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The Amazing Race: Margie And Luke Discuss Heartbreaking Roadblock And Elimination

March 31, 2011 06:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Margie and Luke Adams were the latest team to be eliminated from The Amazing Race:  Unfinished Business Season.  In their original season, Luke lost his cool during a challenge when he got frustrated.  This week, Luke hit another roadblock and got hung up for several hours on a tea challenge in India.  However, Margie urged Luke to hang in there and not give up.  While Luke felt like he let down his mother, and the hearing impaired community, Margie insists that she is proud of her son.  Read what the mother and son duo had to say about their second race around the world.

Question:  How did you decide that Luke would do the Roadblock?

Luke: Mom wasn’t feeling well on the morning of the tea challenge so we thought it would be better if I did it. I’m glad I did it. I wouldn’t want to make her sicker!

Margie: I was recovering from a case of food poisoning and there was no way I was eating or drinking anything until I felt better. Luke volunteered to do it because he knew I was not feeling well.
Question: Luke, do you think you still would have completed the Roadblock task if Margie hadn’t urged you to finish, and looking back, are you glad you did so?

Luke: It meant so much to have my mom’s encouragement. It wasn’t easy. I’m not the quitter, but for that tea challenge, I really, really wanted to quit. It was not fun drinking tea for four hours. I’m really glad that I didn’t give up and finished the challenge.
Quesiton:  What were your tactics for finding the right cup? Did you smell any of the teas?

Luke: There’s no skill involved. I had actually tried smelling and I couldn’t tell any difference. There were so many smells in the room, so it made it much harder. Mallory actually said smelling worked, but it didn’t help.

Question:  Did you ever consider taking a penalty when you were the last one left?

Luke: Yeah, I was ready to give up. I couldn’t take drinking tea anymore, but at same time I really wanted to find the tea and hope that we could catch up with other teams and beat one of them to the mat.
Question:  How much encouragement did the attendants at the task give you?

Luke: That was so nice of them! It meant so much especially after we finished last. It was really nice to have their encouragement and we knew that we had to keep going.

Margie: The little “tea men” were so sweet and encouraging. They clapped and cheered for Luke and Flight Time and when Luke finally got the tea and was given the clue. They were so happy for him they tried to lift him on their shoulders.
Question:  What did Flight Time say to you when he hugged you guys?

Luke: He said good job and he didn’t think he would have hung in there as long as I did. That was really nice of him!

Margie: I think Flight Time and Big Easy are the only other people on this earth that understand what Luke went through because Flight Time experienced it too. He hugged me and said he was very proud of Luke and he was surprised by his strength and he really admired him. That was one of the best moments of the Race for me. He is such a great guy.

Question:  Jaime and Cara said that all the other teams had been very upset that Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala only received a 30-minute time penalty for not waiting until the following day to take the designated Japan-to-China flight. Was that accurate? What were your opinions about the penalty and do you think it was appropriate?

Luke: I adore Kent and Vyxsin. It was the rule that we had to take a required flight and they did not follow the rule so yeah, I think they should have faced a stiffer penalty. They were only 20 minutes ahead of us when we left the Pit Stop in Japan so they could have made it on the required flight. I just feel bad for Jaime and Cara for getting screwed over with Kent and Vyxsin’s U-Turn. That is not fair for the girls.

Margie: That is not a decision we get to make, rules are rules and they were very LUCKY!

Question: You two had clashed with Jennifer Hoffman and Kisha during your first time on the Race. Had you reconciled with Jen and Kisha prior to your Race return, and what’s the status of your relationship now?

Luke: We haven’t spoke to each other after our first race end and we spoke to each other on the first day of this race so now we are friends! That’s really nice. Sometimes we would tweet to each other on Twitter!
Question: Out of the 10 other teams that were there, were there any that you were surprised to see?

Luke: The only team that I was surprised to see was Justin and Zev. They didn’t go that far in their season. There were few teams that lost passports!
Question:  How does this Race experience compare to your first one?

Luke: Much harder! It was just physically exhausting.

Margie: Both were amazing, but in Season 14, we were fortunate enough to race the entire Race and that is just the best. Sitting at elimination station while your friends are still racing is not so fun.
Question:  What was it like watching your elimination?

Luke: I was at my home watching. I knew it would be hard to watch so I didn’t have a viewing party. It was fun to watch first few episodes but it wasn’t easy to watch myself going through the tea challenge. [It was] So heartbreaking.
Question:  Was your nonverbal communication an advantage or a disadvantage?

Luke: HUGE advantage for us! But sometimes it can be disadvantage for us. Like one task where we had to carry the solar box on our back and we couldn’t sign to each other so we relied on each other’s facial expressions. We were still able to understand each other, so that’s good!

Margie: Signing is just normal for us, we don’t know any other way to communicate with each other. Luke driving with me sitting in back unable to “talk” to him was a disadvantage.

Question:  Who are you rooting for now?

Luke: I bonded really well with Mallory and Christina. I really want to see a Parent & Child team to win so I’m rooting for Mallory and Christina.

Margie: We really love every team left on The Race. We would be happy for any of the teams.
Question:  What are you up to now?

Luke: I’m doing a bit of traveling, so I’m really excited about it. I’m thinking about going to grad school this fall. I actually dropped out of grad school two years ago to do The Amazing Race.

Margie: Back to normal life, but I have a new man in my life — well, not a new man. He’s someone I knew growing up and he found me on Facebook last year. And the only reason I was on Facebook was because Luke said I had to have a page for my “fans.” Well, the fans were few and far between, but I did reconnect with my new guy, so thank you, Luke.

What did you think of Margie and Luke’s comments?  I thought it was very classy of them to not u-turn anyone when they were in the lead.  I completely agree with them, along with Jaime and Cara’s comments last week, about Kent and Vyxsin getting a weak penalty.  I liked how well this pair worked together and thought they would make it to the final three again.  After hearing what they had to say about Flight Time and Big Easy and how nice those guys are, I’m hoping they will end up in the top three.

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