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Dancing With The Stars: The Dancers Get One More Chance To Impress The Judges

March 28, 2011 07:26 PM by Allyson Wells

After the season 12 premiere of Dancing with the Stars, Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff took the lead with their fox trot that garnered a standing ovation. Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy surprised everyone with their sexy cha cha cha.  Tonight, all of the dancers returned for a second dance for judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Togloni.  Can Ralph and Kirstie stay ahead of the other dancers?  Can Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer and Wendy Williams and Tony Dovolani pull out of last place and avoid elimination? 

Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunskaya

Boxer Sugar Ray can’t believe what a workout he gets from dancing.  He falls over and jokes that he got his first knockout.  Anna thinks the jive will be good for him because it is less rigid of a dance.  Their jive is very energetic and Sugar Ray has great fun, but his footwork looks like it is dragging.  Len thinks Sugar Ray is in jeopardy of going home, and hates to say that because Sugar Ray is one of his sports heroes.  Bruno thinks that Sugar Ray needs to work on his footwork.  Carrie Ann agrees with both of them, and thinks he needs to work on the lower half of his body, but still loves him as an entertainer. Carrie Ann and Bruno give Sugar Ray 6′s, while Len gives him a 5.  Sugar Ray tells Brooke backstage he intends to remain positive because he is having such a good time.

Watch their performance!

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel

Kendra and Louis are thrilled with their first performance.  For their quickstep, Louis wants to make Kendra look more elegant and like less of a tomboy. She cries that she does not feel beautiful and looks like a boy.  When they take the floor, she has great fun in the dance and looks great, but still kind of tight.  However, the judges all feel like Kendra is really overdoing it.  Carrie Ann sees tremendous potential in Kendra.  Len thinks she over thought the dance.  Bruno agrees with them both and urges her to loosen up.  Carrie Ann gives Kendra a 7, while Bruno and Len give her 6′s.

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Chelsie Kane & Mark Ballas

Chelsie and Mark were thrilled with their fox trot scores from last week, but Chelsie wants to stand out from the pack.  Mark doesn’t want her to be eliminated first and wants to give their jive an edge.  Mark flirts with Chelsie and tells her he has a crush on her brain.  Dressed as marionette dolls, their jive is definitely different-almost frenzied with lots of quick moves.  Carrie Ann tells them she didn’t think it was the right time for the choreography.  She feels that the jive was lost in the moves.  Len thinks it was too much messing around, and Chelsie has such fantastic potential and needs better dances.  Bruno actually likes the weird side of it.  Carrie Ann gives Chelsie a 6, Len a 5, and Bruno a 7.  Chelsie does not regret taking a risk and Mark thinks the dance had plenty of jive content.

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Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke

In rehearsals, Cheryl wants to tame the dancing beast for their quickstep.  Chris thinks Cheryl is tougher than any of his wrestling coaches and is terrified of her.  Cheryl notes his biggest challenge will be holding his shoulders up.  Their quickstep is very light and Chris seems to be maintaining his frame well.  Cheryl really does whip these men into shape!  Chris gives Len his hat to wear.  Len admits he thought he would be awful, but it was light and breezy. Bruno likes a man that responds well to strict discipline and he was wonderful.  Carrie Ann thinks his form was great.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give Chris 8′s, while Len gives him a 7.  Backstage, Chris tells Brooke that Cheryl is like a dancing Yoda. 

Watch their performance!

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin

The judges told Petra last week that the jive is tough for tall people and she wonders how to make it easier…get shorter?  She keeps falling over in rehearsals so Dmitry has her practice on a trampoline, which helps her to become fearless.  Petra’s height does make her look a bit more awkward doing the jive, but her footwork looks great, as does fabulous red hat.  Bruno thinks Petra is beautiful, but to work on her core strength in placement.  Carrie Ann thinks that Petra is so beautiful to watch, but agrees to work on her core.  Len tells her that her technique was bad, but she still performed beautifully. Petra kisses all of the judges before leaving.  Backstage, Brooke asks if Petra hopes to not be eliminated.  Petra hopes they have lots of supporters so she can continue dancing and spreading joy.  All of the judges give her 6′s. 

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Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkoivsky

Maks tells Kirstie their second dance is the quickstep and she jokes, “I’m assuming it has to be fast.”  Maks tells her she is lazy and she retorts her challenge is being fast enough.  He urges her not to worry about not being skinny.  Kirstie knows she has to be confident with where she is.  Kirstie wants to make the finals so she can meet her weight loss goal.  Kirstie looks so confident on the dance floor as she and Maks jump all over the place.  Her acting skills really do help her sell it.  The two share a playful kiss at the end of their dance.  Carrie Ann tells Kirstie she is so in her element and she loves watching her dance.  Len thinks she lost energy near the end, but overall it was good.  Bruno tells her he loves it and not to worry about the weight because she has talent.  Backstage, Brooke asks if the kiss was planned and Kirstie reveals it was spontaneous.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give Kirstie 7′s, while Len gives her a 6.  Kirstie knows she dies down in the end and must continue to work on it.

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Mike Catherwood & Lacey Schwimmer

Mike brings Lacey flowers to rehearsal because he came in last.  Mike knows he has to jive or die.  He jokes he is going to explode Len and Bruno’s face with his fiery dance moves.  He resorts to being goofy, because it helps him with his fear.  Lacey thinks he has a real chance.  Mike looks less nervous this week.  While his dance does look better, he still looks very stiff and the footwork is not as advanced.  Len tells him it was better than last week, but he was flying about like a wasp at a picnic.  Len does admit he smiled while watching him.  Bruno thinks that at times he looked good, but at other times spastic.  Carrie Ann wants him to work through the entire program, and not just parts of it.  Backstage, Brooke asks Mike if he felt more at home with his rock song and Mike agrees it did make him more comfortable.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give him 6′s, while Len gives him a 5.  Mike thinks the best thing about getting the lowest score of last week is that there is nowhere to go but up.

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Romeo & Chelsie Hightower

Romeo tells Chelsie he has no problem being close to her for their quickstep.  She wants him to be more charming in his moves, but Romeo has no idea how to do that because he was born in the ’90′s and not the 1900′s.  Their dance theme is a couple going to prom.  It appears that Chelsie was able to teach Romeo, because he looks like a gentleman leading his date across the floor.  Bruno asserts Romeo is the one to watch and loved his transitions.  Carrie Ann agrees that he has style, but asks him to work on his posture.  Len thinks it was the best night of the night and loved it.  Tom jokes that the British ice cap just melted.  Carrie Ann gives him a 7, while Len and Bruno give them 8′s.  Brooke asks if Romeo thinks he won over Chelsie’s heart.  Romeo thinks he did and that he wants all kids watching to know that all things are possible and to try anything.

Watch their performance!

Wendy Williams & Tony Dovolani

Wendy and Tony hope to pull out of second to last place with their quickstep.  In rehearsals, Wendy wants to listen to what the judges said and bring herpersonality to the dance floor.  Tony laughs when she says her breasts are in the way.  Tony asserts now is not the time to be timid.  Tony hopes Wendy will bring it and show everyone what he has seen.  Wendy definitely looks more confident and light on her feet than she did last week.  Carrie Ann is happy to see more of Wendy’s spirit in the dance.  She thinks the middle was low, but she bounced back at the end.  Len thinks the dance movement was economical, but overall better than last week.  Bruno feels Wendy made a step in the right direction.  Backstage, Wendy tells Brooke that it is not a big deal when people talk about her.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give her 6′s, while Len gives her a 5.

Watch their performance!

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff

In rehearsals, Ralph tells Karina the crowd was amazing and a moment he will never forget.  Karina tells him the jive will be hard if he continues to over think it.  Ralph thinks the pressure is on because he did so well the first week.  His family comes to watch him and think he looks great.  On the dance floor, he looks great but still appears to be over thinking his moves and his hands are a bit out there.  Overall, he still looks adorable, though.  Len tells him it was just okay and that he overdid it.  Bruno tells Ralph he is so likable and that he inhabits the character, but he needs to watch his hands. Carrie Ann urges him to step up his game and make his edges sharper, but still thinks he is fun to watch.  The judges all give him 7′s.  Backstage, Brooke asks if Ralph expected to be a leader and he replies no, and that he was just happy to still be standing at the end of the song.  He admits that last week was a very special occasion and they hope to continue creating it.

Watch their performance!

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson

Hines is nervous about the quickstep.  His shoulders are very weak from football injuries, but he won’t make excuses and gives it his all in practice.  Kym tells him he is like a jumping jack and asks him to calm down.  Kym doesn’t understand his slang, but has fun trying to say his catch phrases.  Hines looks great in his technique-almost as if he is already halfway through the competition.  He has the best smile!  Bruno yells he led with ease and confidence and has great chemistry with Kym.  Carrie Ann laughs that Emmitt Smith will have to retire his title of twinkle toes.  Len is very impressed by his frame and movement.  Backstage, Brooke asks why they have clicked and Hines thinks it is because Kym has adjusted to him and is a great teacher.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give Hines 8′s, while Len gives him a 7.

Watch their performance!

After the second night of competition, Ralph and Karina are atop of the leader board, while Mike and Lacey are at the bottom.  The results show and first elimination will take place tomorrow night.  The controversial Chris Brown will also be performing.  Don’t assume any of your favorites are safe and forget to vote! 

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