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America’s Next Great Restaurant: A Picture Says A Thousand Words

April 03, 2011 07:11 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant we watched as the contestants had to design a mini restaurant and tonight they would have to take it one step further with a uniform design as well as a photo shoot. If that weren’t enough they would also have to create a meal of the investors’ choice. Who would rise to the challenge and who would fall flat? Keep reading for all the details!

America’s Next Great Restaurant is back tonight and the remaining seven contestants were greeted by Bobby Flay and Curtis Stone who informed them that this week they would be creating a new uniform with their logos as well as starring in a photo shoot. Their photo shoot would include their new uniform creation in an effort to capture the essence of their restaurant concept, but it would prove trickier than the contestants thought it would be. Most of the uniform designs were informal t-shirts with their logos on them with the exception of Jamawn who went with a slightly formal tie added to his uniform. Joey also dared to be different tonight as he decided to play “mobster” and dressed straight from the wardrobe department of “GoodFellas”.

But the uniform was not the only issue for Joey tonight as his photo shoot was a complete mess as well – he had no meatballs anywhere to be found. He originally went with a gun idea but decided to change it to a huge loaf of bread instead. Joey was not the only one who struggled with the photo shoot though as Eric went with a very plain brick background for his that did not capture anything about his restaurant or concept. Other contestants however had really cute and catchy photo shoots such as Gregg and Krystal who made theirs really fun and down to earth so people would get that vibe from them. Sandi’s was cute as well as she had a devil one hand and an angel on the other.

Then it was time for the culinary test this week and the contestants would be serving a dish that the investors wanted to see them create or take up a notch. Sandi was asked to create her “heaven” and “hell” burgers so they could see each side, while Eric was once again asked by Bobby Flay to include six dipping sauces with his – this time he actually listened! Stephanie was asked to put her shrimp salad on a sandwich as well as just a salad and after some debate about it with the investors she finally agreed. Gregg and Krystal were asked to create a quick pulled pork while Joey was doing an eggplant parmesan hero. Jamawn was doing chicken and waffles and Sudhir did a “Mom’s” chicken dish.

When it was time for tasting and viewing, the investors loved some and hated others. Curtis and Steve adored Sandi’s photo and uniforms, but Bobby and Lorena did not enjoy her burgers – Lorena’s was undercooked and Bobby’s was overcooked. Joey’s photo was a disaster and Steve let him know that by debating that his tie made the concept seem too formal, but they did enjoy his hero sandwich. Jamawn’s photo and chicken went over well with the judges as did Gregg and Krystal, who made a cherry coke pulled pork slider that looked delicious.

Sudhir was the subject of yet another Curtis and Steve debate as Steve suggested that Sudhir put his meal into a wrap and Curtis was not liking that idea. Sudhir definitely sided with Curtis as he felt he should stay true to Indian cuisine and not serve it up as sandwich. Over at Meltworks, Eric’s super cheesy grilled cheese was a huge hit with Bobby Flay and Lorena Garcia, but they were not thrilled by his choice of sauces nor did they like his plain photo that did not show off his concept at all. Stephanie’s shrimp both ways was a huge hit with the investors, but they thought her photo could have used a little work.

When it was judgment time this week on America’s Next Great Restaurant, it was Gregg and Krystal who finally stepped up to the plate and took a risk and the win with the most tokens. In the bottom this week were Sandi, Joey and Eric. The investors thought that Sandi’s concept may be better if she fired her chef and got a new one that could produce good tasting food. They were torn about Joey because his concept was good but the whole gangster idea really turned them off. In the end, however it was Eric and Meltworks who the investors chose to send home as they felt he did not take their criticism well or use it to help himself. Good luck to Eric, and be sure to tune in next week for a brand new episode on NBC!

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