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American Idol: Top 11 Elton John Performances!

March 30, 2011 07:39 PM by Lisa Princ

After last week’s save, the top 11 finalists took the stage again tonight on American Idol on FOX. This time, they took on songs by the great Elton John and we saw some of the best performances of the season thus far. How did your favorite do? Keep reading to find out!

American Idol on FOX returned tonight with the top 11 singing to the tunes of Elton John. Last week we saw Gordon Ramsay in the audience and this week we saw Howie Mandell, who was promoting his new Fox show, “Mobbed”. Coincidentally, Howie was seated next to Stefano Langone’s father who looks a little too much like Howie. We also saw Taio Cruz promoting “perfect harmony” for Coke, which is a lyric contest where you can send in your original song lyrics and watch as Taio turns it into a song, which will debut on the finale in May. Before the show the finalists were given a makeover by Entertainment Weekly and they had a blast. But most importantly, let’s hear how our finalists did on Elton John night!

Scotty McCreery
Scotty was up first tonight and of course he chose the one and only country song that Elton John ever did, “Country Comfort”. It was a great opener to the show, and Scotty looked as though he was singing at a concert, even giving a hat tip to his grandmother in the audience. The judges loved him as always as Jennifer told him that he had amazing instincts about performing while Steven loved everything about his voice and was more impressed with the hat tip. Randy said he was amazed at how fast Scotty has seasoned on the show and he felt like he was at Scotty’s concert.

Naima Adedapo
Naima chose “I’m Still Standing” because she felt she connected with her in regards to her journey on the show. Naima decided to be different and put a Reggae spin on it, but personally I did not like it. I hated the way she changed her voice to sound as if she had accent, but the music was good. The judges seemed dislike it as well and Steven told her “good for you for picking a song that fits you” but we didn’t hear much more positive than that. Randy said despite loving Reggae that choice was corny for her and it didn’t work. Jennifer said that song was not suited for Reggae and called it a “better idea than payoff”.

Paul McDonald
Paul was up next on American Idol with Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and he told us how his band covered it years ago and it was a disaster. Jimmy Iovine joked that if Idol didn’t work out for Paul he could always do commercials for toothpaste. In his usual style, Paul started with words to the crowd and his guitar. The performance was good, but felt very safe to me, I would love to see him do something different. The judges liked it but Randy and Jennifer were left wondering if Paul was holding back. Jennifer did tell him that she encourages him to push and Randy loved the tender tone. Steven joked about whether or not Paul was watering his suit as it had more flowers this time around and then told Paul if he hit every note perfectly, he would not be a fan anymore.

Pia Toscano
Pia really enjoyed her makeover as we learned tonight that she is a former make up artist. Pia chose “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” and her version was yet another ballad. It was beautiful and once again she showed us how perfectly she can pull off a ballad, but was it too safe? Should she have gone with something up tempo as Randy suggested last week? Steven told she did it again and commented that “some people may be wrong to ask you not to sing ballads anymore” while Jennifer told her it was crazy what she can do with her voice. Randy then chimed in that saying that Pia always slays the ballads but he was just trying to push her to do something different.

Stefano Langone
Stefano Langone was up next for Elton John night on American Idol and he chose “Tiny Dancer”. It was soft and pretty and Stefano really got into it tonight. He ended the song singing to Jennifer, despite Randy’s best attempt to intervene. The judges loved him and Jennifer told him she felt like he moved the crowd this time. Randy agreed that he connected with the audience and loved how he hit the money notes. Steven told him he nailed it and that it was really good.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren chose “Candle In The Wind” and it was a beautiful, almost perfect performance. This performance truly proved that she can sing and mirrored the girl we met in Nashville all those weeks ago. Randy told her this was the greatest Lauren Alaina performance to date and that she was “very professional”. Steven joked telling her “I loved you since the first moment you laid eyes on me” and went on to tell Lauren that was the perfect song for her. Jennifer called her amazing and that she looked and sounded gorgeous.

James Durbin
Resident rocker James was up next and of course he chose “Saturday Night” which came complete with fire on the stage for his performance. James rocked the house and really got into a comfort zone, working the crowd as well. When he hit some of his note, I would have sworn it was Adam Lambert singing. I don’t know about you, but I love this kid and what he can do with his voice. The judges loved him with Steven telling him he has a really good rock voice and that he can go where no man can go. Randy loved that he enjoyed himself so much and Jennifer said she forgot it was a competition when she was watching him up there.

Thia Megia
Our youngest finalist was up next with Elton John’s “Daniel”. Thia showed her amazingly beautiful voice in this performance, but I have to ask again, was it a safe choice? I would love to see her go up tempo as well. The judges praised her as Steven told her it was the right song sang well. Jennifer called it beautiful and said it was very well suited for her voice. Randy liked that it was so relaxed that he could hear her voice but he didn’t like that she chose the safe route once again with another ballad.

Casey Abrams
After reviewing last week’s performance, Casey came to the conclusion that everything was wrong with that performance and he was determined to prove why he belonged there. So after a haircut and a shave, Casey was up on stage performing “Your Song” and it was perfect, proving to us that the judges made the right decision to save him. There is no way after that perfect performance that Casey will end up in the bottom this week, he blew us away like the Casey prior to last week has. All three judges agreed that the best move they had made was saving him last week. Steven told him that because he can sing so differently proves he is a true artist and Randy called the performance “absolutely brilliant”.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob Lusk was up next for Elton John night on American Idol and he chose “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” and he made the song his own and beautiful in usual Jacob style. I love how Jacob puts so much emotion into everything he sings. The judges were in awe with him as Steven told him he slayed it and it blew him away. Jennifer loved the arrangement and how he made it his own and Randy loved it but hinted that Jacob ease up on the big notes, saving it for one moment like some of the others do.

Haley Reinhart
Last but definitely not least was Haley who chose “Benny And The Jets”. Haley blew this song away, this was by far her best performance ever. This song showcased her voice so perfectly it had us craving for more. The judges agreed and loved her and Steven told her she “sings sexy”. Jennifer said that this was what they have been waiting for and it was a great way to end the show. Randy told Haley for him it was the best performance of the night.

Now, don’t forget to vote, vote, vote and then be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8 pm EST to find out which two finalists will be eliminated!

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  1. julie dee Says:
    March 30th, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    I LOVE your reviews, they are right on!…… I am in love with James Durbin……. the judges are perfect and surely picked the cream of the crop this year…. there’s a lot of winners singing up a storm…. I hope they all get contracts somewhere….. great great season this year…


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