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America’s Next Top Model: Monique Dishes On Fighting With Alexandria And Kasia

April 01, 2011 06:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Monique Weingart was coasting along in the middle on America’s Next Top Model.  She was definitely shocked to be eliminated, even though she was never on the chopping block.  Despite being cut so soon, Monique is speaking out on her time on the show and what she thinks of the other models, especially Alexandria and Kasia.  She also reveals what being around Tyra Banks was like.

Question:  Did you think you would go over Mikaela once you were in the bottom two?

Monique:  Honestly, no! I remember standing up there – ‘cos I’d never been in the bottom two before – and I was waiting for my name to be called obviously. I remembered looking over my left shoulder and my right shoulder and no-one was there, and realizing, ‘Oh my God, I’m in the bottom two. How did this happen?!’ And right at that point it was like my heart stopped beating. It was just really shocking for me.

Question:  Did Tyra Banks’ comments surprise you or upset you?

Monique:  Like I said when I got eliminated, it was really shocking to me, because I remember standing up there, and I had never been in the bottom two. And I remember standing up there and like looking behind me, and I was all, “Oh my god. I’m so surprised I’m in the bottom two.” I didn’t expect that coming at all because I thought that I was improving, and I knew that I was in the middle, but I thought that was a good thing that I wasn’t, you know, in the bottom. So it was hard to watch.

Question:  You looked pretty angry.  Was that just the surprise?

Monique:  Well towards the end there I was getting kind of stressed out, and I was absolutely wearing all my emotions on my face. I was extremely frustrated and pissed off because I really, really wanted to win at least one and I couldn’t do it, and that really irritated me. I felt like I had awesome pictures a lot, especially with the bee photo shoot and the one with the jaguar. I was just really frustrated.

Question:  Nigel said that you weren’t able to “connect” in the photo this week – what do you think was missing for you?

Monique:  It’s definitely something I just didn’t convey as well as I could have. I was a little distracted towards the end there. I was more focused on how much I missed my mom and my boyfriend rather than the photo shoot, which is pathetic now that I think about it. I was really struggling at that point for some reason. When Mister Jay gave us criticism, I felt like every photo shoot I was doing was better but then he’d say something like, ‘Oh Monique, don’t do that’ and I’d just get irritated. It pissed me off last night because he kept telling me to stretch my body out and then Tyra was saying that she wishes I would have moved into the photo more. So it was definitely frustrating.

Question:  You had an issue with Kasia winning the autograph challenge. Do you really think she shouldn’t have, or was it more because you were frustrated with yourself?

Monique:  I thought it was complete bulls**t that she won! We stood close together and were both asked the same questions and I guess I got a little annoyed. There was a girl who came up and said, ‘Oh, you’re way bigger than a model!’ and I didn’t handle that as well as I should have. It made me mad because I don’t know why Kasia won over me and we were pretty close on the show. We’re both from Chicago and I don’t know why she didn’t take me with her [to the reward dinner]. Miss Jay is one of my favorite people in the world and I would have loved to go.

Question:  Talk a bit about the Alexandria dispute – do you regret jokingly telling the fan that she would kiss him?

Monique:  I don’t regret it at all! I was honestly joking around, I wasn’t trying to be a bitch like I’m so often portrayed on the show. I wasn’t trying to be rude or mean to her, I was just like, ‘Oh maybe ask her!’ and of course the guy goes right over to her and says ‘Monique said that you would kiss me!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh great! That’s just exactly what I needed’.

Question:  It’s been sort of a dramatic season, especially with Alexandria. Do you regret looking in her diary?

Monique:  I regret not telling her that I did that. I regret not telling her how we were all feeling about her. Besides looking in her diary, it was kind of funny. But I’m an impulsive person, and I make decisions sometimes without thinking about it. It was kind of rude obviously for me to do that, but I mean I don’t necessarily regret it.

Question:  Was there any advice that Tyra gave you that you’ll take with you in the future?

Monique:  She just wanted me to come out of my shell a little bit and I feel like I will be able to do that in the actual modeling industry. I didn’t really know exactly what I was getting myself into. I don’t watch TV and didn’t really watch the show before I got on there. She’s such an inspiration to me because she is curvy – not like, plus-sized or anything, but she does have a booty and curves and I want to be just like her.

Question:  Who would you like to see win the competition?

Monique:  I adore Jaclyn, I hope she makes it really far. I also love Brittani and speak to her all the time. I hope they are the last two. Also, I love Molly as well. I think Jaclyn’s face is a little too cute to be high fashion, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but Brittani and Molly have that really slender, pretty face that the industry is looking for.

Question:  Who was your best friend in the house?

Monique:  I would probably say Sarah, because she’s so just different and out there. I talk to her all the time now. I was really close to Brittani and Dominique. I loved Ondrei. Molly was hilarious. I love people with a sense of humor, and Molly was hilarious, so I loved her. I mean, seriously, all the girls. I’m not as close to the others, but I would love to see all the girls hopefully a lot more in the future. We’re all spread out across the country, and it really sucks.

Question:  What did you think of Tyra’s comment to you at the end about how your body reminded her of a young her?

Monique:  I was like, “Then why the hell are you eliminating me?” It was a lot easier for me to be eliminated knowing that she compared me to herself at a young age. I don’t really feel like they had a super good reason to eliminate me, but I was glad that she made that comment about my body. Although those jeans looked terrible on TV.

Question:  And what are the next steps for you?

Monique:  I, right now, am planning on moving to L.A. in April and just gonna try and pursue my dream now that my face is out there and I have this awesome opportunity. I’m just gonna run with it at this point. I’m thinking about taking some acting classes and maybe doing some stuff, but I’m gonna work my ass off to be a super model. It’s hard work.

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