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Celebrity Apprentice: Lisa Rinna Reveals Star Jones’ Plot

April 01, 2011 02:00 PM by Shayla Perry

When soap star Lisa Rinna was fired from Celebrity Apprentice, she suspected that some of the women on her team – namely Star Jones and Dionne Warwick – had planned to have her fired from the start. But while co-hosting Access Hollywood Live with Kit Hoover, Rinna not only revealed that her suspicions were true, she also told which of her co-stars on the NBC reality show let her know about the sinister scheme.

“I have to thank those girls because they made me look really good. You made me look real good girls!” Lisa Rinna said of her Celebrity Apprentice co-stars, Dionne Warwick and Star Jones. “We had moments where we got along. We had a good time… We’re raising money for charity. Women get like that, you know?”

Rinna admits that when she signed on to do the show, she was initially excited about her all-girl team; but those feeling soon went away…

“When I heard we were all on the girls’ team I was like, ‘Girl power! We are going to have so much fun!” Lisa said. “[I'm a ] little naive girl from Medford, Oregon. Are you kidding me? I had no clue!”

Another thing she had no clue of…Star Jones’ apparent plot to get her fired before cameras were even rolling! Something that a little birdie by the name of La Toya Jackson told her after she left the show.

“I got a little call from La Toya [Jackson] and she said, ‘Lisa, I just want to tell you you did such a great job and I love you so much and I’m really sorry that I didn’t stand up for you,’” Rinna said, mimicking La Toya’s soft voice. “‘Star had everybody go out to dinner [prior to shooting] and I was sitting at another table – I didn’t want to go – and I do know she told everybody she hated you and she wanted you off the show before it even started.’

“And that was my phone call,” Lisa said with a laugh. “I was like, ‘Wow. Who Knew!’ I had no idea! I wasn’t asked to go to dinner!”

Despite her troubles getting along with her castmates and an early exit from the show, Lisa says that her experience on Celebrity Apprentice was a good one, overall.

“I learned a lot, man. I learned that I am more capable of things than I even realize I’m capable of. I really am,” Rinna told Kit Hoover, adding, “And I had a great time, I really did…. It’s all good.”

What do you think… Is it right for Star Jones, Dionne Warwick, and the rest of team A.S.A.P. to plan on getting rid of castmates on their own team when they’re playing for charity, or is it all a part of the game?

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