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Million Dollar Listing: Season Finale

March 29, 2011 09:07 PM by Lisa Princ

Million Dollar Listing on Bravo is back tonight for the season finale. This time we will see Josh Altman and Josh Flagg square off..but in the end will Heather end up in West Hollywood alone or with Madison? And what is Madison doing with ghosts tonight? Keep reading for all the details!

Million Dollar Listing’s season finale kicks off with Josh Flagg who decides that he is going to throw a “construction party” to try and sell the half finished home that he has been unable to sell. So with a trip to the hardware store and some models to wow the guys, he holds another open house. The open house seems to be going well as far as visitors go, but most of them are only interested in the girls he hired. One buyer is finally interested and after some confusing negotiations as Josh has issues working his phone, the home sells for only $300k below asking price. We also see Josh and Colton dining together and Colton asks Josh about taking a cross country trip via RV, to which Josh responds that he thinks they should do something more civilized. Finally, Josh finishes off his night celebrating his grandmother’s birthday with her and Colton – looks like he is glad to finally be out.

Madison meets up with his friend and client about a possible sale he has for her. The pair share a fun day out and discuss the home, which Madison informs her that someone passed away in. When they meet later at the home, Madison is surprised to see that his friend wound up bringing a psychic with her to make sure there are no ghosts in the home. The seller as well as Madison are shocked to hear the psychic let them know that the man did not die of natural causes and that she still felt him in the home. With that said, the psychic advises that they do a “cleansing” and the seller asks her to do right there and then. So after the home is “cleansed” Madison and his friend agree upon a sale.

Madison then confront Heather on the season finale of Million Dollar Listing. Heather is shocked to learn that Josh Flagg called him after she left his building last week inquiring if they were moving there. Heather then lays it on the table for Madison explaining that she has given him options and all he has given her is excuses to avoid answers. Heather is leaving for a week in Cabo with Josh Altman and she tells Madison that she needs an answer as soon as she gets back. Madison obliges although he still feels betrayed and walks her and her bags to the car and to Josh Altman who is waiting for her out front. When he asks Heather if this will be the last time he sees her, she says I hope not, but Josh says it may be.

Josh Altman has a tough client again this week as he is called into a listing meeting, which he ends up late for leaving an angry client who informs him that he is meeting other agents as well and asks Josh to give him a good reason as to why he should hire him. Later that day, Josh gets a phone call from the client telling him he has the listing. Josh does an open house and gets quite a few bites, but none as fun as his private showing later that evening. Josh Flagg and his client are the ones for the private showing and after they are shown the home and the client leaves, Josh Altman confronts Josh Flagg about reporting Heather’s activity to Madison. Unaware of the situation, Josh Flagg tells him he will not argue with him about it and they end up in a cursing match before Josh Flagg walks out. Luckily for Josh Altman another client is interested in purchasing the property and after throwing in some furniture they close the deal.

That wraps up this season of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo – stay tuned for information on next season!

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