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Survivor: Redemption Island — The Meaning Of Cohesive

March 30, 2011 07:08 PM by Ryan Haidet

Survivor: Redemption Island never became the battle of Boston Rob vs. Russell.  Instead, it is easily turning out to be the duel of Boston Rob vs. Phillip.  During tonight’s episode, the animosity between the two cut deeper as simple things like crispy rice became a big deal.  We also had the fifth Redemption Island duel as Matt squared off against Stephanie, which was a big disappointment unlike the moment later in the episode involving the hilarious disposal of a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.  And before we go any further, grab a dictionary and look up the definition of “cohesive.”  It’s a simple word that Ralph didn’t understand.  Let’s hope he doesn’t try to spell it.  It might look like: koheesueve.

God On His Side

As Stephanie was busy obsessing about food on Redemption Island, Matt was keeping his connection close to God.  In a confessional, the four-time duel champion said he was in this for the long haul.  Once the pair arrived at the duel arena, they were greeted by host Jeff Probst as Ralph and David represented the Zapatera tribe along with Phillip and Boston Rob for Ometepe.  This may have been the worst Redemption Island duel so far — a simple game of matching.  The first player to successfully match five different symbols while taking turns through multiple rounds would win the right to stay alive in the game.

On the first round, Matt turned over two random symbols and both of them surprisingly matched.  If that wasn’t crazy enough, Stephanie also matched two random symbols on her first try.  Within the next few rounds, Matt pulled ahead even more bringing the battle to 4-2.  After a few more rounds, Matt prevailed once again marking his fifth Redemption Island victory.

Moments before Stephanie walked out of the game for good after losing the duel, she spoke openly to Boston Rob that he will likely be Zapatera’s first target come a merge.  She also warned him that there really isn’t anybody at Zapatera that he can trust.  Stephanie then took off her buff, placed it in the fire and walked out of the game for good.

Crispy Rice Desires

Back at Ometepe, Phillip wanted some of the crispy rice that was burned on the bottom of the pot.  But Ashley and Natalie said he couldn’t have any of it since it was for Boston Rob.  Apparently it’s Boston Rob’s favorite part.  Phillip was very upset they denied him the crispy rice saying they basically worship Boston Rob.

Muddy Mess

Tonight’s combined Reward/Immunity challenge was yet another duplication of a competition we saw last season on Survivor: Nicaragua.  It was the challenge where both tribes had to race through an obstacle course featuring walls of hay and bricks.  The challenge turned into a muddy mess as the rain started pouring down turning the course into a lake.  It really was a very close contest as it came down to the final seconds in the challenge where the tribes were tossing a series of balls into a small overhead net.  Grant was the MVP once again and netted most of the balls bringing Ometepe to another victory.

No Need For Clue

On an incredible Reward, the Ometepe tribe was taken to the edge of an active volcano for a picnic filled with food, candy and drinks.  Boston Rob noticed some of the treats were in the same shape as the clues to the hidden Immunity Idol.  So he grabbed the jar, found the clue and slid it secretly into his back pocket.  Then in a confessional moments later, Boston Rob laughed it off and threw the clue into the volcano.  Hilarious!  With the Idol in his possession, there was no reason to keep the clue for somebody else to find.

Keeping The Tribe Cohesive

At Zapatera, the group discussed targeting David at the upcoming Tribal Council.  Sarita thought it was the best move to keep the team stronger.  This is the same woman who has sucked in the challenges while screaming for help in the last one.  But as the strategy developed, the attitudes started to turn as more members of the tribe believed keeping David was a smarter decision.  Despite their lack of trust toward him, many felt David was the best person to keep around to help win challenges.

At Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst asked David to finish this sentence in response to some of Ralph’s comments: “Excuses are for…”  David quickly added “losers.”  David said there has been a lack of unity in Zapatera with the exception when they banded together to target Russell.  As the discussion deepend, Probst asked Ralph about the tribe being cohesive.  But Ralph didn’t know the meaning of cohesive.  As Probst tried to discuss the concept with Ralph, he asked a question about people working well together.  Ralph responded by saying he disagrees.  Huh?  Probst wasn’t making a statement that could be disagreed with.  He was asking a question that required a response.  Is Ralph even on this planet?  Seriously?  If he wins this game I will be stunned.

After everybody voted, it was revealed that Sarita was the next person booted from Survivor: Redemption Island.  “Oh my God,” she said.  “I wish I’d brought my stuff.”  David looked her direction and told her not to be too confident.

Looking ahead to next week, Matt faces an injury as he cuts his foot going into the most-important duel yet.  That’s because the duel’s winner next week — either Matt or Sarita — will return to the game.  But that’s not all, the tribes are also going to merge into one.

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