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Celebrity Apprentice: “The Art of the Deal”

April 03, 2011 08:43 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of Celebrity Apprentice, the contestants put together two charity art auctions and manage to raise the highest amount of money EVER on the NBC reality show. But with tempers flaring between rocker Meat Loaf and the eccentric actor, Gary Busey, will team Backbone be able to sustain their winning streak, or will A.S.A.P capitalize on their meltdown? Find out the details behind all the drama here!

Tonight, on Celebrity Apprentice…

NeNe Leakes is still heartbroken over her team’s loss, and even more so that eliminated team member Dionne Warwick called her a coward before exiting the show, uttering, “Dionne is rude.”

As the two teams try to collect themselves, Donald Trump surprisingly calls them all back into the boardroom.

Trump asks NeNe why she is so upset, and NeNe tells him about the incident with Dionne. He’s surprised at how the ladies describe her behavior, and agrees with Star Jones that NeNe Leakes is a lot of things, but a coward isn’t one of them.

He then lets the contestants know that their next task will begin immediately.

This week the applicants will be creating their own works of art to sell in their own galleries. In addition to raising money through the auctions, they must each design baseball caps for New Era. The person with the best hat design will win $25,000 for their charity.

Project Manager for team Backbone will be John Rich.

The role of Project Manager for A.S.A.P. will be Marlee Matlin, who beats out LaToya Jackson.

Immediately, John Rich makes a call to his people and promises that they’re guaranteed to bring in some big bucks, demanding that each of his team members do the same.

But Jose Canseco doesn’t think that he’s up to the task and meets with Trump in the boardroom to tell him that his father, who’s been battling cancer, has taken a turn for the worse, and would like to leave the competition to be with him. Donald Trump wishes him well and tells him that he’ll donate $25,000 to his charity. His team members decide that they’ll create a piece of artwork in honor of Canseco’s family, but realty TV veteran, Richard Hatch is wondering if Jose’s decision was as genuine as he made it seem.

Over at A.S.A.P., Marlee Matlin takes charge, telling the women that they need to raise a “s**t ton” of money and that she’s not going to put up with any fighting. Marlee is using this task to put LaToya Jackson to the test and see how she steps up. LaToya decides that she’ll try to use her famous brother – Michael Jackson’s death to inspire her artwork and hopefully bring in more money.

At Michael’s, both teams are searching for art supplies, but Meat Loaf starts to get irritated when Gary Busey asks him if he’s going to be getting his supplies too. Meat Loaf thinks that Busey has a sense of entitlement, and he’s not in the mood to deal with it.

Impressing her entire team, LaToya pulls out a Michael Jackson t-shirt, one of only two in the world, that she carries with her always. Despite the item being very special to her, LaToya decides to give it to Marlee to use for the project, in memory of her brother, who was always so giving.

Just as they’re starting to get to work, Meat Loaf notices that some of his supplies are missing. No one seems to know where they are, but when the rocker thinks that he’s found some of his sponges and paints on Gary Busey’s table, he absolutely LOSES IT, threatening Busey to the point where Mark McGrath and Lil Jon have to hold him back.

After removing Gary from the room, Jon Rich comes back and finds Meat Loaf’s bag of supplies in a corner (Oops!), then reminds the team that they’re doing this for his charity, so they need to pull things together.

A.S.A.P. is working hard on their paintings, but NeNe Leakes gets bothered when Star Jones takes issue with having to put her handprint on a painting that they all are working on together, because she doesn’t want to get paint on her hand.

With 5 1/2 hours to go, the men manage to get their projects out quickly, since John’s concerned about getting stuck in NYC traffic.

At the gallery, Backbone works out who’s going to occupy what space easily, and begin to bring in their artwork.

Working at a much slower pace, team A.S.A.P. leaves at 5pm on a FRIDAY — IN NEW YORK CITY!!! Obviously, the traffic is backed up, bumper to bumper, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to make it.

Having nothing to do, since they’re all set-up, Mark McGrath and Lil Jon decide to walk over to see what the women have at their gallery and are beyond shocked when they discover that there’s nothing there and there’s less than 2 hours to go before the show.

In their downtime, Meat Loaf takes Gary Busey aside and offers a tearful apology for his behavior, admitting that it was completely unwarranted.

There’s only 30 minutes until the shows are set to begin and team A.S.A.P. finally arrives at their gallery, but to their surprise, the artwork isn’t there yet. When Marlee puts in a call to the driver of the delivery truck, he says that he doesn’t know when he’s going to be there. So how will they manage to raise money without any artwork to sell?

Now down to 5 minutes, the truck makes it to the gallery, and the ladies — all in heels — run out to the truck to start unloading and try to hang as much as they can themselves.

There’s a line of people waiting to walk in to the door at Backbone. Their first big donation is sent from Trace Atkins, who sent $5,000 in cash, and the money keeps on rolling in. Then, John Rich’s high rollers from Nashville arrive and begin with a couple of $50,000 donations. Richard Hatch is worried that there’s not way he’ll ever be able to match the money that his celeb teammates are bringing in, and decides to start lowering the prices of his artwork, so he’s at least able to contribute something to the task.

A much smaller line awaits at the A.S.A.P. gallery, but suddenly, things start to pick up, and NeNe Leakes’ friend, Jill Zarin of the Real Housewives of New York City and Marlee’s DWTS cast mate, NFL player, Jason Taylor arrive. Star Jones in manning that phone and fax lines, where people are calling in large donations in the amount of $25,000, and three in the amount of $99,000!

Backbone is making some impressive bank too. John Rich manages to get a check for $470,000 for his Apprentice Gibson guitar!!!

Will the ladies be able to top that?!!

In the boardroom, John Rich is confident that his team won the challenge, calling out Meat Loaf and Lil Jon as the best artists. Lil Jon even says that after this challenge, he’s going to begin dabbling in art (of which Trump would like 20% of the profits).

Donald Trump asks about the incident between Meat Loaf and Gary Busey, and John Rich lets him know how he handled the situation as a Project Manager, with Mark and Meat Loaf complimenting his great management style.

Marlee Matlin, who’s more than happy with her team, is given great compliments herself — even from Star Jones. La Toya Jackson explains her paintings to Donald Trump, and when asked whose hat is the best, La Toya says that everyone on their team did a great job.

The person whose hat won, and whose charity will win $25,000 is La Toya Jackson!

La Toya then tells about the shirt she gave to Marlee for the charity, and Marlee expresses her gratitude for the gesture.

Donald Trump then announces that the amount of money raised during this challenge is the most money raised on the show — in an entire season!

With both teams doing so well, Trump decides to make a deal: The losing team gets to keep the money raised for their own charity.

Backbone’s total is a staggering $626,908!!

And A.S.A.P.?

Their grand total is ….


The women win!!!

Trump, however, says that he’s disappointed in Marlee for not bringing in $1 million, so he offers to donate the extra $14,000 she needs to make it to the magic number.

In another surprise move, the women are asked to stay in the boardroom. With Jose Canseco out of the game, Trump offers to let Marlee Matlin decide if the men can keep all of their players, or if he should fire one. After consulting with her team members, Marlee says that she’s sorry about Jose’s situation, but that the women have “gone through hell,” and it’s always been about business, so, in the spirit of business, the men should lose a team member, too.

When asked who should go on his team, John Rich says that with this task, he obviously would go with whomever raised the lowest amount of money, which Richard Hatch admits was him. But when Trump comes to his defense, noting that he was in prison for a few years, and isn’t as big a celebrity as some of his team members, John Rich interjects to say that he doesn’t completely buy that as an excuse.

When he asks the women who they think he should fire, they too suggest Richard Hatch. But then, Trump asks who was the weakest on the team outside of fundraising, and John Rich names Gary Busey, for his lack of focus.

The entire team gives their reasons that Gary may not always be an asset to them, and Marlee Matlin comes to Gary’s defense stating that Gary is being underestimated, and that the men are making a big mistake if they don’t think that he’s going to come in handy down the line in the competition. When asked by Donald Trump who she would fire, Matlin says that she would fire Richard Hatch, and Trump agrees. Richard Hatch is sent home.

What do you think? Should Richard have been fired?

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