.  Kent gets really into the challenge and enjoys accessorizing the statue.  Kisha and Jen finally open their bottle and find the tea stand.  The cowboys finally find the stall and opt to deliver the books, but get lost looking for the publishing company.  Ron and Christina and Kisha and Jen also do the art detour.  Ron has a hard time concentrating.  Gary and Mallory finish first and take off for the pit stop.  Kent and Vyxsin finish their statue first, and Kisha and Jen and Ron and Christina quickly finish.  Zev and Justin arrive at the school first, and Jet and Cord are close behind them.  Flight Time and Big Easy arrive after everyone has left and have fun making their statue look good.   Margie and Luke arrive and the Globetrotters realize they have to hurry.  The Globetrotters have a setback when they splatter paint over part of the bottom and have to start over.  Flight Time and Big Easy finally finish, but hug Margie and Luke before leaving because they know how rough the tea challenge was.  Margie and Luke are impressed by how sweet the Globetrotters are.  Flight Time and Big Easy can’t find a taxi and Margie and Luke are able to catch up with them.

Teams must travel to the Fountain of Joy for the pit stop.  Phil informs a thrilled Gary and Mallory they are first.  Mallory asks if he is serious and Phil jokes that he is.  He informs them that they get an Indian feast, a Bollywood dance and $20,000 dollars.  On the way to the pit stop, Ron mutters that he has a headache that is made worst because they are stuck in traffic.  All of the teams are stuck in the grid lock and it is anyone’s game.  Jet and Cord arrive second, Ron and Christina arrive third and Zev and Justin arrive fourth, all within seconds of one another.  Kent and Vyxsin arrive shortly after and learn they are in fifth place.  Kisha and Jen arrive in sixth place.  Flight Time and Big Easy are relieved when Phil tells them they are still in the race.  Margie and Luke hold hands as they arrive at the pit stop.  Phil sadly informs them they are the last team to arrive and they are eliminated.  Luke cries in sorrow and feels like he let Margie down.  He apologizes, but Margie assures him he did not let her down and that she is proud of him. 

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