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America’s Next Top Model: Dalya Discusses Disappointment Over Elimination

March 28, 2011 12:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Dalya Morrow was the latest model to be eliminated from America’s Next Top ModelHer elimination came as a surprise, considering that she already has a fair amount of modeling experience.  Dalya talks about her experience on the show, what went wrong, Molly’s awful weave, and if all the negative buzz around Alexandria is accurate.

Question:  Were you expecting your elimination?

Dalya:  I was in the same boat as you. Going into panel, I felt fine. But when I got the feedback I got, that’s when I was like, “Hmm. They’re sending me home.” I felt like I disappointed not only myself, but I disappointed Tyra because she knows I can do better than what I put out there, what I put out there that last photo shoot. I told myself if I were to stay another week, I was going to prove myself and prove why I deserved to be in the competition.
Question: You ended up breaking down in tears when Jay had that negative feedback for you. He said your poses were resorting back to remedial modeling, or “modeling 101,” during the animal shoot. It sounds like you had no idea that was what you were doing right?

Dalya: Uh huh. No, actually I knew the hair thing, like when I was flipping my hair and stuff it was remedial, but it’s kind of funny because he said that.  There was another point when he said that to me.  I was kind of like “modeling 101?” I mean, I’m trying to give him movement and I’m moving around on this rock. I’m trying to incorporate this jaguar. I am trying my best. I honestly, I don’t know. If it was “modeling 101,” if that was his opinion, okay. So, I can’t really take that to heart. All I can do is go into the real world of modeling and change that around, because you know, my portfolio before Top Model was fine. It was just fine, and I just worked with photographers that loved my work. So, it’s okay. If it’s “modeling 101,” that’s fine, but I’m not really like that. I don’t do “modeling 101,” like I’ve never been told that before. So, it was a shocker, but it’s okay.
Question:  Which photo shoot was your favorite?

Dalya:  My favorite was the bee photo shoot with Michael Rosenthal. I enjoyed that so much. I was excited, had never gotten to shoot with bees before.  I’m not scared of bees. I’m scared of wasps, mind you, but I’m not scared of bees. I got in there and I was having fun with it, playing with the camera, trying my best and having fun. That’s what I try to do with any shoot. Just have fun with it. As soon as Mr. Jay walked over to me and said, “Your film right now, not looking so great, soften it up a bit,” I turned that around.
Question: Would you say walking the runway in the giant bubble or walking over fire with your hands on fire was the more difficult challenge? Can you elaborate a bit on what your experience was like for both?

Dalya: The ball-runway show, with the 12-inch runway over the pool, that would have been fine and dandy if they didn’t throw us in that ball. The ball was my distraction. I was like, ‘Okay, if I fall into the water, I’m going to be like a rolling ball. I won’t be able to get out.’ That’s what was going on in my head, and if we didn’t have that ball, I could have worked that 12-inch runway like it was nobody’s business. It wasn’t that deep into the water and all you had to do was splash the water, but that ball kind of messed me up, but I still had fun. Like I said, that was something that nobody has done before. So, then you have the fire challenge. That was kind of , I figured we were going to do like a fire something because it was hot in that building. I was like, ‘Hmm, what’s going on here?’ So, I thought I was going to have that in the bag because I love runway, regardless. I feel like if you just throw me on the runway, I will take it over. I still practice my runway walk to this day. I feel like I need to make it even better, make it better, everyday. That runway challenge was awesome. I really enjoyed that one with the fire. But the one that was the most difficult one, was the ball. Definitely the ball.
Question:  How accurately is Alexandria being portrayed on TV?

Dalya:  Knowing her before Top Model, the first time I was shocked was when she attacked me. Over chicken. That was a shocker to me. When I was seeing how strong and in-your-face she is, that’s how she is outside. She is in-your-face to let you know. I don’t think she has knowledge of how she comes off toward people. I don’t think she sees that. She’s being portrayed how I saw her, but it seems more elevated.

Question:  Were you there when Monique looked in her diary?

Dalya:  I was in the room, but I had to remove myself because I felt like that was an invasion of privacy. It made me wonder if any of the girls went through my stuff. Which I highly doubt, because I don’t know why they would. But it makes me wonder, if you’re living in a house full of girls you can’t trust, going through your things.
Question:  Who do you think should win?

Dalya:  It’s a three-way tie. I really, really, really think it’s between Molly, Brittani and Jaclyn. Those are my top three. Brittani, I was like, “This girl. I have to watch out for her.” She’s amazing. I could see her in Italian Vogue, so I pinpointed her from the beginning, and she proved it. Molly, I really love Molly. I could see her in Italian Vogue. I was basing it on that, whether I could see them in there based on the work they were producing. And Jaclyn, she’s the underdog because of her baby voice. Do not underestimate her.

Question:  What do you think of Molly’s weave?

Dalya:  Oooh, I can’t believe you just asked me that! Molly’s weave was a disgrace! I don’t know who did that, but it was horrible. I felt bad for her. I would never wear something like that. If someone did that to my head, I would be pissed the heck off, so she has every right to be upset.
Question: You mentioned during the episode that you started modeling when you were 16 and Tyra touched upon how you already had a lot more experience than the other girls. Could you talk about what prior experience you had before the show that Top Model didn’t mention like you participating in Fashion Week?

Dalya: Yeah. I participated in LA Fashion Week twice through an agency I signed with. It was really cool. I never really did all that. I did runway before then. I did runway like hair shows and stuff like that, but those were on my own before I signed with agencies. I was on this website called Model Mayhem and I would get my jobs through that. I would go practice through connecting with these fashion designers and photographers. That’s how I got serious by practicing on my own, and also doing hair shows locally, and then as soon as I hit, got my first agency, my first contract — that’s when I got my taste of LA Fashion Week and the craziness of go-sees and casting calls and what not.
Question:  What’s next for you?

Dalya:  I’ve been researching agencies that might fit me. You have to go out and look for agencies that fit you. I’ve been on the internet, researching and looking for an agency from L.A. to New York. I’m hoping to find an agency out here and then make my way to New York so I can use my bone structure to its ability, because out there in New York, my look is what’s out there in New York. I personally think I will be more successful there, more so than in Los Angeles.

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